2010 PCA: Level 28 & 29 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 6, levels 28 and 29 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Howard Swains and Brad Willis.

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Level 28: 40,000-80,000-5,000
Level 29: 50,000-100,000-10,000

1:51pm: Break time
Players are on a 15-minute break. Here are their counts:

Tyler Reiman - 15,320,000
Harrison Gimbel - 8,685,000
Barry Shulman - 7,130,000
Ryan D'Angelo - 6,520,000
Benjamin Zamani - 3,830,000
Aage Ravn - 3,265,000
Zachary Goldberg - 1,815,000

1:50pm: D'Angelo gets more than a little back from Gimbel
Ryan D'Angelo came in for a raise and Harrison Gimbel pushed all-in. All-in? Really? Yes, all-in. While Gimbel had a lot in front of him, the amount in front of D'Angelo was down to 2,800,000. D'Angelo called.

D'Angelo: A♥T♦
Gimbel: 9♦9♣

It very well could've been that our two-day chip leader would be out in seventh. Instead, what's that? A ten in the door? Indeed. The board ran out 2♦3♦T♣7♠4♦ and D'Angelo doubled.

1.45pm: A couple of flops; not much action
Ben Zamani and Ryan D'Angelo go to a 4♥Q♦[10c] board after D'Angelo defended his big blind to Zamani's late position raise. D'Angelo checked, Zamani bet 280,000 and D'Angelo folded.

On the next hand, Aage Ravn and Ty Reiman went to a 7♠8♦K♠ board and Ravn check-raised Reiman's 120,000 bet to 360,000. That took it.

1.40pm: Video interlude
Our video team caught up with Team PokerStars Pros Vicky Coren and Gavin Griffin, who talk about their PCA, John Duthie's cruel exit yesterday, and the food here in the Bahamas...

Watch PCA 2010: Vicky Coren & Gavin Griffin on PokerStars.tv

1.35pm: All round aggression
Ryan D'Angelo opened for 230,000 from under-the-gun and Harrison Gimbel three bet to 570,000. Ban Zamani now found a four bet, making it 1,030,000, which only Gimbel called. The flop came 3♠3♣2♦ and Gimbel checked. Zamani bet 750,000 and Gimbel moved all in over the top. Zamani insta-mucked.

1.25pm: D'Angelo can't been Gimbel
Ryan D'Angelo raised to 230,000 in early position and Harrison Gimbel called. The flop was 3♥8♦2♦ and D'Angelo bet 280,000, which didn't get rid of Gimbel. He called. The turn was 4♦ and they both checked. And they also checked the 2♣ river. Gimbel showed 5♦5♠ and D'Angelo mucked.

1.20pm: Ganging up on Gimbel
Ben Zamani has now taken some more out of Harrison Gimbel's stack. Gimbel raised to 250,000 pre-flop and Zamani called in position. They saw 2♦[10s]2♥ and Gimbel check-called Zamani's 230,000 bet. The turn was 6♦; check, check. And the river was 5♣ and Gimbel led for 105,000. Zamani wasn't impressed by the small bet and made it 300,000. Gimbel let it go.

1.15pm: Reiman continues upward
Harrison Gimbel raised from mid position and Tyler Reiman called on the button. The two of them were alone to a flop of 5♠K♠9♥. Gimbel led for 325,000 and Reiman called. The turn was 3♥ and Gimbel slowed down, checking. Reiman fired 560,000 and Gimbel gave up. Another one for Reiman.

1.10pm: Reiman
Here's your new chip leader
_MG_9696_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Tyler Reiman

1:03pm: Thomas Koral eliminated in 8th place ($201,300)
In a cooler reminiscent of the hand that crippled John Duthie yesterday, Ty Reiman just sent Thomas Koral to the rail. Reiman came in for a raise, Koral re-raised, Reiman four-bet to 1,220,000, Koral moved all-in for 4,880,000 and Reiman called. Yesterday, Reiman held queens against Duthie's aces. Today, Reiman had the aces.

Koral: Q♥Q♣   
Reiman: A♥A♦

Yesterday, Reiman spiked his queen. Today, he avoided one on the 6♣T♣6♦J♣K♥ board.  

Reiman has now taken over the chip lead and Koral is out in 8th for $201,300.

