2009 PCA: Vamos Ramos

The six seat had no part in the hand, but he was shaking his head like everybody else in the room. "Would you deal him a cooler? Somebody needs to cool that guy off."

The three seat--who had also not been in the hand-- looked like he'd just escaped death. "That was a cooler," he said.

And so it had been. But, let's not get ahead of ourselves. There's much more to the story.

It all revolves around Brazilian Felipe "mojave14" Ramos. Having turned pro a couple of years ago, he ascended through poker's ranks so fast, it had his friends shaking their heads (a common theme around Ramos, it seems). Last year in San Remo, Ramos became the first Brazilian to ever cash in an EPT event.


Now, it's easy to make a lot of a quick rise to the top. It happens on every Day 1. There has to be a chip leader, so it shouldn't come as a surprise when somebody comes out of nowhere and suddenly has a ridiculously large stack. And yet, there was Ramos with a set of fours on a six-high board. He was up against somebody with way too many chips and A-6 in his hand.

So, Ramos' 245,000 stack became the talk of the room. The crowds pushed in, the cameras flashed, and Ramos couldn't stack his chips fast enough. Before the crowds thinned, he had another player all-in. Ramos was nearly certain to lose more than 1/6 of his stack. His queens looked absolutely dreadful against his opponent's pocket aces.

But, really, you already know what happens right? Of course you do. That flop came out of the dealer's hands like a Henny Youngman punchline. King? Yep. Another king? Right on. Oh and what's that? Well, of course, it's a queen. If the man with pocket aces had vomited all over the table, no one would've blamed him. If it hadn't been so expected, I think several other people might have just cried there on the spot.


And so went Ramos back to stacking chips. That's when his opponents started wishing coolers upon him. Really? To wish a cooler on somebody is the poker equivalent of wishing a social disease on your foe. It's just bad karma.

Then again, when Ramos gets it on with the vamos, karma takes a backseat. Ramos is driving this bus and he's doing it with the chip lead.


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