2010 PCA: Day 2, level 14 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 2, level 14 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 1,500-3,000-300

9.05pm: That's it
Play is over for the night. Players are bagging and tagging. We'll have a full wrap of today's events coming soon, as well as some decent chip counts for you, over on the chip count page. This will be replaced in a few hours, as if by magic, with the full, official chip counts once tournament staff have done their diligent work.

9:04pm: Rousso eliminated
After a hard grind all day long, Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso was eliminated on the last hand of the night. She picked up big slick in the big blind and shoved into a raise. Unfortunately for her, she shoved right into aces. No improvement, and Lady Maverick will have to make due with some side events.

8.55pm: Last five hands
With ten minutes to go until the end of the final level, tournament staff have announced there will be five more hands played.

8.50pm: Dyer takes chunk of Lodden at death
Details are sketchy, but Greg Dyer has just won a pot of around 250,000 from Johnny Lodden. Dyer had Q-J on a board, with a Q and a J on it. They both checked the river, but Lodden mucked.

We're out and about now getting the big stacks at the end of play.

8.45pm: Reputation deserved
There's a good reason Phil Ivey has his fearsome reputation: he can make calls like this one. Looking at a board pf 7♥2♠2♥J♦3♣, he was facing an all in shove, which would mean a call for his tournament life. He thought about it for a while, but made the call with pocket fives. His opponent was forced to show 5♥4♥ for a busted flush draw and Ivey doubled up late on to 250,000.

8.25pm: Out of context quote of the hour
"Sorry guys. I have a minor nose bleed problem." --the guy dropping off his chips at the table before dripping his way toward the bathroom.

8.35pm: Fatima de Mel out
Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima de Mel is no longer in her seat and presumed out of the PCA Main Event.

8.30pm: Phillips flush
Carter Phillips just executed a player in one of those horrible all-in pre-flop, A-K v A-K scenarios which ends up in an unlikely flush for one of them. Well, that one was EPT Barcelona champion Phillips, when his A♣K♥ fitted very nicely into the 3♣Q♣6♣9♥5♣ board.

That ill-gotten gain moves Phillips up to a menacing 325,000.

8.27pm: Video interlude
Earlier today we lost Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater. Here she tells of her love for the PCA to the video blog team...

Watch PCA 2010: Katja Thater on PokerStars.tv

8.25pm: John Duthie moving on up
Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie is up to more than 225,000. Was it a big coup that secured his stack? "No just lots of little ones," he smirked.

"I wouldn't say they were little," retorted the man to his left, no doubt one of the victims of a "little" Duthie coup.

Sitting here on seat three is Vicky Coren, no stranger to Mr Duthie, and who has around 76,000 of her own chips to play with.

8:21pm: "OMG! Did that just happen?"
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso has had a horrible day and was down to less than 30,000 in chips Finally, she picked her hand and went with it. It was 4♠4♦. She got not one, but two callers in the form of A♦K♣ and A♣Q♦. The board ran out all babies and Rousoo tripled up. First she was heard to exclaim what you see in the headline, and then, "I'm the happiest hundred thousand stack of all time right now."

8:17pm: Rise of the Russian
Ivan Demidov is nothing if not quiet. Even when he's winning, he's quiet. His chip stack, however, speaks for itself. He's now on 320,000 after getting A♣A♦ in against Q♦Q♣. He hit his ace on the flop and that was all she wrote.

8.10pm: Marshalled out of the door
After enjoying her PCA experience immensely, we are sad to report that PokerStars qualifier Debra Marshall is no longer in her seat. No details of her demise as yet.

8:07pm: Ugly exit for Greenstein
After grinding all day long, Barry Greenstein came in for a raise to 8,000. Harrison Gimbel three-bet to 23,000. Greenstein wasted no time in shoving for another 28,000. Gimbel thought for about a minute before calling with...yes, 6♠4♠. Greenstein held...yes, aces.

The board gave Gimbel a straight. Greenstein gave Gimbel a copy of his book "Ace on the River." Gimbel gave us several very sheepish looks when re-tellling the story.

8pm: Russian revolution
On a board of 5♠J♦7♦3♣2♠ Ivan Demidov was all-in. 48,000 was laid out in front of him. He was waiting for Robert Mizrachi to make a decision with nearly 100k in the pot already. There was a crowd, all waiting to see what Mizrachi would do, including the Russian contingent. Mizrachi folded, relief for Demidov and the Russians. He's back up to 130,000.

7.55pm: Deeb done and dusted
Freddy Deeb is out, running A-A into the 10-10 of Aage Ravn. That was fine... until the flop came 8-9-10.

7.50pm: De Melo back in it
Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima de Melo is back in action after staring obliteration on a flop. After some three-way pre-flop betting she got all in for 11,000 more, called in two spots, one of them chip monster Marc Etienne McLaughlin.

On the 5♥Q♦8♦ flop, McLaughlin bet 10,000, forcing the other player out, and De Melo and McLaughlin were in showdown territory:

McLaughlin: 8♣5♣
De Melo: K♦J♣

So she was a mile behind, but wouldn't you know it? The turn was J♥ and the river K♥, giving her runner-runner higher two pair.

"I was due that," said McLaughlin with reference to his past fortunate gains, including the rivered set against Gavin Smith.

"And it was lucky - I folded Q-J reducing your outs even more," added Vanessa Rousso.

De Melo is now up to more than 60,000 again.

7:49pm: Danny doubles
On the very first hand back from break, Daniel Negreanu moved all-in for 40,100 under the gun. A man at the end of the table went into the tank. Negreanu quipped, "Are you trying to figure out my range? Are you one of those guys?" Whether it was that or the fact the man was holding A♥Q♣, he called. Negreanu said, "Well, I assume you have the best hand right now." Negreanu turned up A♠9♥. The dealer laid out the cards and Negreanu came about a six inches off the ground. "There's a nine!" he said. It went with the A♣ on the board. His opponent couldn't fund a queen and Negreanu is back up over 80,000.

7:46pm: Obre-out
Quick note here. At the end of the last level, we mentioned Annette Obrestad was down to 30,000 in chips. We can now report she is down to 0 in chips.


7:45pm: Last chance
The 300 or so players left in Day 2 now have their last chance of the day to accumulate some chips. We're moving into the last 75-minute level of the day.

Here's to hoping Fatima de Melo can hold on after being crippled in level 13.