$25K High Roller: Boom boom gone

The high roller event is just a dream gone by for two more players. Sorel Mizzi, who suffered in a bad hand in the first levels, held on with some fight but couldn't massage his 5,000 into anything that might last into level six. Gone.

It was the same fate for Boris Becker whose initial good start faded and culminated in an exit at the hands of Josh Arieh. His set of fives outlasted Becker's flush draw sending him to the rail, leaving 35 players.

_MG_2088_Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars Ambassador Boris Becker

The chip leader was Antonio Esfandiari but that changed in a pot that saw him run into aces and give up half of the 125,000 pot. Gus Hansen has also given up a few thousand, calling an all-in on the button with Ad-Jd to his opponents Kh-Qd. First out on the flop was a queen; the rest just passed the time.

"Yes!" said Hansen while passing over chips to pay for his bad luck.

PokerStars Six man Denis Phillips now appears as one of the front runners with 130,000.