$25K High Roller: A touch of class by Daniel Alaei

In what could be the fold of the week, Daniel Alaei just mucked kings to Eli Elezra, the two big stacks at the table. With all of the action pre-flop, Daniel Negreanu raised, Elezra made it 26,000 before Alaei re-raised to 70,000. Negreanu folded before Elezra raised again to 171,000. It's late here but there was still enough of a crowd watching as Alaei went into the tank. Elezra continued chewing on the seeds he'd been eating for a level now. Waiting.

When Alaei came out it was to fold two kings face up. A huge move, Elezra showed his repsect to this remarkable fold by showing him two aces. Negreanu made sure everyone knew it was a great play, but the hand spoke for itself.

On the other table Liya Gerasimova just doubled up through Nick Schulman, keeping her tournament hopes afloat. ElkY is also making waves, reaping a big hand against PokerStars qualifier Johan van Till.