$25K High Roller: Level 17 and 18 Updates

You can follow all the action from start to finish on EPTLive with expert commentary and analysis all the way through and highlights will be updated here throughout the day. Click refresh for the latest real-time updates. Levels are 60 minutes long and we play down to a winner. We're now into level 17 with blinds of 10,000-20,000 with a running ante of 2,000.

9.44pm: Team PokerStars Pro ElkY Grospellier wins the $25K High Roller event.
Full details to follow.

9.43pm: Will Molson from Canada is eliminated in second place for $228,000
It only took one hand but after ElkY made it 72,000 pre-flop Molson moved in and was called immediately. A-J for ElkY, K-T for Molson. The flop did nothing, Q-6-2, but the turn, an ace, gave Molson a straight possibility. Only a hack would help him, not the six that hit the river. It was all over. Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier wins the PCA High Roller event.

9.31pm: Play restarts
Heads up play begins with blinds unchanged at 15,000-30,000 with a 3,000 ante.

9.25pm: Short break
Play pauses for a few minutes as the stage is set for the final two players.

9.20pm: Heads up chip counts
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 2.049,000
Will Molson - 331,000

9.19pm: Scott Seiver from the United States is eliminated in third place for $137,000.
Seiver had to move sooner or later and pushed in with T-9 only to be called by ElkY holding A-8. The board ran out K-K-7-A-x, giving ElkY all he needed to take an overwhelming advantage into the heads up play. This might not last long.

9.15pm: More chip counts
Scott Seiver - 262,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 1,733,000
Will Molson - 385,000

9.14pm: Relentless
ElkY is keeping up the pressure, raising and forcing Molton and Seiver out of pots.

Typical behaviour from the Frenchman, as Gus Hansen explains...

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9.10pm: Latest chip counts
Scott Seiver - 313,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 1,631,000
Will Molson - 436,000

9.05pm: Into level 18
Blinds have gone up now to 15,000-30,000 with a running 3,000.

9.04pm: More from ElkY
ElkY's march towards a high roller title continues, winning another pot of close to 200,000, showing pocket deuces on a board of 4c-Ad-5d-Kd-3c, rivering a wheel.

8.58pm: ElkY looking unstoppable
Another pot to ElkY holding Q-T on a Q-2-A-8-7 board against Scott Molson.

8.50pm: What the?
Seiver and Molson get to play a hand together without ElkY intruding.

8.39pm: All-in
Seiver moves all-in, which ElkY wasn't keen on, folding.

8.35pm: Updated chip counts
Scott Seiver - 384,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 1,464,000
Will Molson - 532,000

8.32pm: More for the Frenchman
Another pot for ElkY, showing a pair of fives to beat Seiver's ace-high on a board of 7-5-3-6-8.

8.29pm: A swing back to ElkY
A 708,000 pot goes to ElkY courtesy of Scott Seiver, winning with sixes and threes on a board of 6-A-3-Q-8.

8.25pm: Three way chip counts
Scott Seiver - 1,052,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 760,000
Will Molson - 568,000

8.22pm: Liya Gerasimova from Russia, eliminated in fourth place for $91,300
ElkY led out making it 47,000 pre-flop. Liya Gerasimova moved all in before Seiver called. With ElkY out of the way the showdown revealed 8-6 for Gerasimova and aces for Seiver. The flop brought the Russian straight possibilities but none materialised. Down to three.

8.15pm: Molson all in
Molson moves in with A-K and is called by ElkY with pocket fives. Molson isn't going anywhere. The king on the flop, the ace on the turn and king on the river give the Canadian a full house.

8.10pm: Another pot to for ElkY
There's more than 130,000 in the pot when ElkY and Molson see the As-3h-3c flop. Both check for a Kh turn card and ElkY made it 88,000 from the big blind. Molson called to see a Ts on the river. Now ElkY made it 400,000, instantly causing Molson to shake his head. The pot was worth 708,000 and it was everything Molson had to call. Instead he mucked, showing an ace.

8.05pm: Underway
Play begins with Scott Seiver winning the first pot of the level against ElkY.

8pm: A reminder of the chip counts
Scott Seiver - 612,000
Liya Gerasimov - 342,000
Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 969,000
Will Molson - 457,000

7.55pm: We're back
Players are making their way back to the stage. Play should resume shortly.