2010 PCA: Day 4, level 24 updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 4, level 24 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 15,000-30,000-3,000

5:56pm: Evil for Knebel
Paul Knebel has been eliminated after having his A♥Q♣ outrun by K♦[Q♦ when a king came on the flop. Knebel finished 28th place for $66,000.

5.50pm: Duthie wins monster, busts Lundmark
EPT founder and Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie is among the chip leaders after winning an absolute monster that eliminated Kent Lundmark from Sweden. We picked up the action on the 7♥2♠8♠ flop when Lundmark made it 100,000. Duthie replied with a bet of 300,000 and once he's thought for a moment Lundmark moved all in for just shy of 2.2 million. Duthie called, covering Lundmark by barely 30,000.

Duthie: 7♦8♦
Lundmark: A♣A♦

Duthie was ahead with two pair. The turn was K♠ and river 6♣, and after a check of the counts, he took all of Lundmarks chips and soared to a huge stack of around 5.5 million. Lundmark was our 29th place finisher.


John Duthie

5.50pm: Toole shed
Jake Toole is out. He shoved in mid position for 303,000 and was called by Ryan D'Angelo. It was a straightforward race: 5♦5♠ for D'Angelo and A♠[10d] for Toole. The board bricked and the pocket pair held up. Down to 30.

5.45pm: Karp gone
Benjamin Zamani opened for 70,000. Ryan Karp was waiting in the cut off and raised another 200,000. With the action back on Zamani he announced all-in and was called in a flash. A♦K♥ for Karp, 5♥5♠ for Zamani who had Karp easily covered. The board came 7♠4♠2♥3♠T♦. Another one gone.

5.42pm: Lendvai a hand
Another all in from Tamas Lendvai and another double up for Tamas Lendvai. He shoved with Q♥Q♣ against James Tolbert's A♠9♣. As the board was dealt Lendvai's friends on the rail started calling for particular cards in an unidentified language. It came 3♠7♥6♠4♣9♥. Back in the game.

5:37pm: Well, it looked like a blind steal
Play folded around to Zach Goldberg on the button and he made a standard raise. Robert Mizarchi re-raised out of the small blind. Next thing we knew, they were all-in for more than 500,000 apiece. Turned out, Goldberg had a real hand. It took the form of A♦A♠. Mizrachi only held [kq]Q♠. Goldberg flopped a set and rivered a boat. Mizrachi is still doing fine with around 2 million chips.


Robert Mizrachi

5.25pm: Brenes down
Alex Brenes had threatened to make a mini revival, having worked his stack of 150,000 into more than 500,000 in one level alone. But all that counts for nothing now... he's out. Thomas Koral did the damage, opening for 75,000 and being put all in by Brenes for a total of 460,000. Insta call, and the cards explain why.

Koral: K♠K♣
Brenes: A♥J♥

The board ran 6♥9♦K♦3♣J♣ and the man from Costa Rica was up off his seat and heading for the cash desk.

5.20pm: Zahmat crippled by Greenwood, out soon after
Bijan Zahmat has been playing the short stack all day - and now it's gone. First up, Luc Greenwood raised to 70,000 and Zahmat moved all in over the top. His stack actually covered Greenwood's so it was the American who had the decision for his tournament life. Greenwood seemed reluctant, but made the call, and his A♦J♦ was trailing Zahmat's A♥Q♣. The flop was [10d]Q♥[10c] and the turn was great for Greenwood, terrible for Zahmat: K♣. The river was 7♥ and Greenwood's straight took down the 600,000+ pot. 32 players remain.


Bijan Zahmat

5.15pm: Almost down to four tables
Another faller. This time Bernd Rygol moved all-in. He'd called a pre-flop bet of 60,000 from Benjamin Zamani for a flop of T♦9♥4♥. Both checked for a turn card 3♥. Zamani checked again and Rygol made his move, 3♦A♥ for him, 9♠3♠ for Zamani. A river card 8♣ and Rygol was out.


Bernd Rygol

Zahmat got his last 41,000 in on the next hand. He had A♣[10d] but was up against A♥J♠ and this time the A-J held. Zahmat out in 33rd.

5.10pm: Keyes unlocks Knebel
A stroke of luck and a vital double up for Darren Keyes against Paul Knebel. A♠J♦ for Keyes against Knebel's A♣Q♦. The board ran A♦K♥9♠7♠J♥. Knebel down to 500,000 now while Keyes shoots up to around 1.3 million.


Darren Keyes, standing

5:06pm Gimbel loses a million
We picked up the hand on a A♣5♦4♣ flop when Gimbel was check-calling a 135,000 bet from Dimitri Hefter. Gimbel went on to check call bets on the turn 6♥ and river 3♣ for 320,000 and 500,000 respectively. Hefter flipped over 4♠4♦. Gimbel's still got chips, but it's about a million less than he started the level with.

4.55pm: Brenes doubles
Alex Brenes was struggling on 150,000 at the break, but now sits on just over 500,000, thanks in part to this double up. Benjamin Zamani made it 66,000 from early position and got a call from Thomas Koral. Brenes then sat up and moved all in for 231,000. Only Zamani called.

Zamani: A♣Q♠
Brenes: J♣J♠

The board changed nothing, coming 2♦6♠3♠9♠K♥ and Brenes, brother of Humberto, has a stack to play with.


4.50pm: Two more gone
Two more bust outs. Randy Hanley has been busted in 36th place by Wayne Bentley, while Peter Feldman is also queuing up at the cash desk. He's out in 35th. We'll try and get more details.


Wayne Bentley

4.40pm: Trickling back
The remaining 36 players are starting to file back to their seats. We'll be under way once more very soon.


The heaviest table in the room