2010 PCA: Day 5, levels 25 & 26 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 5, level 26 (and a little bit of level 25) of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc "The Conv" Convey, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Level 25: 20,000-40,000-4,000
Level 26: 25,000-50,000-5,000

2.40pm: Bentley busted
Thomas Koral opened for 120,000 and last to act Wayne Bentley called when the action reached him. The flop came J♣T♥3♦. Bentley check-raised Koral's 160,000, another 200,000 on top. Koral then moved all-in, getting called by Bentley. A♥A♠ for Koral, K♣T♠ for Bentley. The turn 6♠ and river 6♣ cannot save Bentley who has impressed a lot of people this week.

2.35pm: Keyes doubles
The pot opened with a raise from Aage Floenes Ravn in the cut-off. Harrison Gimbel called in the next seat along before Darren Keyes moved all in for 660,000. Ravn folded but Keyes called with J♦9♦. Keyes opened A♦8♣ and the board ran 8♠4♣2♥6♦A♥. Keyes doubled through.

2.30pm: Redraw
They've finally completed the redraw and this is the line up for the final two tables:

Outer table

1 - Barry Shulman - 2,495,000
2 - Aage Ravn - 3,280,000
3 - Harrison Gimbel - 2,035,000
4 - Benjamin Zamani - 5,310,000
5 - Darren Keyes - 675,000
6 - Richard Toth - 975,000
7 - Zachary Goldberg - 2,325,000
8 - James Tolbert - 1,160,000

Feature table

1 - Bo Schultz - 545,000
2 - Matt Haugen - 895,000
3 - Dmitri Hefter - 1,900,000
4 - Tyler Reiman - 4,600,000
5 - Thomas Koral - 4,145,000
6 - John Duthie - 5,080,000
7 - Wayne Bentley - 865,000
8 - Ryan D'Angelo - 9,485,000

Players are also now taking an additional 10 minute break, scheduled for the end of the level but now brought forward. We'll let you know as soon as play resumes.

2.06: Stop right there
Play is halted while we redraw for the final two tables of eight players. In what must be record time, we lost a whole table in a level.

2.05pm: Gijs Verheijen eliminated 17th place
It was an all-in pre-flop battle between Gijs Verheijen's A♣T♣ and Tamas Lendvai's 9♠9♥ that saw nothing but baby cards come out on the board. Verheijen's stack sat at 730,000, not enough to keep him in the event. He's out in 17th place for $87,500.


Gijs Verheijen

2pm: Bansi downed in blind battle
It was folded around to Praz Bansi in the small blind who opened shoved with A♦9♣. It's a pretty strong hand for a blind battle but it couldn't match up to Tyler Reiman's A♥A♠ in the big blind. He snap called and his hand held up through the K♠Q♦J♥5♠5♥ board to eliminate Bansi.


Praz Bansi

1.58pm: Toth up
A vital double up for Richard Toth. He moved in with J♠J♣ and was called by Aage Ravn with A♦T♣. The board ran Q♦5♠K♥8♦K♠ keeping Toth in the game.

1.54pm: Chop chop
Harrison Gimbel and Matt Haugen were the massive stacks on day three, but when they got involved moments ago -- all in pre-flop -- it was a battle of two of the shorties. Fortunate, then, that they both had the same hand. It was A♦Q♦ for Gimbel and A♥Q♥ for Haugen. Gimbel was made to sweat when the first four cards out were K♠8♥6♠7♥ but the 9♠ on the river meant they chopped it.

1.50pm: Koral v Duthie
On the feature table, Thomas Koral called John Duthie's pre-flop raise and they were heads up to a flop of 3♣[10s]2♥. Koral led, Duthie called and the turn was 5♥. Koral bet again, this time 275,000 and Duthie let it go.

1:48pm: Jeff Madsen loses race, chips, seat
Down to around 700,000 in chips, Jeff Madsen moved all-in under the gun. Play folded around to PokerStars qualifier form Norway Aage Ravn. After thinking for a moment, Ravn called showing 4♣4♠. Madsen held A♣J♠. The board, K♥7♣9♣5♠9♠, was no help and Madsen exited in 19th place for $87,500.

1.45pm: Duthie bails on river
Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie raised to 125,000 from the button and was called by Thomas Koral on in the small blind to see a 5♣K♥Q♣ flop. Duthie's 220,000 continuation bet was called by Koral before they both checked through the J♥ turn. Koral then led out for 325,000 on the 8♣ river and it was good enough to take the pot as Duthie folded.

1.38pm: Lendvai outta here
Tamas Lendvai moved all-in from under the gun with 9♦9♣. Next to him Barry Schulman did the same with J♣J♦. Lendvai's friends on the rail starting yelling something that sounded like "Kill-an-sash" and he stood up, immediately the focus of attention for four cameras and three microphone booms that started jousting for the best spot.

The board ran: 7♥A♥3♣Q♠Q♣. Lendvai out.


Tamas Lendvai

1.34pm: Another one gone
Luc Greenwood is out as Ryan D'Angelo's steam-roller ride continues. D'Angelo made it 120,000 from mid-position. He's been doing that most times the action is folded to him. Greenwood, recently moved to the table with a stack of about 1.6 million, called from the big blind and they saw a J♠3♥2♦ flop.

