2010 PCA: Beginning of the winning

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgWayne Bentley had little of import to do on Day 1B. He left Day 1A with a massive chip lead and had little reason to hang out among the masses on Day 1B. Nonetheless, we spotted the UK PokerStars qualifier in the hall yesterday. Across from him stood Gavin Smith in full form.

"You can't win or lose a tournament on Day 1," Smith proclaimed.

"Well," said the subdued Brit. "You can lose."

Smith thought for a moment, and then nodded.

Indeed, there has been many a player who has, in fact, lost. Hundreds of them, in fact. Still, we have a giant field returning at noon today and every one among them--even the man who didn't show up on Day 1B at all--still has a chance to win. Chip and a chair, and all that.

So, now begins that opportunity. We still have five days until we crown a champion and, despite Bentley's big lead, there is still that fabled long way to go.

Returning today is a small army of Team PokerStars Pros, the most successful of which on Day 1 was Daniel Negreanu. Kid Poker finished the opening battle with 124,000, well above average and feeling pretty good about it. He's followed by more than 30 Team Pros. All of them are trying to be the first members of Team Pro to win a PCA since ElkY did it in 2008.

Day 2 of the 2010 PCA will change formats slightly. Gone are the days of 60-minute levels. From here on out, we'll be playing 75 minutes between each blind jump. Today we are scheduled to play six of those levels before breaking for Day 3.


Some of the local fruit on display

There are nearly nine hundred players filing into the room as we type. That means it's time for us to fire up the live blogging.

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