$25K High Roller: See you on the beach?

Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is usually in a talkative mood and today is no different. Thirteen hours sleep and no food in 30 seems to have done something to the Team PokerStars Pro who is sharp-eyed and the life and soul of the party. Although, he claims not to want to be here. He's been trying to get a $15,000 last-shorter bet signed and sealed, but unsurprisingly has no takers. Perhaps it's because Negreanu is playing every hand...

And if it's the plan it's not working. Negreanu just doubled up with Ac-Jc against kings, making a flush on the turn to keep him well and truly indoors. He then won more, betting on every street in staccato style, mimicking a novice bluffer, only to take more pots.

Also here, opting for carpets and air conditioning rather than sand and sunshine, are Chris Ferguson and Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer, who was released from the restricted confines of the main event a short while ago to enjoy the restricted confines of the high roller event - completely powerless when it comes to tearing himself away from the baize.