2010 PCA: Day 3, level 20 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 3, level 20 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 6,000-12,000-2,000

9.45pm: Another day another dollar
That's the day done after a last eight hands of the night. We'll have a full report coming up, as well as all the official chip counts as we get them within the hour but for now your chip leader is Harrison Gimbel, followed by Matthew Haugen and Praz Bansi.

9.30pm: Keyes picks McLaughlin's pocket
There's never a bad time to find aces, but it's certainly nice to get them just as the tournament staff announce the end of the timed part of tournament play. (They will now play eight more hands.) Darren Keyes picked up the bullets and managed to get Marc-Etienne McLaughlin's entire stack slid in his direction. It all went in pre-flop: McLaughlin had A♥Q♣ but was sent to the rail when the board bricked. Keyes is beyond a million.

As reported, eight hands until close of play.

9:14pm: Michiel Brummelhuis eliminated
Michiel Brummelhuis moved all-in pre-flop with 8♠8♦. Robert Mizrachi made the call with A♥K♣. The board ran out with two kings and Brummelhuis hit the rail.

The are currently 64 players left at eight tables with 15 minutes left to play before we break for the night.

9pm: No fillip for Filippi. He's out
Amnon Filippi is out, moving his last 46,000 in over the top of Bryce Yockey's 30,000 opener. "If I call the 46,000, can he raise again?" asked Kenny Nguyen in the big blind. The answer was no and Nguyen folded. Yockey made the call and they were racing:

Filippi: 8♠8♥
Yockey: K♠Q♠

The flop came 4♥2♣K♣[10h]3♦ and that king ended Filippi's participation.

8.55pm: Lodden latest to feel wrath of Shulman
On an eight-high rainbow board, Johnny Lodden check called Barry Shulman's 60,000 bet. He did exactly the same on the 10 turn, when Shulman bet 100,000. And it was repeated one last time on the ace river, this time a check-call from Lodden of Shulman's 200,000 bet. Shulman showed pocket eights and Lodden mucked, down to about 200,000.

8:50pm: Last former champ eliminated
After grinding a short stack all day long, 2006 champion Steve Paul-Ambrose just went out after his 5♦5♠ couldn't outrun Eric Froelich's 7♦7♠.

8.45pm: Gyre and Gimbel
Harrison Gimbel is now one of the dominant forces here, having just knocked out Justin Bonomo in a monstrous coup. On a board of 4♣9♣6♣, Bonomo bet 160,000 and Gimbel called. The turn was 7♦ and the same pattern repeated - 160,000 from Bonomo, called from Gimbel. The river was 9♦ and Bonomo shoved. He was insta-called by Gimbel, who had A♣J♣ for the flopped nut flush. Gimbel has close to two million.

8.44pm: Jones douses Bansi
Aaron Jones has found out the way to battle Praz Bansi: fire with fire. There was a raise to 30,000 on the button and Bansi made it 82,000 from the small blind. Jones was having none of that and shoved for about 300,000, which got both the others out the way.


Praz Bansi

8:43pm: No flip for Filippi
Thomas Kolar came in for a raise to 32,000 from the button and Bryce Yockey re-raised to 90,000 from the small blind. That's when Amnon Filippi moved all-in for 345,000 from the big blind. Then, shiver me timbers, Kolar moved all-in for a little less. That left Yockey with a decision.

"Floor!" he cried. "Am I allowed to do math at the table. Like with a paper and pen?"

We think the floor said, "No." Either way, Yockey eventually folded, claiming he had nines.

Filippi: A♥Q♣
Kolar: A♣K♦

The board ran out 2♣J♣2♠[ts[3♦. Filippi was left with some chips, but barely enough to pay a couple of rounds of blinds.

8:21pm: Alex Brenes takes a swing at g0lfa
Ryan "g0lfa" D'Angelo came in for a raise from the button and Alex Brenes pushed all-in for 333,000 more. D'Angelo barely hemmed and barely hawed before finally saying, "I call. I've gotta call, right?" He turned over A♣7♣. Brenes proudly turned over A♠T♦. The dealer put out the flop: A♥T♣2♠, all good for Brenes. Then the 4♣ came on the turn. "No!" Brenes cried. Then the river...T♠.

Brenes celebrated. Meanwhile, D'Angelo asked the dealer, "Do I have to pay him?"


Alex Brenes

8.20pm: On the up
It was a great last level for Barry Shulman, who not only knocked out Greg Dyer, but also broke the million chip mark to get him into the top five. He looks like this:


Barry Shulman

8.15pm: Video interlude
As we wait for the players to return from their break, how about some video entertainment:

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