$25K High Roller: Into level six

More changes at the tables with ElkY slotting in opposite Eric Seidel. Josh Arieh just bumped his stack up a little, limping with pocket jacks to beat Joe Hachem to a pot.

Daniel Negreanu called a pre-flop raise by Shaun Deeb on the button, 5,200 for a flop of Ad-8s-6c, the first he'd seen in a while. The action was checked to Deeb who made it 18,000 and Negreanu folded after a brief count.

_MG_1966_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Boris Becker holds on to the majority of his stack although he's in a gradual slide as the blinds go up again to 400-800 with a running ante of 75. This is level six, the last before the dinner break.