$25K High Roller: Ready for tomorrow's final

The final table is in place. With ten minutes to go before 3am the decisive hand played out, a bubble hand that was ultimately worth more than $45,000 to someone.

Bill Edler had been moving in from time to time, hoping to gain the momentum he needed to kick-start a campaign that had left him the short stack for several levels. "I hate it," he'd said earlier. "It's not poker".

Crippled as he was, he was still around when play was whittled down to one table. But the blinds were big and Edler was running out of time. So when Eli Elezra made it 14,000 pre-flop Edler decided now was the time, and pushed all-in, stacking his chips in a way that made them easy for any caller to count. The price was 53,000 and the action was folded back to Elezra.

"Do you want me to call?" asked Elezra.

"No," was the straight-faced reply.

"I think Nick Schulman wants me to call," joked Elezra, referring to the next short-stacked player.

By now everyone had stood to watch, leaving just Edler and Elezra at the table. Done with counting out his stack Elezra dropped in his call. Chips went everywhere and the rail descended. Edler had been caught moving with a heroic 6c-4d to Elezra's Kh-Jc. The flop gave Edler outs, falling 5s-3h-As, but the Ts turn and Ac river gave him nothing more. Edler was out, gone after shaking the hand of every one of his opponents.

"I had to call buddy," said Elezra, "I'm sorry Bill."

Those left had made the money and a 15 hour day had come to an end. The final table, tomorrow at noon, awaits. It will feature two Team PokerStars Pros in ElkY and Humberto Brenes, who only registered to play at the last moment, as well as the players below, each in pursuit of a high-roller crown.

You can catch every hand on EPTLive with coverage starting at around 12 noon ET, as well as additional features here on the PokerStars blog.

Here's how they'll line up:

Seat 1 - Humberto Brenes - Team PokerStars Pro - 423,500
Seat 2 - Scott Seiver - 449,500
Seat 3 - Nick Schulman - 99,500
Seat 4 - Liya Gerasimov - 259,000
Seat 5 - Daniel Alaei - 209,500
Seat 6 - Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier - Team PokerStars Pro - 358,000
Seat 7 - Will Molson - 270,500
Seat 8 - Eli Elezra - 355,500

It was a long day but as high-roller events have regularly proven, one worth sticking out. For a recap on all of today's high roller events, including news of Daniel Negreanu's late exit and the likes of Dario Minieri, Greg Raymer and Joe Hachem, check out the links below:

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