2010 PCA High Roller: Day 1, levels 1 and 2 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1, levels 1 and 2 of the $25,000 High Roller brought to you by Marc Convey and Simon Young.
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Level 1 and 2: 150-300

610pm: Break
That's two levels down and the players are taking their first break of the day. Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri looks to be our chip leader on over 110,000

6.05pm: Mercier climbing back
After losing that huge pot to Ton Kleijnen earlier, Jason Mercier is trying to climb back up the ladder. He got around 3,000 extra betting 3,125 on the [10c]K♥6♠4♦ board and forcing Alex Kostritsyn to fold.

5.55pm: Shulman 2 - Lacay 0
Just from the evidence we've witnessed today Nick Shulman is getting the better of his neighbor Ludovic Lacay. The river had already been dealt in the latest hand between the two giving us a 7♦7♣Q♣9♥K♣ board. Lacay checked to Shulman who bet 7,000 before the Frenchman bumped it up to 21,000. Shulman thought for a few minutes being tossing in the extra chips for the call. Lacay was forced to show T♠8♠ for air and Shulman's flush with 8♣T♣ was easily good enough for the pot.

Shulman up to 83,000 as a result, Lacay down to 16,000.

5.45pm: Greenstein busted
Barry Greenstein is out in the second level of this High Roller. Having lost three quarters of his 50,000 starting stack a little earlier to John Duthies rivered flush, he has now lost the rest to Justin Smith.

Smith explained: "The flop came K-10-3 with two diamonds and he check-raised me all-in. I had [10d]8♦ so made the call and I think he had 4♦6♦. The turn was a 4 and the river was 2♦ so I made the higher flush."


Barry Greenstein

5.40pm: "That was typical"
Former world champion and Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer makes it 725 and is re-raised by former world champion and Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate, who makes it 2,175.

Raymer folds, saying: "That is the first time I have raised with a hand that would not have called a -re-raise with. So typically I got raised," he joked.

5.35pm: Neu, Neu, Seiver
On a 7♥Q♥7♠ flop, Pierre Neuville made it 2,400. Scott Seiver fancied his chances and re-popped to 6,400 - but was then met with another raise of 15,000 from Neuville. Seiver then realised he was probably behind and got out of the way.

5.30pm: Late arrival followed by quick double-up
Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson was one of the late arrivals here today. We can't blame him for being late though as he took down the $5,000 PLO championship late last night. He wasted no time on getting his chips in the middle though. The turn was out reading 9♥8♥3♦5♠ and Thorson got the last of his 45,000 remaining chips in and found his opponent calling the bet for most of his own stack.

Thorson tabled 6♣7♣ for the nut straight and his opponent turned over the heavily drawing T♥7♥. The river came 8♦ and Thorson up to around 90,000.

5.15pm: Mercier crippled
Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier is down to his last few thousand after losing this monster again Ton Kleijnen from Holland. It was actually Daniel Negreanu who started it off, opening for 800 before Kleijnen made it 2,100 and Mercier bumped it up even more to 5,725. Negreanu ran to the hills, but Kleijnen called.

On the K♦8♥J♣ flop Mercier checked, Kleijnen made it 10,000 and Mercier called. But on the 6♦ flop it kicked off - Mercier checked, Kleijnen moved all in for 34,000 and Mercier went deep into the tank. Eventually he made what looked like a crying call:

Kleijnen: K♣K♠
Mercier: A♦K♥

Kleijnen's set of kings was a mile ahead and the 8♣ river changed nothing. Kleijnen is up to 96,000, Mercier down to 4,000.


Jason Mercier

5.10pm: Gomes gains
Alex Gomes makes it 700 and he gets a call from ElkY on his left and also from the big blind. On the 3♠6♦3♦ flop, Gomes wastes no time in firing out a 1,600 continuation bet, and that's enough to take the pot.

5.05pm: Seiver takes a small one
Scott Seiver and Daniel Negreanu check down the A♣3♠J♦9♥2♦ board, and Seiver's [10c][10d] is good for a few thousand extra chips.

5.05pm: Duthie takes huge pot off Greenstein
Barry Greenstein is down to 9,000 after losing a monster again fellow Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie. We did not see the hand, but Duthie explained: "I hit a pair with a flush draw and made my flush on the river. Barry may have had a set or flopped a straight."

That little coup sent Duthie up to 84,000.

5.00pm: Champ throwing his weight around
The pot opened with a raise to 800 from Isaac Baron in the cut-off before Jani Sointula three-bet to 2,600 from the button. Team PokerStars Pro Joe Cada then four-bet to 8,200 from the small blind causing Baron to fold. No such action from Sointula though as he raised again to the value of 19,700. Cada looked across at his opponent with a confused look before moving all in. It did the trick as Sointula folded.

4.50pm: Man down
A player, who we didn't get the chance to get the name of, has become out first casualty. He lost most of his stack in a 100,000 chip pot with Vivek Rajkumar. There was an early position limp that Rajkumar treated with a raise to 1,400. One flat call came before our un-named player four-bet to 10,000 from the small blind. The original limper folded before Rajkumar moved all in for around 45,000 total. The other player involved folded before out friend made the call.

Rajkumar opened A♠A♣ to his opponent's Q♠Q♦ and the board ran out K♦4♣5♠5♦4♣.

4.40pm: Smith boosts stack
Justin 'Boosted J' Smith wins a tidy pot from William Reynolds. On the 6♥A♥8♠ flop Smith makes it 5,400 and Reynolds calls. On the 3♦ turn Smith makes it 12,700 and Reynolds calls. Both slow down and check the 7♦ river.

Smith: A♦K♦
Reynolds: 8♥9♥

Smith's top pair is good and he moves up to a stack of 74,000

4.36pm: Negreanu small ball
On a 5♦4♦9♥ flop, Daniel Negreanu makes it 1,550 and gets rid of Pierre Neuville. That's enough for the man from Belgium who gets out of the way.


Daniel Negreanu

4.35pm: Minieri v Spindler
This is not an unusual situation. You walk up to a table, and see chips out in front of Dario Minieri. He's always betting, or so it seems. On a [10c]9♠3♣ flop, he's put out 3,700. Benny Spindler calls. On the 2♦ turn Minieri checks then calls Spindler's 5,850. On the K♣ river it's Minieri who takes the initiative, betting 12,800, forcing Spindler to the fold.

4.30pm: First all in
Justin Bonomo is awarded the title of the first player to get his entire stack in the middle. He was up against Christian Harder and there was around 50,000 already in the pot as the action reached the river with an A♠7♠8♠K♠T♣ board showing. Harder checked to Bonomo who moved his last 25,000 over the line. Harder thought for a few minutes before letting it go.

4.20pm: Early action
It hasn't taken long for some of the players to start mixing it up. As I approached one table I saw Ludovic Lacay's 2,200 bet being raised to 7,000 by Nick Shulman in next seat. They were sat in the blinds and the board read 4♥9♣5♥4♠. Ludovic made the call to see the 4♠ river but check-folded to Shulman's 14,000 bet.

4.15pm: Shuffle up and deal
Cards are in the air.

4.10pm: Not ready yet
Play was scheduled to start at 4pm, but our high-rolling friends are still turning up to take their seats. When they do start, blinds will be 150-300 and they will enjoy one-hour levels. Among those playing are John Duthie, dumped from the event yesterday in such a cruel fashion. Hold tight.