2010 PCA: Day 5, levels 27 and 28 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 5, levels 27 and 28 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, Simon Young and Marc 'The Conv' Convey.

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Level 27: 30,000-60,000-5,000
Level 28: 40,000-80,000-5,000

6:15pm: Haugen exits, final table set
Matt Haugen has just been eliminated. He was short-stacked all day long and needed a double up to get back in the game. He open-shoved with A♥6♦ and knew he was in trouble when Barry Shulman re-shoved. It was K♣K♥ for the Card Player magazine head honcho, a hand that held all the way. Haugen exits in ninth place for $150,000.


We now have our final table of eight set for tomorrow's noon re-start. We will have a full wrap-up in just a few minutes. Here are the official chip counts.

Ryan D'Angelo: 10,090,000
Tyler Reimen 9,350,000
Barry Shulman 6,805,000
Harrison Gimbel 6,000,000
Thomas Koral 5,370,000
Benjamin Zumani 3,700,000
Zach Goldberg, 2,040,000
Aage Ravn: 1,690,000

6.05pm: Cagey play
Play has really slowed down right now as happens so often at this stage of the tournament. After the money bubble this is the place that no one in their right mind wants to finish. The lure of a final table appearance at one of the world's most prestigious tournaments is enough to make event the most aggressive of players tighten up a little.

6pm: Oooooooh..... oh
Matt Haugen just moved all-in with A♥J♠ on the button for 835,000. Thomas Koral was waiting in the big blind and called with A♦J♦. Sit down everybody. The board came A♠Q♠K♥J♥9♥. A split pot.

5:55pm: Gimbel gets another million
Ben Zumani came in for a raise to 200,000 and got calls from both blinds, Harrison Gimbel and Barry Shulman. The blinds checked the 9♥6♣J♥ flop, and Zumani bet 280,000. Both Gimbel and Shulman called. All three players checked on the 3♥ turn. When the 9♣ fell on the river, Gimbel checked and Shulman bet out 500,000. Zumani folded, but Gimbel called, showing ace-jack. That was good enough for Shulman to put his cards in the muck.

5.50pm: Slow and steady wins the day
A steady start with nine players remaining. The only pot of note featured Benjamin Zamani opening for 180,000 and Tyler Reiman calling for a flop of Q♣4♥7♦. Both checked for a Q♦ turn which Zamani checked. Reiman bet 305,000 to take the pot. We play on.

5.31pm: Play resumes
After a short break, cards are back in the air.

5:21pm: Re-draw for final table complete
The players have re-drawn for seats. Eight Americans and one Norwegian are about to sit down to determine which eight will come back tomorrow to fight for the title.

Seat 1: Zachary Goldberg -- 2,540,000
Seat 2: Ryan D'Angelo -- 8,770,000
Seat 3: Matt Haugen - 1,215,000
Seat 4: Aage Ravn -- 2,280,000
Seat 5: Thomas Koral -- 5,350,000
Seat 6: Harrison Gimbel -- 4,840,000
Seat 7: Barry Shulman -- 7,275,000
Seat 8: Benjamin Zamani -- 3,490,000
Seat 9: Tyler Reiman --9,880,000

5pm: Keyes out
Darren Keyes has become our 10th place finisher. He moved all in for around 900,000 from under-the-gun and was looked up by Barry Shulman in the next seat. Classic race time as Keys opened A♦K♠ to Shulman's J♥J♠. The board ran out 3♥5♠2♣T♠T♦ to hand the pot to the reigning WSOPE champion.

Keyes qualified for 75FPPs and cashed out today for $150,000. That's quite a run.

All remaining nine players will now move to one table before we have our official final table of eight.


Darren Keyes

4.55pm: Ravn forces Shulman off
Barry Shulman opens for 240,000 and Aage Ravn moves all in for a total of about one million. In the next seat Harrison Gimbel looks interested, and asks for an estimate of Shulman's stack before passing. Shulman looked like he wanted to call, but he too tossed his cards in the muck.

4:50pm: Dimitri Hefter downed by the river
Dimitri Hefter was getting short and found what looked like the perfect spot. He got Q♥Q♣ all in against Harrison Gimbel's A♦J♦. The flop even looked pretty good when it came out 3♦2♠9♣. The crowd went "ooooohhhh" when the 4♦ came on the turn and opened up several more outs. And there it was on the river. The queen...of diamonds. Hefter left in elventh place, earning $130,000.

4.45pm: No flops here
We might've reached that stage of the tournament where the majority of play takes place pre flop. The evidence from our feature since we've been back from break certainly points in that direction. All five hands so far have been taken down with a solitary raise or in one case a three-bet bet shove.

