2010 PCA High Roller: Day 2 level 10 & 11 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 2, levels 10 & 11 of the $25,000 High Roller brought to you by Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.
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Level 10: 800-1,600 (200 ante)
Level 11: 1,000-2,000 (200 ante)

4.25pm: Phillips misses a trick
It's the last hand before the break and as all the players drift away, only Carter Phillips and Dmitry Stelmak remain seated. Four cards are out: [10d]K♦3♣9♣ and there's about 40,000 in the middle. Phillips checks and Stelmak checks behind and they see a 5♠ on the river. Phillips checks again and Stelmak pauses momentarily, before checking again.

That check is like a dagger to the heart of Phillips, and he looks ruefully skyward as he exposes A♦A♣. It looks as though Phillips had been carefully laying a trap that the Russian simply refused to spring.

That's the end of that level. We're taking a 15-minute break before level 12.

4:14pm: Andre Akkari eliminated
Down to his last 30,000 or so in chips, Andre Akkari had been making frequent use of his invisible all-in button. He wasn't getting called time and again. Finally, it happened when he pushed with A♦9♦ and Greg Raymer woke up with A♣Q♣. Raymer hit his queen on the flop. The turn opened up a diamond draw for Akkari, but he didn't get there.

_MG_0274_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Andre Akkari in 2010 PCA High Roller

4.13pm: Richey poorer
Paul Berende has more than doubled up, taking the majority of the chips from Brett Richey. The Dutch player limped under the gun, Dmitry Stelmak called from the cut off and Adolfo Vaeza made up Richey's big blind. But the American accepted his option to raise, making it 8,000. Berende then shoved for about 50,000 and it was folded back to Richey, who snap called.

Richey: A♣K♣
Zahmat: 9♥9♦

A race, in other words. The board flew out 5♥6♠8♠2♥4♠ leaving Zahmat punching the table with joy. He's back north of 100,000.

3.58pm: Bust out #2
Moments later we lost another. This time Shawn Buchanan accounted for a player who's identity will be confirmed shortly.

3.55pm: Bust out #1
On a J♠2♠2♦ flop Greg Raymer makes it 10,000 and Poorya Nazari moves all in for around 30,000. Call.

Raymer: Q♥Q♦
Nazari: A♣J♣

The turn was 2♣ and the river 6♠ meaning a bigger full house for Fossilman.

3:50pm: Brown out
Chad Brown has just been eliminated after pushing his final 31,000 chips in the middle. Play folded around to Alex Brenes in the big blind. He woke up with pocket eights. They were ahead of Brown's A♦9♠. Brown didn't catch and went out in 33rd place. Players are now breaking down to four tables.

3.40pm: Ah, maybe fourth pair can be good
It's not a massive pot, but it's a pretty good call from Isaac Baron to pick up some chips from Vivek Rajkumar. The board was out all the way to river: 4♠6♠7♣A♣Q♠ and Rajkumar bet 15,500. Baron didn't tank too long before calling and Rajkumar showed J♣K♠ for king high. Baron showed 8♦6♣ for fourth pair and it was good.


Vivek Rajkumar

Rajkumar is no longer the chip leader - although not only owing to that tiny pot. The main reason is that Michiel Brummelhuis raked in a monster against Lisa Hamilton taking him to about 350,000.

3:33pm: Better than third pair required
When you shop at Minieri & Co., shirt nor shoes are required. However, if you do plan to do business with the young Italian, best bring at least third pair to the register.

A few minutes ago, Greg Raymer and Dario Minieri went heads up to a flop for 4,600 apiece and saw 3♥6♦4♠. Raymer led for 6,000 and Minieri called. On the T♦ turn, Raymer check-called a 12,600 bet from Minieri. The river, 9♣ was another check-call affair, this time for 25,000.

Minieri showed K♠6♣ (third pair for those keeping score). And it was good.


3.35pm: Rajkumar licks Lykov, leads
Vivek Rajkumar is now the clear chip leader after eliminating Max Lykov. Rajkumar flopped a full house with his pocket jacks - the board was 2♦-2♠-J♣ - and check-called Lykov's bets all the way to the river, where they got it all in. Lykov mucked and departed; Rajkumar is the first to pass 300,000.

3.33pm: Reynolds doubles through Minieri
The dealer left it until the river to save William Reynolds' skin. On a 9♣8♦6♣ flop the money went in, and Reynolds was the man at risk.
Reynolds: A♣K♣
Minieri: 7♠7♣
The turn was 2♦ but the river was J♣, filling up flush for a relieved Reynolds.

3.30pm: Marafioti all-in
Lisa Hamilton makes it 3,500, Matt Marafioti makes it 8,100, but then Govert Metaal makes it 21,100 from the button. Hamilton folds but Marafioti dwells for an age, so long that the clock is called. But around half way through his allotted one minute he announces: "All in." Metaal quickly folds.

3:26pm: Payouts released
The PCA High Roller prizes have been announced. Sixteen players will walk away with at least $41,160. The winner will pocket $576,240.

3:25pm: Pierre Neuville eliminated
Shortstacked Pierre Neuville has just been eliminated when his K♦Q♦ couldn't outrun Michiel Brummerlhuis' A♥Q♣ all-in pre-flop.

3:15pm: Level up
We're on to Level 11 and 1,000-2,000 (200) blinds.

