2010 PCA: Day 6, level 33 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 6, level 32 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Howard Swains and Brad Willis.

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Level 33: 120,000-240,000-20,000

8:45pm: Harrison Gimbel wins 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
Ty Reiman came in for a raise to 620,000 and Harrison Gimbel re-raised to 1.8 million. Reiman did not take long before announcing he was all-in. Gimbel asked for a count. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of ten million. Gimbel shrugged and called.

Gimbel: T♥T♣
Reiman: 8♦8♣

Reiman's crowd did not give up. They screamed for their one time. The flop, T♦ 6♦ 2♥ did not deliver. Still they screamed for the one time. In fact, they needed it twice. Reiman needed runner-runner to get there. And there on the turn was the 8♥. And now the cries for the one time came like spring hail storm. It was not to be. The J♠ fell on the river and Harrison Gimbel became the newest PCA champion, winning $2.2 million. Reiman's runner-up finish $1,750,000.

_MG_7825_Neil Stoddart.jpg

8.35pm: Small one for Gimbel
Reiman came in for his standard 600,000 pre-flop raise and Gimbel called. They saw a flop of 7♥J♦5♠ and Reiman bet 800,000. Call. The turn Q♥ was checked (they always check the turn) and on the river of K♥, Gimbel's bet of 2,100,000 forced a fold out of Reiman.

Approximate counts:

Tyler Reiman: 9 million
Harrison Gimbel: 36 million

8.30pm: Slowdown

We've entered a brief period of slowdown as Reiman seeks a spot to haul himself back into this, while Gimbel simply tries to consolidate his lead. There have been no pots of more than about 1,200,000.

_MG_0080_Neil Stoddart.jpg

8.20pm: Chopping
This is a weird one - and another chopped pot. Ty Reiman raises to 600,000 and Gimbel calls. The flop came 2♣7♠2♦ and Reiman bet 825,000. Reiman called. The turn was another deuce: 2♥ and this time Gimbel check-called a bet of 1,850,000. The 3♣ came on the river and soon all the chips were in the middle. Gimbel checked, Reiman shoved and Gimbel called. It was seven-eight versus jack-seven - they had the same boat and split it. On we go.

8:13pm: Gimbel gets him, again...but with what?
Ty Reiman made it 520,000 to go and Harrison Gimbel called. Gimbel check-called a 630,000 bet on the 5♦6♥4♥ flop. The T♣ hit on the turn and Gimbel again check-called, this time for 1.8 million. The 7♥ came on the river. Gimbel again checked. Reiman bet out 4.2 million. Three seconds later, Gimbel announced, "I'm all-in." Reiman didn't think long, and mucked a seven and eight face-up. He'd flopped the nuts and had to fold on the river. Gimbel now has around a 3-1 chip lead on Reiman.

8.10pm: Does that four-twenty bet mean something?
The pre-flop raise is usually around the half-million mark, and so it was when Gimbel did so and took them to a flop of A♦Q♥7♠. Check, check. The turn was 5♣. Check, check. And the river was 8♥. Reiman stabbed 420,000 at that one -- this is his signature bet, and is usually greeted by knowing sniggers from his rail. Gimbel called out of curiosity. He was shown Q♠4♠ by Reiman and that was good.

8:05pm: Gimbel going in same direction
Harrison Gimbel just took more than two million of Ty Reiman. Gimbel rasied to 600,000 pre-flop and Reiman called. Reiman check-called Gimbel's 800,000 T♠3♥5♦ flop bet. Both players checked on the 5♥ turn. When the J♣ came on the river, Gimbel bet 1,110,000 and got the call. His T♦7♣ was good.

8pm: First big pot
Harrison Gimbel just took over the chip lead. He opened with a raise to 600,000 and Reiman made it 1,675,000. Gimble called. The flop was 2♦A♣8♥ and they both checked, but this was the calm before the storm. The 7♠ came on the turn and Reiman check-called Gimbel's bet of 2,200,000. The river was 3♠ and Reiman now check-called a bet of 4,700,000. Gimbel showed A♦5♥ and Reiman mucked.

With that, Gimbel went up to about 28,000,000 with Reiman down to about 17,000,000.

7.50pm: Level up
We're into level 33 and the chip counts are remarkably similar to what they were when we started heads up play. That is:

Tyler Reiman -- 27,265,000
Harrison Gimbel -- 18,255,000

Here's your chip leader:

_MG_9895_Neil Stoddart.jpg