2010 PCA: Day 1B level 6 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1B, level 6 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 200-400-50

6.35pm: Break time
Another break, the "last" of the day, until the end of level seven that is, when they'll be a break to colour up the chips.

6.33pm: Luca gets an Alibay
Ami Alibay opened for 2,000 on the button, getting a call from Luca Pagano in the small blind. The flop: 6♣7♥5♣. Check check before Pagano made it 3,500 on the K♠ turn. Alibay called for a 7♠ on the river. Both checked, Pagano showing 8♣8♠ but Alibay turning over K♦3♦ to take the pot.

Pagano took some time out earlier to talk to our video crew...

Watch 2010 PCA: Luca Pagano on PokerStars.tv

6.30pm: The shame
It's no fun being on the painful end of an Annette Obrestad hand. Justin Levy just found that out and was reminded of it by Dan Martin who a few hands before got the same treatment.

It all centred on being asked your name as your chips were passed to Obrestad.
On a flop of 3♠K♦K♥ Annette Obrestad checked in the big blind before Justin Levy made it 1,700. Obrestad then re-raised to 4,500 forcing Levy to fold.
Levy told me his name, then looked sheepish, beaten by a girl too. Martin sympathised.

6:24pm: Presented without comment



6:22pm: You want action?
It was a raise to 1,100 from Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin that drew an all-in from a short-stack at the end of the table. It was 11,000 more for Ramdin to call.

"You want action?" Ramdin asked.

"I'm on a freeroll. I don't care," said the man at the end of the table.

"Well, because you said that, I'll give you action," Ramdin answered, then called.

"Jacks," said the man.

Ramdin shrugged and turned over tens.

The board ran out all spades. Too bad for Ramdin his opponent held two black jacks. Ramdin is now down to around 15,000.

6:21pm: Deeb still in
Freddy Deeb had a roller coaster hand but came out on top. On the 4♥J♣Q♦ board he went all in for around 5,000 with A♥Q♣ and was happy to get called in one spot by a player with K♣Q♠. However, the K♦ turn produced a groan from Deeb, which turned to delight when the river was the A♠. He's back up to around 12,000.

6:20pm: Pagano doubles up
Luca Pagano, the Team PokerStars Pro who makes a habit of cashing big, just doubled up to a more manageable 31,000. On a K♣5♦7♦9♣ board his opponent check-called his 4,800 bet. The 4♦ on the river was a scare card for the Italian, who bet 10,000, leaving around 8,000 behind. His opponent put out 10,000 more, putting Pagano all-in, then insta folded when Paganocalled, asking: "Do you have it?", referring to the flush possibility. Pagano showed K♣K♠ for the flopped top set.

6:19pm: A million will have to be good enough
We are sad to report that PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge winner will not be adding to his newfound bankroll today. Mike Kosowski, short-stacked a bit earliier, is no longer in his chair and presumed to be among those on the rail.

6.15pm: Sisters
So far today there's not been the kind of runaway chip leader we had yesterday when Wayne Bentley went on his charge. Instead, we have a handful of players pushing past 100,000, some of whom have something in common. These three are up there and challenging - can you spot what, in addition to their mighty chip stacks, separates them from the crowd:

Vanessa Rousso 140,000
Annette Obrestad 120,000
Liz Lieu 90,000

6.10pm: ElkY teaches them a lesson
Two lucky PokerStars players had first-hand lessons from Bertrand 'ElkY' Grospellier after winning a contest to attend dinner with the French Team PokerStars Pro, followed by a workshop.

Despite being held up at home in the snow and arriving in the Bahamas late, ElkY enjoyed the dinner and then spent a good deal of time running through his top tips with Robert Wanek and Michael Frazin (below).

The pair then played in the main event today, looking to make use of the advice.



6pm: Casting Annette
Montel Williams is the new faces at Annette Obrestad's table. Obrestad, with typical dainty ruthlessness, has been dominating her opponents.

Obrestad opened for 900 in the cut off, getting calls from Samuel Oberlin and Dan Martin in the blinds. The flop came T♥8♠9♠ which was checked all round. The turn, a 6♠. Oberlin checked while Martin made it 2,200 to play. Obrestad called while Oberlin passed before the 4♠ river. Martin checked to Obrestad who bet out 4,200. Too much for Martin and Obrestad moves up some more.

5.55pm: Sick runner-runner
On a Q♣K♠J♥ flop Elliot Smith made it 3,000 and Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso bumped it up to 10,000. Smith called and they saw a J♦ turn and this time Rousso made it 5,000 - called by Smith. Rousso then seemed displeased at the Q♦ river, checking before removing her glasses.

Smith, however, seemed to like it, and reached for 20,000 before tossing it over the line. That sent Rousso into the tank, with all Smith's possible hands whirring around in her mind.

"That's so sick, runner runner pairs, full houses. Urgh."

As the crowd built up around the table, she thought for just a few moments more before mucking A♥[10] face up. She'd flopped the nuts, but the turn and river almost certainly had her beaten.

Smith declined to show, and Rousso now sits on around 80,000.

That decision in pictures:




5.50pm: History repeating?
Let this update be an object lesson in putting a positive spin on the news that Joe Cada is out.

Last year, the reigning World Champion - the youngest in history - came to the Bahamas as a newly minted member of Team PokerStars Pro but bust early from the Main Event. Peter Eastgate, for it was he, simply went on to win a $5,000 side event in the next couple of days.

Today, the reigning World Champion - the youngest in history - came to the Bahamas as a newly minted member of Team PokerStars Pro but bust early from the Main Event. This time it's Joe Cada and there are a whole host of side events coming up in the next few days to give him the chance to match Eastgate's achievement.


Joe Cada

Cada had been short stacked all day and ran into trip kings for his final handful.

5.40pm: Fernandez gone
Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez is out, in somewhat unlucky circumstances. Down to his last 8,000, he got it in with what he thought was the ideal hand... A♦K♦. He was a little crestfallen to find he was up against his opponent's A♠K♥ - and then devastated when the board ran 5♠Q♠[10s]9♥3♠.

_MG_6429_Leo_Fernandez_PCA_2010_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Leo Fernandez

5.37pm: Antes up!
We are now up to the 200-400-50 level with three hours left to play in the night.


Charlie Marchese, PokerStars qualifier