4.20pm: Level over
That's the end of level 27. But stick here for level 28 in 10 minutes time.

4.20pm: Keyes unlocks Shulman
Barry Shulman and Darren Keyes had just got to a showdown, Shulman taking a checked pot with a pair of nines against Keyes' ace-queen. That was just a warm up though for the next hand. Shulman opened for 175,000 and Keyes moved all-in. Shulman called immediately, showing A♦K♥ while Keyes showed 5♦5♣, throwing in his coin card protector as well, as if it was aPokerStars Blog One Time Chip™.

The flop came 6♦6♠Q♦. Shulman began counting out chips to pay Keyes off. "Don't get chips out," said Keyes wanting to block any fate tempting. The turn came a 3♣ and the river a T♥. Keyes doubles up just before the break.

4.15pm: Big boats, small pot
Just before the break, Ryan D'Angelo and Tyler Reiman got involved in a small pot, even though they both had big hands. D'Angelo raised to 140,000 from the button and Reiman called from the big blind.

It came K♠J♣J♦ and they both checked. Then they checked the J♥ turn and the 5♥ river. Both announced that they had boats, but Reiman showed his pocket tens and D'Angelo mucked.


Ryan D'Angelo

4.10pm: Duthie crippled in savage pot
John Duthie's hopes of a final table place were all but ended by Tyler Reiman in the biggest post of the tournament. Duthie ended it with just 65,000 left, enough for a big blind and one ante, while Reiman became our new chip leader. And it was a horrible beat for Duthie. Ryan D'Angelo opened for his customary 140,000, called by Reiman. Duthie, however, made it 540,000. Reiman moved all in and Duthie insta called.

Duthie: A♥A♣
Reiman: Q♥Q♣

Just before the board came out, Duthie reached out to shake Reimen's hand. It was a kind gesture that would soon be poignant.

I think you can guess where this is heading. The flop came Q♠3♥6♣, followed by a K♦ turn and 7♠ river.

With that, Duthie counted out 4,880,000 of his chips and sent them Reiman's way. Duthie busted out two hands later, cashing for $130,000 in 12th place.

In pictures:


John Duthie pre-flop


Tyler Reiman sees the bad news


Duthie's chips go to Reiman


John Duthie: "C'est la vie."


Tyler Reiman's wall of chips

4pm: Zamani takes small chunk from Gimbel
Harrison Gimbel made it 135,000 under-the-gun and Benjamin Zamani called to his left, which kept Aage Ravn interested too in the big blind. The three of them saw a flop of 5♥J♦J♣ and after Ravn checked, Gimbel bet 170,000. Zamani called, Ravn folded and the K♥ came on the turn. Check, check. The river was A♥ and Gimbel tickled 80,000 at it Zamani looked quizzically at Gimbel and called. Gimbel showed 9♠9♣ but he'd been rivered by Zamani's A♠4♠.

4:00pm: Over on the feature table
Few hands getting to a flop on the feature table then suddenly things comes to life with the words "all" and "in."Ryan D'Angelo had opened for 140,000 and Matt Haugen raised another 355,000. Then D'Angelo spoke those electric words, bringing people to their feet. It was short lived excitement - Haugen quickly passing.

3.50pm: The calm
The number of huge stacks on the feature table is making it slow progress over there. Very few major pots are developing, with a three-bet or a continuation usually good enough to take down anything on offer.

Ryan D'Angelo raised to 140,000 from the hijack and Thomas Koral called in the small blind. The flop came 7♥4♥3♥ and D'Angelo bet 230,000. Koral folded.

John Duthie then raised pre-flop, making it 160,000, and taking blinds and antes. Then Matt Haugen made it 140,000 pre-flop and Tyler Reiman three-bet to 360,000, which got rid of Haugen.

Haugen was back in action on the next hand, however, finding a squeeze play from the small blind after Koral made it 140,000 and D'Angelo called on the button. Haugen moved all in for 1,835,000 and both opponents got out the way.

3:48pm: Three-way action
Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie started proceedings with an under-the-gun raise to 150,000 and saw both blinds call to see a 4♥T♠A♣ flop. All three players checked before Tyler Reiman led for 270,000 from the small blind after the turn came 4♦. Thomas Koral called from the big blind but Duthie moved out of the way. The river came 5♠ and this time Reiman bet 525,00 Koral tanked for a couple of minutes before callingm but mucked upon seeing his opponent's A♠Q♣.

3:40pm: Schulman fades draw, doubles up
Barry Shulman makes it 135,000 from the button, and Benjamin Zamani joins him from the big blind. The J♦9♦3♣ flop looked harmless enough, but things were about to get ugly.

