2010 PCA High Roller: ElkY returns to defend his crown

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgAs if the PCA main event final table and the start of the PokerStars World Cup of Poker VI were not enough to feast on, we're now about to serve up yet another dish. A very rich one at that. This, readers, is the $25,000 High Roller, a nose-bleed event only for those with very deep pockets, or for others who may perhaps have a cavalier disregard for their smaller bankroll.

Last year a certain gentleman called Bertrand Grospellier, that's ElkY to you and me, walked off with the title and a tasty $433,500 prize after a heroic final table battle. That was some result, coming one year after winning the PCA main event itself back in 2008.



ElkY's back again this year to defend his championship, and from the names we've seen registered so far he'll be up against some stiff opposition - but then you'd expect nothing less from a High Roller field.

Some of those who have already coughed up the $25,000 include Joe Cada, the current WSOP champion, and his fellow Team PokerStars Pros John Duthie, Barry Greenstein, Humberto Brenes, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier, Peter Eastgate, Andre Akkari, Lex Veldhuis, William Thorson, Alex Gomes, and Dario Minieri.

We also hear that Roland de Wolfe and Danny Smith will play, together with Pierre Neauville, the PokerStars player who came second at EPT Vilamoura a month or so ago, who has managed to satellite his way in to the this event.

To match the larger buy-in players will be given a larger stack from normal. 50,000 chips to start and one hour levels to navigate through.

Others will follow as the clock ticks slowly toward the 4pm (ET) start time. In the meantime, you can continue to enjoy our PCA main event final table coverage, brought to your computer by grizzly reporting veterans Brad Willis and Howard Swains, or our World Cup of Poker VI coverage, a speciality of news hound Stephen Bartley.