$25K High Roller: Clash of the Titans

We didn't have to wait for first blood on table three. It started with Denis Phillips limping under-the-gun. Jason Mercier next to him did the same, so did Daniel Negreanu and Isaac Haxton. Fosco and Hansen stayed in from the blinds.

That's six to see the flop of 9h-3c-7c.

Fosco started this time, checking from the small blind. Hansen was in the big. Spreading his chips he led out, 4,600 which Phillips called, as did Mercier before the action was folded back to Hansen. The turn followed, a Qs. Hansen had another look and counted his chips, 16,100 in all, which after a few seconds he pushed in. Perhaps sensing Mercier was still keen, Philips raised to 35,000 total, causing Mercier to make audible noises of regret before folding.

Pocket threes for Phillips, ahead of Hansen's Qh-7h. The Jc on the river helped no one.
"I thought he might have a set" said Hansen, getting up to leave. "I couldn't help myself! I was going to check-fold!"

23 players left.

Phillips wasn't finished getting busy, tangling with Daniel Negreanu a hand or two later. Negreanu made it 3,600 pre-flop which Phillips called for a flop of Ts-2h-5h. Phillips made it 6,500 form the small blind and Negreanu min-raised. "I'm a min raise guy" he said before Phillips called. The turn brought a Ks which both checked. The river was As, which was also checked.

Phillips showed Kd-Td to Negreanu's Ah-3h. Another pot for the PokerStars Six man, who heads towards the chip lead.