2010 PCA High Roller: Day 1, levels 5 and 6 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1, levels 5 and 6 of the $25,000 High Roller brought to you by Marc Convey and Simon Young.
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Level 5: 200-400 (50 ante)

12.00am: Last break of the day
15 minute break and then we play one more level before finishing for the day. You wanna read that level? Then head on over to the level seven post.

12.00am: New chip leader
Dmitry Stelmak has just gone on a heater and won two big pots to claim the chip lead with 240,000.

Firstly he took most of Justin Smith's newly acquired chips when both rivered a full house but the Russian had the bigger one.

Just a few hands later he eliminated Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie in a monster pot. The turn was already out giving us a 3♠6♣A♦Q♣ board and Stelmak saw his 11,100 bet raised up to 30,500 by Duthie. Call. The river came 7♠ and when Stelmak checked Duthie quickly moved all in for 49,500. Stelmak took a short while and made the call.

"One pair" announced Duthie. It was no good though as Stelmak opened A♠6♠ for two-pair and the pot.

11.56pm: Paging Matthew Marafioti
A stack has been sitting without an owner since the tournament began today. lt has been blinded down to around 36,000, and according to the ticket next to it the owner is Matt Marafioti.

11.55pm: Smith ups
Bill Edler makes it 1,600 and is called by John Duthie, but Justin Smith makes it 5,300. Both call and the three see a K-10-4 flop. Now Duthie makes it 7,200 and only Smith called. Bothy checked the K turn and on the Q river Duthie check called Smith's 15,500 bet. Smith had K-Q for the boat, Duthie mucked.

11.50pm: The egg came first
If you've ever wondered what came first, the chicken or the egg, Greg Raymer has the answer. He's been explaining to the table that it must be the egg, which through some mutated DNA would have hatched what was become known as a chicken. At least I think that's what he said.

11.40pm: Minieri v Petersen
ElkY opens for 1,500 and gets called by Jan Petersen in the small blind and Dario Minieri in the big. All three check the 3♥2♣A♠ flop. On the [10d] Petersen checks, Minieri bets 3,600, ElkY folds and Petersen calls. On the 2♦ river Petersen checks calls Minieri's 15,500 bet and is horrified to be shown A♦[10s] for two pair. He mucked A♦J♠.

11.35pm: Cada catches
World champion Joe Cada's just taken a nice chunk out of fellow Team Pro Andre Akari's stack. The flop read 8♠7♦6♥ and Cada saw his 3,200 bet raised up to 8,500 by the Brazilian. He made the call before both checked through the 8♥ turn. The river came 2♥ and Akari called his opponent's 15,850 bet. Cada showed K♥9♥ for runner-runner flush and Akari mucked.

11.30pm: Mercier's regret
Alexander Kostritsyn opened the pot with a raise to 1,600 from the cut-off that Andrew Lichtenberger called from the button before Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier three-bet to 8,500. Kostritsyn folded but Lichtenberger raised again. Mercier had another 28,000 back and the raise was large enough to cover that. Mercier made the call for his tournament life with K♦J♦ but was dominated by his oppoenent's K♣Q♦. The board ran 6♣3♠7♣5♠8♣ to send the former EPT London High Roller winner crashing out.

A little while ago Mercier spoke to our video team here in the Bahamas. Here's what he had to say about his poker career so far...

Watch PCA 2010: Jason Mercier on PokerStars.tv

11.25pm: Still busy
Dario Minieri busted Hafiz Khan to send his stack up to 220,000.

11.20pm: The busy table
Over on what is certainly the busiest table in the room, three players see the Q♣3♥J♦ flop - and all check. On the K♥ turn Hafiz Khan bets 3,300, Dario Minieri calls and ElkY gets out of the way. On the 5♣ both Khan and Minieri check - and the Italian's Q♥6♦ is good enough to take the pot.

ElkY is down to around 21,000, and if he's going to repeat his win in this event last year, he's going to have to do it the hard way.



11.15pm: Harder out
Christian Harder has been spotted walking away from the tournament room. His seat his empty. He is out.

11.10pm: Matusow with chips
Mike Matusow, who has been talking non stop (loudly) since play began, is up to 80,000 after busting plauer when his K-K filled a boat on a 10-9-10-J-K board. "I never get hands like that in a tournament. Never," he claimed.