Greenwood checked, D'Angelo bet 130,000, which Greenwood called. The turn was K♦ and the pattern repeated: check from Greenwood, bet of 340,000 from D'Angelo. Call. The river was K♥ and Greenwood checked again. D'Angelo announced all in, comfortably covering Greenwood.

Greenwood eventually called, but mucked when D'Angelo showed K♠9♣ for the rivered trips. Greenwood departs in 21st, the last player to earn $75,000. The money now jumps to $87,500.

1:27pm: Robert Mizrachi eliminated
It was a short ride for Robert Mizrachi at the final table. Ty Reiman moved all-in from the button and Mizrachi called from the small blind.

Reiman: J♣J♦
Mizrachi: A♦K♣

The board ran out 9♣4♠3♦[5♥3♣. Reiman had 2,080,000 in his stack, well enough to cover Mizrachi's 1,735,000. Mizrachi took off his microphone and walked out, unhappy, but $75,000 richer.


Robert Mizrachi watches in pain

1.20pm: Jack hold Keyes to Bansi's success
Darren Keyes opened with a raise to 125,000 from under the gun and was called by Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie in mid position before Praz Bansi moved all in for 360,000 from the button. Keyes then moved all in as well and that forced Duthie to fold leaving us with a heads-up showdown.

Keyes: A♦Q♠
Bansi: A♣T♦

The board ran Q♥Q♦K♠7♥J♠. The flop looked ominous for the Brit but it actually gave him more outs and one of those outs duly fell on the river to double Bansi up to 780,000.

1.15pm: Guinther gone
Benjamin Zemani opened for 105,000. Next to him sat Jimmie Guinther who moved all-in for about 500,000 from the cut off. The action was back on Zemani, sat bouncing in his chair, who called. 8♦8♣ for Zemani, 7♥7♠ for Guinther. The board ran: 2♦T♥6♣4♦9♥. Guinther out in 23rd place.

1pm: Back again
The players are back and cards are in the air once more.

12.52pm: Color up
I know we've just started, but now we've stopped again. The reason? We're at the end of level 25 and they are coloring up the yellow, 1,000 chips

12:50pm: Bentley crushed
Benjamin Zamani came in for a raise under the gun and Ryan D'Angelo re-raised from the button to 250,000. Wayne Bentley called from the big blind and Zamani came along for the ride. The flop fell 3♠8♣2♠. Bentley checked and Zamani led for 225,000. D'Angelo folded, but Bentley announced all-in. Zamani called and flipped over 2♣2♦. Bentley shook his head and tabled his J♣J♥.  The 6♣ and 7♦ on the turn and river did Bentley no good and he shipped 1,920,000 across the table to Zamani. Zamani is now over the four million mark. Meanwhile, Bentley is down to 700,000.


Wayne Bentley

12.45pm: No win for Nguyen
It finally happened, Kenny Nguyen moved all in. He was down to his last 159,000 and few suspected, after his finger nail journey through yesterday, that he'd wait any longer than the first hand of the day. It was about the sixth, shoving with Q♣T♣, seeming to throw his body into the middle as well. He then called for "one time."

Ryan D'Angelo was waiting. A mountain of chips in front of him, he peeling off an insignificant call and showed A♣T♦. "You're supposed to have nine-deuce there," said Nguyen. Instead he'd need help. Q♦6♦A♦ on the flop, 8♦ on the turn, then the 8♣ to end Nguyen's tournament in 24th place.


Kenny Nguyen

12.40pm: Early caution
A quiet start on the feature table, where they see only two flops in the first orbit. Thomas Koral won the first two hands, raising out of the small blind to take Praz Bansi's big, then three-betting from the button after Darren Keyes opened. Keyes called the 235,000 re-raise and the flop was Q♦J♦3♣. Keyes checked, Koral bet 325,000, and that was it.

Keyes got some back from Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie later. Duthie made it 100,000 from early position, Keyes called in the big blind. The flop came K♥[10d]K♠ which they both checked. The turn was J♦ and Keyes bet 140,000, which was good.

12.35pm: No Nguyen for Zamani
After winning the first hand of the day against Ryan D'Angelo, Benjamin Zahami had the button on the next and his sights on what was left of Kenny Nguyen's stack. He raised to 90,000. But before action reached Nguyen in the big blind Jimmie Guinther moved all-in for close to 900,000. An easy pass for Nguyen, who is still holding on. Zahami tanked but never looked like carrying on, mucking his hand.

12:28pm: Now we're shuffling
Cards are in the air.


Tournament area day five

12:15pm:Your chip leader
We've pieced together last night's party through a series of pictures we found on our camera (think The Hangover, but with fewer tigers). One of the photos was of our chip leader Ryan "g0lfa" D'Angelo...apparently really enjoying Kelly Rowland.


12pm: Play resumes
Well, not quite. The last of the 24 are having their pictures taken. Once that's done we'll be under way. There are still 15 minutes still on the clock in level 25, and they'll play that out and then go straight in to level 26 without a break.

11.30am: Noon kick-off
Play will start on day five at noon eastern time. Read the introduction to the day by clicking on this shiny red hyperlink. Or you can click here, or here. But not here.


The PCA winner's mansion