2009 PCA: The Tom McEvoy post

Rummaging through the official World Series of Poker archive at the University of Nevada this summer, I found the original, official bracelet winner's questionnaire handed to the 1983 Main Event champion.

That man was a then-unknown player relatively new to poker, who had won a bracelet in a $1,000 limit event and then booked his place to the big dance in a satellite tournament at Binion's. When he went on to take down the most prestigious prize in the game, he entered the history books as the first satellite qualifier to go all the way to the winner's enclosure.

The name proudly written at the top of this questionnaire was that of Tom McEvoy. In the "Hometown" section he had written Grand Rapids, MI., and in the section marked "What will you do with the money?" he had charmingly answered "I collect stamps and so I will probably buy some more of them."

Tom McEvoy

These days, McEvoy's stamp collection must be huge. He added another two bracelets to that pair won in 1983 and has career tournament earnings of more than $2m. Moreover he is the author of numerous poker books and strategy columns and he joined Team PokerStars Pro a few years back to bring a wealth of experience and some serious, durable talent to the toughest playing team in the game.

McEvoy's latest achievement is a stack on day 1a of the 2009 PCA of close to 90,000. I saw two hands: one was a kings versus ace-king encounter in the second level; the second was K-10 versus pocket eights and a king on the flop.

McEvoy has today spent some time kitted out in a wrap-around visor preferred by a newer breed of player. But he has maintained, as ever, the impeccable table demeanour of the old school, who have seen all there is to see in the game.

Yesterday, McEvoy shared his wisdom on the subject of a single hand played by his Team PokerStars Pro colleague ElkY during last year's PCA final table. It's always worth listening to, like every word that comes out of McEvoy's mouth.

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