$25K High Roller: A page turner

Boris Becker booms on, another pot going his way from the big blind which takes him to 56,000 as the blinds go up to 200-400 with a running ante of 50.

Gus Hansen has been quiet, by virtue of being deep into a book that he rests on the side of the table when he plays a hand, being sure to keep his page. Unlike pretty much every other player in the game, who stacks their chips vertically, Gus spreads them out in front of him like a kid might when examining his coin collection.

He bet out on a flop of 6c-5h-6s from under-the-gun, 1,125 total, which is called by Andrew Robl in seat one who was having his head vigorously massaged at the time. The turn brings a 4s. Hansen looked down at his coin collection, found a blue one he liked the look of and bet it, 5,000. Too much for Robl.

It wasn't long before Robl was all-in for 27,000, with the action folded to PokerStars Six man Denis Phillips. Phillips thought for a while and eventually called, turning over Ac-Kc. Robl could only manage Kd-Qd. Hansen hardly looked up from his book but the scene produced a joyous clap from Phillips. He was ahead and looked like vaulting to the chip lead. A queen hit the turn but an ace hit the river. A hand shake and Robl was gone, apologising to the massage therapist that the clock had run out for her too.