_MG_9731_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Thomas Koral, first man out

1pm: Koral takes another nibble from D'Angelo
Ryan D'Angelo raised from the button -- 120,000 -- and Thomas Koral called in the big blind. The flop came 3♠4♠J♦ and Koral check-called D'Angelo's 225,000 bet. There was no further betting on the 7♣ turn or the A♣ river. Koral's J-6 took it as D'Angelo mucked.

12.45pm: Chip movements
Zac Goldberg opened under-the-gun and Ryan D'Angelo, to his left, made it 550,000 total. I've a feeling this three-betting will be a feature. This time Goldberg let it go as D'Angelo sets to work trying to build that stack back up after the accident against Gimbel.

Aage Ravn doesn't have such luxury. He open shoved for his last 1,800,000 soon after and picked up blinds and antes for another round.

12:41pm: Your new chip leader: Harrison Gimbel
It took less than 15 minutes of play, but we've seen a monster pot that cut one of Ryan D'Angelo's legs out from udner him. D'Angelo came in for a raise and Harrison Gimbel re-raised to 650,000. D'Angelo wasted no time re-raising to 1.3 million. Gimbel pushed all-in for 5,085,000 and D'Angelo called with barely a moment of thought. The hands:

Gimbel A♦K♦
D'Angelo J♣J♠

The flop 3♥Q♥A♠ dashed the D'Angelo's hopes. "Nice hand," he said. The turn and river, A♣ and K♣ were no better for the man known as "g0lfa." Gimbel now has more than 11 million chips and a firm hold on the chip lead.

_MG_9767_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ryan D'Angelo

12:39pm: Blinds up
We're now on to Level 29, 50,000/100,000/10,000.

12:38pm: Reiman gets a little one
On a flop of 7♦ 8♦ A♣, Thomas Koral checked, Ty Reiman bet 310,000, and Ryan D'Angelo folded, Koral called. On the turn, 5♦, Koral checked and Reiman checked behind. The K♣ came on the river. Both playrs checked an d Reiman showed K♦T♣ for the win.

12.36pm: Happy smiling faces
They're happy now, but that's because they haven't seen their dreams go up in a cloud of smoke. Is that too pessimistic? I'm only kidding. Here are your final table players:

_MG_7448_Neil Stoddart.jpg

12.34pm: One for Shulman
They go three-way to a flop: Harrison Gimbel opens for 180,000 from early position; Barry Shulman and Ryan D'Angelo call. The flop comes A♠5♦7♥ and after Gimbel checks, Shulman bets 300,000, which is enough to end the other players' interests.

12:30pm: Zamani gets Gimbel
f this pace keeps up, this will be fun. Harrison Gimbel made it 180,000 pre-flop and Ben Zamani called in position. The flop came 4♠5♦7♦ and Gimbel fired 215,000, which Zamani called. The turn slowed them down, each checking the 7♥. On the 9♣ river, Gimbel checked but Zamani bet 290,000. Gimbel went into the tank for a good long while, but eventually called and was shown [10c][10h] by Zamani. Gimbel mucked.

12.20pm: All in Aage There was action straight away as Zac Goldberg opened for 180,000 under-the-gun on the very first hand, and Aage Ravn moved all in over the top. His all in was 1,690,000 - the shortest stack - but he got it through. Everyone folded.

12:20pm: About to start
Player introductions are underway. We should be in action soon.

12:01pm: Final table player profiles
If you haven't been following along up to this point and would like to know more about the final table players, feel free to see our 2010 PCA final table players page.

11:57pm: Final table about to begin

And so the day is upon us. It's final table time: eight down to a winner of the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

Over the coming hours -- anywhere between five and 12 by most estimations -- we will discover who will join the list of champions of the Caribbean, joining the elite club that includes Gus Hansen, John Gale, Steve Paul-Ambrose, Ryan Daut, Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier and Poorya Nazari. There's also the matter of $2.2 million for that winner.

These are the contenders:

Ryan D'Angelo, USA, 10,090,000
Tyler Reiman, USA, 9,350,000
Barry Shulman, USA, 6,805,000
Harrison Gimbel, USA, 6,000,000
Thomas Koral, USA, 5,370,000
Benjamin Zamani, USA, 3,700,000
Zachary Goldberg, USA, 2,340,000
Aage Ravn, Norway, 1,690,000

And the good news for enthusiasts is that there's a lot of play there. We return to the action in the middle of level 28, where the blinds are 40,000-80,000.