$25K High Roller: Flames and flameouts

Eliminations after the break, taking us from 28 to 26 players. With blinds now at 600-1,200 with a 100 ante, Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu saw to the first, seeing off Isaac Baron who had been stranded as one of the short stacks for some time. Then Dutch PokerStars qualifier and Supernova elite Julian von Till saw off Canadian Michael Watson, K-5 over J-2 (deuce on flop, five on river).

The payouts are available, divided as follows...

1st - $433,500
2nd - $228,000
3rd - $137,000
4th - $91,300
5th - $70,800
6th - $68,500
7th - $57,000
8th - $45,700

With 26 left it was close to becoming 25 in a hand that caused some consternation, involving previous high roller event winner Jason Mercier and Michael Fosco playing in only his second live event.

The end of the hand saw Fosco double up through Mercier, aces against kings, but it was the preliminaries that caused the stir.

Fosco had first thought he was the big blind and put chips out but was actually under-the-gun. Told of his mistake this then became a limp. Mercier then made it 4,500 before Fosca re-raised to 14,200. Mercier re-raised to 34,000 before Fosca went all-in. When Mercier called showing kings Fosca turned over his aces, causing Mercier to walk off in disgust, suspecting had been shooting a line.

Either way, despite a few specific words in capital letters that we can't mention, Fosca doubles up leaving Mercier some work to do.