2010 PCA: Day 6, level 30 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 6, level 30 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Howard Swains and Brad Willis.

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Level 30: 60,000-120,000-15,000

3.25pm: Level over
That's the last meaningful action from that level. Our chip counter has scurried to count the chips and that will appear here in a moment. Ah, here it is:

Tyler Reiman - 18,840,000
Harrison Gimbel - 11,680,000
Barry Shulman - 6,300,000
Ryan D'Angelo - 5,115,000
Benjamin Zamani - 4,585,000

Players, meanwhile, take a 15-minute break.

3.15pm: Gyre and Harrison Gimbel
Harrison Gimbel raised to 275,000 pre-flop and attracted Ben Zamani and Ty Reiman to see [10d]9♦7♠ come out. Zamani checked, Reiman bet 420,000 and Gimbel called. Zamani got out the way. The turn was 9♠, which they both checked, and the river was 6♥. Reiman checked and Gimbel bet 1.1 million at it. Reiman called, but mucked when he was shown Gimbel's K♣8♣ for a rivered straight.

3:12pm: "Sickest value bet ever!"
Those words from the rail after Ben Zamani came in for a raise, Ryan D'Angelo re-raised to 575,000 and Zamani called. Both players checked the 9♥3♦4♣ flop. On the 9♣ turn, Zamani bet 375,000 and D'Angelo called. The river brought the king of diamonds and a 575,000 bet from Zamani. D'Angelo called and Zamani turned over A♦5♥. D'Angelo? Well he had Q♣6♣. Ace-high good.

3.05pm: And now for something completely different...
Random? Yes. Good? Certainly. Here's Team PokerStars Pros Chris Moneymaker and Jose Barbero fighting it out in a Sumo wrestling match. Round three is a classic...

Watch PCA 2010: Sumo: this time its personal on PokerStars.tv

3pm: Also known as "Playing the board"
Ryan D'Angelo just picked up a nice chunk from Barry Shulman with a river bluff. D'Angelo made it 275,000 from the cut off and Shulman called in the big blind. The flop came [10d]6♦J♣ and Shulman bet 800,000, which D'Angelo called. The turn was the 6♠, which both players checked, and the J♥ came on the river. Shulman checked and D'Angelo bet 850,000. Shulman mucked and the announcer said: "Ryan shows eight nine off." Which is also known as playing the board.

_MG_9866_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Barry Shulman

2.50pm: This. Is. A. Monster.
Aage Ravn out in sixth, winning $450,000

Here's what happened. Barry Shulman raised under-the-gun, making it 300,000. Ben Zamani, to his left, moved all in for his last 1,450,000. Aage Ravn announced that he was all in, and Harrison Gimbel asked for a count of that! He was told it was about three million, and Gimbel announced that he was now all in, covering them all. Shulman got out the way, open folding ace-ten, so we had a three-way all in.

Gimbel: J♣J♦
Zamani: 8♣8♥
Ravn: A♣Q♣

The flop was great for Benjamin Zamani. It came 5♣8♠7♦ and he went sailing into the lead, although his was the shortest stack. Ravn now needed an ace or a queen to win the side pot, but the turn and river were 2♠ and 6♦, which weren't good enough. Ravn was eliminated, Zamani tripled up and Gimbel took a chunk too. Phew.

_MG_9703_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Aage Ravn, out in sixth

2.45pm: Reiman's kings
Tyler Reiman is playing extremely well here, but he's also getting some hands. He just re-raised out of the small blind after Ben Zamani button raised. When everyone folded, Reiman showed his pocket kings.

2.40pm: Shulman shoved out by Reiman
Tyler Reiman raised. Yes, he's doing it a lot. But this time Barry Shulman reraised to 800,000, which was 510,000 more that Reiman's opener. Reiman went into the tank but then announced that he was all in. Shulman folded.

_MG_9881_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Tyler Reiman

2.35pm: Just a set, Ty?
Tyler Reiman raises to 275,000 under the gun and it's a similar story to last time: he gets called by Aage Ravn, Harrison Gimbel and Ben Zamani. The board comes J♠6♠9♥ and it's checked to Ravn, who bets 400,000. Reiman calls. The turn is [10s], checked. And the river is Q♦ which they both check too. Reiman shows pocket sixes for a flopped set of sixes. Ravn, with A-9, slithers out of the trap.

2.30pm: Check-raising Reiman
Ty Reiman raises to 280,000 in early position and three players call: Ryan D'Angelo and the two blinds, Harrison Gimbel and Barry Shulman. The flop is 2♥3♦8♠ and neither Gimbel, Shulman or Reiman show much interest, prompting a bet of 470,000 from D'Angelo. Gimbel and Shulman leave well alone but Reiman makes it 1,320,000 and the check-raise is good for it. D'Angelo folds.

2:23pm: Zac Goldberg eliminated in 7th place ($300,000)
Ty Reiman came in for a raise to 280,000 and Zach Goldberg moved all-in for 1,530,000. Aage Ravn then moved all-in over the top for more than 3 million. Reiman folded and we saw the cards on their backs.

Ravn: A♠Q♦
Goldberg: T♠T♦

The only thing the flop changed was the number of outs Ravn had to win. It came out 8♥J♠K♥. Ravn now had a gutshot draw to go with his overs. One of those overs, the A♥, came on the turn. The 7♠ on the river did Godberg no good and he went out in seventh place for $300,000.

_MG_7507_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Zach Goldberg, 7th place, $300,000

2.15pm: All in Aage again
Ben Zamani raises to 240,000 under-the-gun and three others match it: Aage Ravn, on the button, and Harrison Gimbel and Barry Shulman in the blinds. The flop comes 4♦9♠6♦ and after Gimbel and Shulman check, Zamani bets 580,000. Ravn insta-shoves and the three ensuing folds come very rapidly indeed. Ravn wins.

2.10pm: Play resumes
It certainly does. The full chip counts are over there on the chip count page. And they're also right here:

Tyler Reiman - 15,320,000
Harrison Gimbel - 8,685,000
Barry Shulman - 7,130,000
Ryan D'Angelo - 6,520,000
Benjamin Zamani - 3,830,000
Aage Ravn - 3,265,000
Zachary Goldberg - 1,815,000

That means that Reiman is still out in front, so he gets his picture on the blog:

_MG_9694_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Tyler Reiman