2010 PCA High Roller: Day 3, levels 18 and 19 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 3, levels 18 and 19 of the $25,000 High Roller brought to you by Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.
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Level 18: 6,000-12,000 (1,000 ante)
Level 19: 8,000-16,000 (2,000 ante)

9:31pm: Is this it? No.
And so you can tell, we've not been leaving the final nine much in the last half an hour, due entirely to the fact the bubble has not burst. For the past ten minutes or so, we thought that just might happen. It began when Tobias Reikenmeier uncharacteristically limped from the button into a pot. Matt Marafioti checked his option in the big blind. By the time they reached the river, the board read J♠[T♦4♦2♦K♠ and Marafioti bet 25,000. Reikenmeier put him all-in. Marafiotti slammed his remaining chips on the table in front of him and pretty much told the table he was holding deuce-four for the turned two pair. The clock ticked into the next level as Marafiotti talked himself through the hand. Finally, he folded and showed deuce-four. Reikenmeier did not show. We're now up to the next level

9.07pm: Naujoks v Brummelhuis
Sandra Naujoks makes it 35,000 from the button, and Michiel Brummelhuis calls from the big blind. On the 6♦5♠[10s] flop Brummelhuis counts out 40,200 and moves it over the line. Naujoks wastes no time moving all in - and Brummelhuis is even quicker to fold.

9pm: Chip leader aggression
There was a chance we were looking at the end of the day - and the end of Dmitry Stelmak's tournament. But it wasn't either of those things. William Reynolds came in for a raise to 27,000 in the cut off and Michiel Brummelhuis called on the button. Stelmak squeezed from the small blind, making it 106,000 and Reynolds quickly folded. Brummelhuis was not so easily edged out and he now made it 300,000, which is more than Stelmak has in his stack. The Russian thought and thought and thought, checking clock, stacks, cards, etc., and ruefully shaking his head. Eventually he folded to fight another day, but he's now among the shorties.


8.38pm: Molson doubles
Will Molson doubles through Sandra Naujoks, who had called his 28,000 pre-flop bet. On the 6♥Q♦J♦ flop, Naujoks checked, Molson bet 42,000, Naujoks moved all in, and Molson called.

Molson: A♠Q♠
Naujoks: [10h]J♥

The 5♦ turn and 4♦ river kept things the same. Molson was all in for a total of 281,000 and now moves up to more than 550,000.


8:30pm: Brummelhuis broken
Oh, no, he still has all his chips. No worries there. But upon return from his break, Brummelhuis's spirit was broken. The reason? Well, the Dutchman wears a pair of blue-framed fashionably-questionable sunglasses just about everywhere he goes. Minutes ago, those sunglasses broke and Brummelhuis's mood went with them.

"I'll probably bubble," he said.

"I think you should just leave," William Reynolds said.

The TD offered duct tape, but Brummelhuis just shook his head. This could end in tears.


810pm: Counts

The chip counts at the break are as follows:

1 Adolfo Vaeza - 496,000
2 Sandra Naujoks - 468,000
3 William Reynolds - 349,000
4 Michiel Brummelhuis - 860,000
5 Dmitry Stelmark - 433,000
6 Will Molson - 336,000
7 Tobias Reinkemeier - 711,000
8 Lisa Hamilton - 325,000
9 Matt Marafioti - 162,000

8.07pm: Level up
It's the end of another level and the players are taking a 15-minute break.

8.05pm: Hamilton doubles
Lisa Hamilton doubles through Tobias Reinkemeier. He had bet $25,000, she moved all for a total of $162,000, and after a dwell the German called.

Hamilton: A♣Q♠
Reinkemeier: A♥[10h]

The board ran safe for Hamilton, coming J♠J♦3♣2♣6♦.


Tobias Reinkeimer and Lisa Hamilton

7.55pm: Still nine
We're so near but yet so far. The two short stacks, Matt Marafioti and Lisa Hamilton, are doing what they're supposed to do: shove and either double up or bust, but no one is taking them on. We're creeping towards the moment that a dinner break had been scheduled, although it seems likely they'll play until we lose one more.

7.25pm: Reynolds again!
It's another William Reynolds double up. This time it's folded around to him in the small blind and he shoves - insta call from chip leader Michiel Brummelhuis in the big blind.

Brummelhuis: [10d][10c]
Reynolds: A♥Q♦

The board ran K♥5♠4♦3♠Q♣, so the dealer left it until the river to save Reynolds' neck.


William Reynolds celebrates doubling up to stay alive

7.20pm: Short stack double up
William Reynolds made his obligatory all in shove pre-flop, and feared the worst when Lisa Hamilton snap called. She had Q♥Q♣ and Reynolds comforted himself with the knowledge that: "I have an overcard." He showed K♥J♠ and that overcard was good on a flop of 9♥K♣4♥. The turn and river were J♦ and 5♣ and he doubles up, leaving Hamilton now in trouble on around about 100,000.

7.10pm: Redraw
Here's how they shape up as we wait to lose one more player:

1 Adolfo Vaeza
2 Sandra Naujoks, Team PokerStars Pro
3 William Reynolds
4 Michiel Brummelhuis
5 Dmitry Stelmark
6 Will Molson
7 Tobias Reinkemeier
8 Lisa Hamilton
9 Matt Marafioti

7.05pm: Brenes busted in tenth
Alex Brenes has busted in tenth, defending his big blind in customary fashion. It was folded around to Tobias Reinkemeier in the small blind who made it 32,000. Brenes announced he was all in, and after a count it was 126,000 more. He called.

Reinkemeier: A♦9♠
Brenes: K♦6♥

The board ran 6♠A♠9♣9♥6♦ - an emphatic full house for the German, and Brenes was out, receiving $56,995.

7pm: Return
We're back with nine players, and William Reynolds is a micro-stack.


William Reynolds