2009 PCA: The World Championship of Battleship Poker Begins

One of the most highly anticipated events at the 2009 PCA has to be the World Championship of Battleship Poker. Essentially, Battleship is a $2,000 buy-in 64 player heads-up SNG. The prize pool is $128,000. The top eight places will be paid prize money and first place will take home a delicious $44,800.

The World Championship of Battleship Poker kicked off today at Noon as all of the entrants gathered in one of the corners of the Imperial Ballroom. They huddled around a table as Battleship TD Danny McDonagh called out the draw.


TD Danny McDonagh

The 64 players were separated into four different brackets, much like college basketball teams during March Madness, except these brackets were named after different suits; Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades.


Sorel Mizzi

Dustin "NeverWin" Wolf won this event last year but he is not here this time around to defend his title. There is one former champ playing today and that's Sorel Mizzi. If he wants to be the first player to win the World Championship of Battleship Poker on two different occasions, he will have to ward off a tough field that includes his brother Marcus and Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin.

The first round kicks off at 12:30pm local time. You can watch the entire The World Championship of Battleship Poker match-ups over on the PokerStars client. Just head over to the Events Tab > PCA Tab > All Tab.

Here's Round 1 match ups...

Clubs Bracket - 12:30pm Start Time:
Philip Wiszowaty vs. Shawn Buchanan
Jonathon Dull vs. William Reynolds
Victord Ramdin vs. Blake Cahill
Michael Somma vs. Ryan Gartitta
Sorel Mizzi vs. Travis Brown
Jamin Stokes vs. Adam Ewestein
Aaron Jones vs. Dan Jiacpello
Adam Koll vs. Lance Boner

Diamonds Bracket - 1:30pm Start Time:
Marcus Mizzi vs. Justin Truedell
David Munson vs. Andrew Boccia
John Drake vs. Emil Holmsten
Michael Chappus vs. Michael Krantz
Derek Anderson vs. Michael Banducci
Bagrov Ruslan vs. Jared Bleznick
Randy Wood vs. Ketul Nathwani
Carlos Neira vs. Steve Gross

Hearts Bracket - 2:30pm Start Time:
Kyle Broxia vs. Andrew Pantling
Yervand Boyadjian vs. Michael Shklover
Jeff Sluzinski vs. Michael Glasser
Sergey Rybachenko vs. Joe Serock
Bahbak Obodi vs. Dan Didech
Jared Jaffe vs. Oliver Busquet
Mark Radoja vs. Armitkaj Sing
Josh Weizer vs. Keith Block

Spades Bracket - 3:30pm Start Time:
Jon Turner vs. Emmanuel Failla
Justin Bonomo vs. Christian Harder
Jonathon Jaffe vs. Robert Forrester
Rob Ford vs. Dennis Waterman
Dan Carter vs. Petter Berg
Brian Hawkins vs. Maksim Serebrinsky
Michael McNeil vs. Richard Gryko
Keven Stammen vs Anthony Venthrini


Tune in at specific times to view the different brackets. Don't forget you can follow allow with the action at the PokerStars client. Visit the Events Tab > PCA Tab > All Tab.