Zamani checked, and Schulman placed a hefty 400,000 in the middle. Zamani wasted no time in moving all in, Schulman called. He was the man at risk.

Schulman: A♣J♠
Zamani: Q♦[10s]

Schulman had top pair and needed to dodge a queen, king or eight. The 4♥ turn and A♠ suited him just fine, and once his stack was counted, Zamani shipped him 2,155,000 of his chips.

3:37pm: Zamani the aggressor
Prior to Tolbert's elimination, Benjamin Zamani has been continuing to dominate the outer table. Aage Ravn raised to 150,000 from under-the-gun and Zamani made it 155,000 more. Ravn folded. On the next hand, Zamani raised to 145,000 from early position and Darren Keyes called to his left. The two of them saw a flop of Q♦[10h]3♦ and Zamani bet 150,000, taking it down.

3.36pm: Bo Schultz
The PokerStars qualifier from Denmark, who finished in 15th place for $100,000, chats to our video team....

Watch PCA 2010: Bo Schultz on PokerStars.tv

3:36pm: Nothing to see here
While the outer table was a hive of activity, with all in and bust outs, the feature table passed through six or seven hands of little note. Ryan D'Angelo likes to raise when John Duthie gets involved and as one of the massive stacks isn't shirking on getting involved, taking chips. Duthie himself took a pot from Tyler Reiman and Zachary Goldberg one from Matt Haugen.

Otherwise all square.

3:35pm: Tolbert's one time chip gambit fails

James Tolbert has departed - and even a pretty valid use of his PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™ couldn't save him. Tolbert made it 135,000 from early position and Harrison Gimbel moved all in from the big blind. Gimbel had Tolbert covered - in more ways than one. Tolbert called and showed J♣J♠ but Gimbel had a bigger pair: Q♣Q♠.

"One time?" said Tolbert to his rail. It was a touch quizzical, but it's a standard PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™ usage. However the magic didn't work this time. The board came 3♠Q♦7♦8♥2♥ to send Tolbert to the rail.

The manufacturers of the PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™ do not guarantee success.


3:28pm: Bad timing
Benjamin Zamani made it 135,000 from the button, and Richard Toth woke up with a hand, or so it seemed as he re-raised all in for around 680,000 more. Zamani did not like it, but made the call nonetheless. He'll be pleased he did, as Toth had air.

Zamani: 6♦6♥
Toth: 6♠5♣

Things looked bleak for Toth and the flop came A♥[10d]Q♠. "Split pot, split pot," pleaded hissupporters on the rail, who include fellow Hungarian and 20th place finisher Tamas Lendvai. The 4♥ turn put an end to those hopes, and the 4♠ river was irrelevant.

Toth takes home $115,000 for finishing in 14th.


3:20pm: Haugen's sevens hold
Action folded all the way around to Ryan D'Angelo in the small blind who moved all in. He was effectively putting Matthew Haugen (sat in the big blind) all in rather than making an over raise. Haugen made a quick call with 7♥7♠ and was in good shape against D'Angelo's A♦2♥. He stayed that way too as the board ran 3♦6♦3♥Q♣T♣ to double him up.

3:14pm: Trophy waiting
The PCA trophy is just sitting there waiting for someone to take it.


3:13pm: Gimbel back in business
Harrison Gimbel has doubled up. He raised to 135,000 under-the-gun and it was folded all the way round to Aage Ravn in the big blind. Ravn announced all in, comfortably covering Gimbel, and Gimbel snap called for his 1.5m stack. Gimbel: J♥J♦ Ravn: A♣4♥ The flop gave plenty of hope to Ravn: 5♦8♠7♣ but the 9♥K♣ on turn and river were good only for Gimbel. He's now back to about 3 million.

3:06pm: Schulman firing
Barry Schulman has been busy, three hands in quick succession. The first against Aage Ravn ended with him folding to a re-raise on the flop. The next forcing Zachary Goldberg to pass when he made it 350,000 on a board of 8♦J♣K♠5♠, and then against Ravn again, re-raising him pre-flop forcing Ravn to fold.

2:59pm: Bo Schultz elimnated
There seems to be no stopping Ryan D'Angelo. He just came in for a raise to 120,000. Bo Shultz came over the top all-in for 650,000. D'Angelo made the easy call with K♣K♦. Shultz, way behind with A♠K♥ couldn't catch an ace or miracle board. He is out in 15th place for $100,000.


2.47pm: Level up
Into level 27. Blinds 30,000-60,000 (5,000 ante). Here's a picture of John Duthie...


John Duthie