2010 PCA: Day 4, level 22 updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 4, level 22 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 10,000-20,000-2,000

2.55pm: Break time
We're now on a break. Back in 10.

2.50pm: Bentley back among the big boys
Let's just remind you, Wayne Bentley was down to his last 75,000 chips earlier today, and now he is up to around 1.5 million. He just doubled up through Jake Toole - the final all in was for 567,000 and there was already a load in the pot. Bentley had aces and the full board was J♣J♦Q♣K♥[10c]. It seemed likely that Toole had taken the lead in the hand at some point, but eventually lost to the runner-runner straight. "That's like an online hand," said someone on the rail, to widespread agreement.

2.45pm: Earlier today...

cada and eastgate.jpg
Cada and Eastgate playing for rolls

2.40pm: 41 left
Jonathan Aguiar is out. It happened over the course of two hands, the first of which saw the chips in the middle, Aguiar holding K♦Q♥ to 605's J♥J♦. A jack had hit the turn and cost Aguiar everything but 34,000 which went into the middle on the next hand. He waited for a caller, packing up his headphones and sunglasses. 608 raised, getting no takers and took on Aguiar with A♥T♠ to Aguiar's T♥9♥.

It was all over on the flop, the board running: A♠J♥J♦2♣5♠.

2.35pm: Bansi keeps Zahmat alive
Bijan Zahmat doubled up through Praz Bansi with A♣Q♠ on a board of 9♣6♣Q♣6♠7♠. The final all in was for 278,000. It's only a small nibble from Bansi's stack, but keeps Zahmat in the game.

2:34pm: Chappus eliminated, Ryan "g0lfa" D'Angelo running away (and messing up bracelet ceremony)
So, you might have heard of this guy who won two WCOOP bracelets last year. And you might have heard he has overtaken the chip lead on Day 4. What you might not have heard is that there is supposed to be a big bracelet ceremony for WCOOP winners today and, being a double bracelet winner, D'Angelo was expected there.

"We may have to take his bracelets to him at the table," said Bryan Slick, WCOOP head honcho.

It's looking more and more like that will happen. D'Angelo just came in for a raise and then called Mike Chappus' re-raise. The flop fell T♠[9♥3♥. D'Angelo checked and Chappus shoved for nearly 700,000.

D'Angelo made an online-fast decision saying, "I can't fold on that flop. I call."

D'Angelo: A♠T♣
Chappus: A♥Q♣

Chappus couldn't pick up a queen and is out.

"I'm stackin'em, I'm stackin'em," D'Angelo said. He's now well over the four million chip mark.


2.25pm: I keep overplay my aces
Jake Toole makes it 50,000 under the gun, but in the next seat PokerStars qualifier Randy Hanley makes it 110,000. It's folded all the way around to Toole again, who lets it go.
Hanley lets out a sigh and turns over A♣A♠. "I hate the way I overplay aces," he said. "I really should try just calling there to win a huge pot."

2.20pm: Schwartz shunted
Eric Schwartz is out. He moved all in pre-flop for 240,000 and almost had a called in Randy Hanley, who thought long and hard about what to do with his own short stack. Eventually he folded, but James Tolbert, in the small blind, moved all in over the top and isolated Schwartz. They showed: A♦K♠ for Tolbert, better than Schwartz's 9♦J♠. The flop wasn't great for Schwartz: K♥8♣7♦, leaving him looking for a ten. It didn't come on either turn or river and out he went. Hanley patted himself on the back for his fold; Tolbert raked in the chips.

2.15pm: A wow hand
Tobias Reinkemeier opened for 50,000 in early position, getting calls from Mike Chappus, John Duthie and Ryan D'Angelo in the big blind. On the flop of Q♣6♣4♣ D'Angelo, who has about 3.4million, checked to Chappus who bet 150,000. Mike Chappus passed but after a pause for thought Duthie moved all-in. D'Angelo made an easy fold while Reinkemeier shuffled in his seat. Then called.

6♦6♠ for Duthie
4♥4♠ for Reinkemeier

Cue an "Oh wow" from somewhere. A 3♦ on the turn and a 7♥ on the river. Reinkemeier was out. Here one minute, gone the next and John Duthie is up to 2.5million.

"Very nice hand," said Hafiz Khan.

"Very lucky," replied Duthie.


2:12pm: Aaron Jones flushes Haugen
With about half a million already in the pot on a board of 7♠Q♥9♠8♥Q♠, Aaron Jones pushed all-in for 509,000. Matthew Haugen sat at the end of the table and looked uncomfortable. His jugular pulsed, his lips twitched, he cracked his knuckles. Finally, quietly, he said, "Call."

Jones flipped up J♠9♠, good for the win and enough to put him on 1.5 million. Meanwhile, Haugen is down to 800,000.


Jones raking Haugen's chips

2.10pm: Some chip movements
Ryan D'Angelo is the runaway leader at the moment, with 3.5 million, but there's also a lot of movement at the other end of the chip ladder. While some of the short stacks have departed (Seed, Gazes, Langmann, etc.), Wayne Bentley is proving to be immortal. Down to 75,000 early today, he now has bounced back to around 480,000. Most recently he was seen with pocket aces and a pile of chips being shoved in his direction.

2pm: D'Angelo the chip monster
PokerStars qualifier Ryan D'Angelo takes the PCA chip lead with 46 players remaining. Already on 2,750,000 after they came back from the break, he swiftly dispensed with Bryce Yockey, who had been on more than a million not so long ago.

On a 6♣5♦[10c]K♠7♥ board, Yockey checked and then D'Angelo moved all in, putting Yockey at risk. He dwelled for a short time before calling, only to be shown D'Angelo's K♥[10h] for top two pair.

D'Angelo is now on more than 3.5million, and that's good for the chip lead.

1.55pm: Gone to Seed
Huck Seed and Bill Gazes are out of the PCA. No details yet, but we have spies everywhere, so we hope to fill in the blanks soon.

1.50pm: The sole Team PokerStars Pro
John Duthie is the last Team PokerStars Pro standing following the elimination of Florian Langmann. The German had only seven big blinds left and pushed with Q-10 offsuit, but was called by the small blind who had A-7. Langmann never improved, despite the tease of a gutshot draw on the turn, and is out in 51st place.

1.47pm: Runners and riders
The full official chip counts are now featured on our chip count page.

1.45pm: Liz Lieu-ses
Richard Toth opened for 45,000 which Liz Lieu raised another 75,000 from the big blind. Then came Toth's all in and a call from Lieu. She turned over Q♦Q♠ while Toth showed A♥K♣. Lieu didn't watch the flop: 4♥6♥5♦ but that wasn't the problem. The problem was the A♠ on the turn which swung things in Toth's favour. A 4♦ on the river and that was that.

"It's okay," said Lieu, before adding: "Ugly." It's always ugly.


Liz Lieu

1.40pm: Break's over
We're back up and running on day 4 with 54 players remaining.