3.10pm: Champ on the ropes
Joe Cada is on a downward spiral, but with William Thorson, Tobias Reinkemeier and Carter Phillips, among others, for company, these things can happen. However, the main recent beneficiary from Cada's demise has been the Costa Rican player Alex Brenes. Here are a few hands from that table:

Thorson raised to 4,100 from the cut off and Reinkemeier called from the small blind. The flop was 2♣Q♦J♦ and they both checked. The turn was 3♥ and Reinkemeier led for 5,700, which got rid of Thorson.

_MG_0249_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Tobias Reinkemeier

Reinkemeier was at it again on the next hand, raising from the button to 4,000. Chad Brown, the table short stack, moved all in for about 31,000 from the small blind. Reinkemeier folded.

The Brenes show began on the next hand. Thorson limped from mid position and Brenes made it 4,000 from the cut off. Cada called from the small blind, which persuaded Thorson along for the ride. The flop was 2♦2♣Q♠ and Cada bet 10,000. Thorson folded, but Brenes called and they saw a 2♠ turn. Cada slowed down, checking, and Brenes bet 14,000. Cada called. The river was 6♥ and Cada this time check-called Brenes' 27,000 bet.

Brenes showed K♦Q♥ and Cada opened Q♦[10d]. "Chop it up," said the Team PokerStars Pro.

_MG_0256_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Joe Cada

On the next hand, Cada button raised and Phillips made it 7,400 more from the small blind. Cada was forced to let it go. And perhaps he wishes he folded sooner two hands later, when Brenes was back at his throat.

Cada made it 5,000 from the hijack and James Calderaro called on the button. Brenes also came along from the big blind. The flop was Q♣8♠Q♦ and Brenes checked. Cada bet 6,200 and once Calderaro had got out of the way, Brenes raised to 20,000. Cada called.

The turn was A♦ and Brenes checked again. Cada led for 23,300 and Brenes re-raised, making it 50,000 straight. Cada didn't take too long to muck and Brenes was plainly delighted with the result. He flipped 5♣5♥ for what was a bluff, but quite possibly a bluff with the best hand.


Alex Brenes

Reinkemeier has the most still on that table - about 260,000 - while Cada is down to about 40,000.

3:04pm: The Matusow Monologue
For the purposes of this report, please assume all instances of the f-word have been changed to the word "fudge."

It looked like one of those pots that would be decided in 30 seconds and then on to the next hand. Mike Matusow raised in early position to 5,000 and Dario Minieri re-raised to 9,600. Both players checked the 2♥7♦6♦ flop and the 4♣ on the turn. On the 7♥ river, Matusow bet 15,000, leaving himself around 80,000 behind. Minieri announced, "All in." It was enough to cover Matusow's entire stack.

Matusow got up on his knees and stacked his remaining chips into one tower. Then he commenced the following monologue (long periods of shifting, standing, running around his chair, and using unconcious streams of profanity have been redacted).


Mike Matusow in the tank

"Pretty big raise, Dario. Would you believe I have two kings right here? Can anybody fold two kings to Dario on a re-raised, check, check, check, check? I don't think I can fold this this. I'm going to need about ten minutes, guys. Would you really do that, Dario? Would you really check it twice with the diamond draw out there? Against a normal human being, I would fold this. You all would have beat him in the pot a long time ago. I should have beat him in the pot a long time ago. Fudge. Fudge me. He knows I'm smart. They say when it makes no sense, you're supposed to call."


Mike Matusow still in the tank

Just about at that moment (a good seven minutes into the speech), Pooyra Nazari, last year's Main Event champion, called the clock on Matusow. The Mouth didn't wait one second to flick his cards in the muck. Minieri's cards stayed face-down as they went into the muck.

"If he was bluffing, he would have shown it," Matusow said. "He knows it would have pushed me off the deep, deep, deeping fudging end."

As if to make the situation all the more perfect, Juan the tournament director threw a rack at Matusow. He was getting taken to another table.

"You're moving me right after that?" Matusow screamed. "Are you fudging kidding? Are you on crack?"

Juan, with a straight face, said, "I knew you were going to say that."

2.47pm: Zahmat gives up another
On a 3♦A♦K♣2♣ board, Sandra Naujoks checks, Bijan Zahmat makes it 5,000 but Naujoks re-raises to 15,000. That was enough to persuade him it was best to give it up. Naujoks continues her slow-but-steady chipping up process.

2.45pm: Lykov's pot
Max Lykov call's Bijan Zahmat's pre-flop re-raise and they see a 3♠4♣4♦ flop. Both check, but on the 8♣ river Lykov bets 12,800 after Zahmat's check and that's good for the pot.

2.35pm: Making his Stelmark
Dimitry Stelmark has taken over the chip lead here. His neatly stacked pile of chips are worth more than 260,000.


Dimitry Stelmark

2:28pm: That whole live poker thing
As, Mike Matusow and Lex Veldhuis went heads up to a flop, Matusow said, "You got two eights down there?"

Veldhuis, "If I had two eights, I would raise."

The flop fell T♦7♥[8♦.

"Now I really hope you have two eights," Matusow said. Then he checked, and Veldhuis checked behind.

The 8♣ came on the turn.

"Now Mike's going to have to make his straight flush," Greg Raymer quipped as Matusow threw out 11,000.

Veldhuis looked up. "Are you doing that whole live poker thing where you say I have two eights but you actually have two eights? Very tricky." Then he called.

The river was the 7♠. Matusow again made it 11,000 and Veldhuis snap-called. Matusow rolled over K♥K♠. Veldhuis flashed queens.

"I said eights," Matusow said, "but I actually thought jacks or queens."

That's the whole live poker thing for you.

2.25pm: Back
We're back from the break. Play is beginning again. He's in:


William Thorson stares down Joe Cada, foreground