$25K High Roller: One down, 47 to go

Into level three and the gap seats have been removed. What we see is now what we get. Humberto Brenes squeezed into the field at the last opportunity, bringing the official total 48 players, sitting next to Daniel Negreanu who may or may not have dropped his bid to be out as fast as possible.

One player who wanted to stick around but who now can't, according to TDA rules, is Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri. The pocket star destroyer is out, moving in with a set of aces but losing out to a straight.

_MG_2066_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri

Sorel Mizzi also put his tournament life on the line with only a slightly better result than Minieri's. Mizzi plays on but only just, reduced to less than 5,000 chips after his Kc-Jc flush draw became two pairs but still woefully short of the full house that ultimately crushed him. But if the winner is going to have a heroic story behind him it may as well be a comeback from less than five grand.

With the gaps gone there are some table changes. Isaac Baron and Shaun Deeb join Daniel Negreanu's table whilst Ivan Demidov now has Greg Raymer, Eli Elezra and Antonio Esfandiari to contend with. The 48 entrants make for a $1,140,000 prize pool with eight places paid. At a glance I'd also say that there are more massage therapists per square foot in this event than anywhere else.

Play continues...