2010 PCA High Roller: Day 1, level 7 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1, level 7 of the $25,000 High Roller brought to you by Marc Convey and Simon Young.
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Level 7: 400-800 (100 ante)

1.20am: That's a wrap
That's all for day one of the high roller event. A wrap of today's events will be with you shortly. Meanwhile head over to the chip count page for the full official overnight chip counts.

1.00am: Last six hands of the day
As is customary at EPTs these days the clock has been stopped and a random card pulled out to determine how many more hands will be played out. You've probably worked out from this post heading that the number in six more hands.

12.50am: Dangerous two-pair
We'd reached the turn stage of the hand and Nick Shulman was heads-up with an opponent and facing a 5,500 bet that he took a while to consider before calling. Both checked through the 2♦ river and Shulman revealed Q♦T♦ for the pot.

12.40am: Taking on two Team Pros
Kevin Saul raised and found callers in the shape of Team PokerStars Pros Dario Minieri and William Thorson before the flop came 7♦8♥4♣. Action checked around to Thorson on the button who bet 6,200. Only Saul called to see the 4♠. Check-check. It was the same deal on the 2♠ river and after Saul announced no pair Thorson opened 5♥5♠ and took the pot.

12.30am: Naujoks takes it
Sandra Naujoks has been moved on to the mad table - Minieri etc. On a 6♥4♦9♥2♣ board, Minieri bets 9,300, Naujoks bumps it up to 25,000 and Minieri lets it go.


Sandra Naujoks

12.25am: Double up for Brown
Chad Brown doubles through Mike Matusow. It's all in pre flop...

Brown: A♠K♥
Matusow: [10h][10d]

The flop is grim for Brown, coming 3♦5♠9♥, but the A♥ turn did the trick. The 8♦ river kept him ahead and he shoots up to around 50,000 once more. Matuso slips back to 65,000.

12.20am: Marafioti found
The owner of the stack left untouched all day has shown up. Turns out Matt Marafioti was running deep in the $5,000 NL side event, busted tenth and then came and sat down at the high roller. He had about 33,000 left from his 50,000 starting stack.

12.15am: Alex Gomes busts
Team PokerStars Pro Alex Gomes is out. He made it 2,000 under the gun, was re-raised by Kevin Saul, and then moved all in for around 25,000. Call! Gomes had 7-7, Saul A-A and that improved to a full house on the K-8-4-4-A board.

12.10am: Last level of the day
This will be the last level of the night. We started with roughly 84 players (still to be confirmed) and already we're down to 57. For a $25,000 four-day event, that's a pretty sharp fall. Here's a picture of Peter Eastgate...


Peter Eastgate