11.06pm: Thorson wins some back
After doubling him up earlier William Thorson has taken some of those chips back off Hafiz Khan. Four players saw a 6♣9♠A♣ flop that was checked by one and all. Thorson then bet 2,700 after the turn came 3♦ and Khan was the only caller. Khan then check-called a 4,400 bet on the J♣ river but mucked upon seeing the Swede's A♦7♥.

11.00pm: Pro battle
Team PokerStars Pro John Duthie has taken a little chunk out of fellow Pro Peter Eastgate's stack. Eastgate called and Duthie bet on the turn and then led out on the river for 6,000. Duthie called and his 8♠5♥ was good for two-pair on the 9♦7♥5♠8♥4♠ board.

10.50pm: Blind battle
Kevin Saul and Chad Brown were in the blinds and heads-up. Saul bet 1,700 after the turn had been dealt to give the board a K♦6♠3♦4♠ look. Brown called and then bet 3,100 after Saul checked to him on the 9♦ river. Saul called very quickly and took the pot with his K♥J♥ as Brown mucked.

10.45pm: Negreanu's pot
Daniel Negreanu and Pierre Neuville check the 9♦6♥3♣ flop. On the 3♥ turn Neuville bets 1,300, called by Negreanu. The 7♦ river slows down Neuville who checks, letting Negreanu seize the initiative and bet 2,500 to take the pot.

10.40pm: Eastgate means business
On a J♦Q♥Q♣J♥ board, John Duthie checked, fellow Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate makes it 4,500 - and then Duthie re-popped to 10,000. Call. On the 6♦ river, Duthie made it 15,500 but now Eastgate moved all in for his last 36,500. Duthie got out of the way, adding: "Nice hand."

10.35pm: Being patient
While some tables, notable the one involving Minieri, Thorson, ElkY, Spindler, Gomes and Khan, are thrashing chips around like this is a turbo event, others are playing more patiently.

Team PokerStars Pro Sandra Naujoks, for example, is biding her time on a table that has Poorya Nazari as its main mover. Naujoks is currently on around 50,000.

10.25pm: The anti-climax
On a board showing 7♠5♣J♦K♣, Justin Smith checked, Greg Raymer made it 600 and Smith bumped it up to 2,100. Call. The river was 8♦ Smith put out 6,000, Raymer moved all in, Smith called!

But before we got too excited and counted the stacks to find our eliminated player, the cards were displayed.

Raymer: 9♣[10s]
Smith: 9♦[10d]

Both players had the same nut straight, and it was chop, chop.


Greg Raymer

10.25pm: Justin just out
Justin Bonomo just walked past a pal telling him: "I just busted." We have to take his word for it - Bonomo is out of here.

We're still waiting for the official runner numbers. But a little bird tells me it is likely to be 84.

10.20pm: Nearly sniffed out
Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier nearly called all in thinking his opponent, one Pierre Neauville, was bluffing. Mercier had bet 9,100 when Neauville and Andrew Lichtenberger check to him with the board reading T♣7♠2♠8♣. Only Neuville called before betting 30,000 on the 8♦ river. It was the amount that Mercier had left and after a long deliberation he folded.

Neauville asked the table if they wanted to see his hand and then showed A♠K♠ for a bluff. Mercier said he nearly called with a pair of sevens.

10.05pm: Thorson loses three in a row
Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson has just lost three pots in a row and has dropped back to 48,000 as a result.

The first lot of chips went to Benny Spindler. Thorson called a turn bet of 1,575 and a river bet of 4,200 on a T♥T♦3♠6♠5♣ board. Spindler tabled K♥T♠ prompting the Swede to muck.

The next lot went to fellow Team Pro Alex Gomes. Thorson raised and then called the Brazilian's three-bet to see a 5♣7♦J♦ flop. Both checked before Thorson check-called a 3,600 bet on the A♠ turn. The river fell 9♠ and Thorson let it go after facing an 8,000 bet when he checked once more.

Hafiz Khan was the third player to benefit from the Swede's chips. He moved all in for 12.075 on a T♦9♦8♣ flop and was called by Thorson. Khan tabled A♥K♦ to Thorson's Q♣Q♠. Khan then out-paired Thorson when the K♠ came on the turn.

9.55pm: Level 5
Welcome to level five. We expect it last for one hour. Here's a photo of Joe Cada. Today.


Joe Cada