$25K High Roller: The post mortem of a hand

A season of EPTs means watching thousands of hands but among them only a few ever stand out. The running theme at the end of level 11, as players mill around waiting for chips to be coloured up, is what will probably be known from now on as the "Alaei fold." Press and players want to talk about it, the type of hand you hear about but rarely see.

"When he re-raised I suddenly felt aces." Said Alaei to Bill Edler.

"If he shoves could you fold?" asked Edler.

"That made it a lot easier" said Alaei, but no one believed anything about the hand was easy.

That was level 11, which saw Josh Arieh eliminated when he ran sevens into ElkY's kings. ElkY had also spent time beating up PokerStars qualifier Johan van Till over the last 60 minutes and as the new level started with blinds at 3,000-6,000 with a 500 running ante, van till became the 11th place finisher, his A-T no good against Will Molson's A-J.

Then one of the icons of the event busted. Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu was eliminated, pushing in with A-J only to be called by another Team Pro Humberto Brenes who showed A-9. Brenes caught a nine on the flop and Negreanu was done.

The nine players left now play around one table until there's another elimination. Here's how the line up with their approximate chip counts...

Humberto Brenes - Team PokerStars Pro - 425,000
Bill Edler - 65,000
Scott Seiver - 330,000
Nick Schulman - 140,000
Liya Gerasimova - 225,000
Daniel Alaei - 245,000
ElkY - Team PokerStars Pro - 330,000Will Molson - 280,000
Eli Elezra - 320,000

We play on...