2010 PCA: Day 1A, level 3 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1A, level 3 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 100-200

3.25pm: Three to the flop
On a flop of 2♣2♥K♥ Ilya Gorodetskiy and Huck Seed played out a hand, with a third player getting out of the way on the Q♣ turn. They all checked the flop and Gorodetskiy made it 1,000. Seed called for a 3♥ on the river. Check-check. T♣K♣ for Gorodetskiy, good for the pot.

3.20pm: Glantz chipping up
With three players still in and four cards exposed - [10h]7♠Q♥5♦ - Elia Ahmadian bet 2,500 and Matt Glantz was the only caller. The river came 9♥ and Ahmadian checked. Glantz bet about 4,500 and Ahmadian folded with a chuckle, showing Q♦J♥. Glantz nodded his appreciation, but did not return the compliment and pushed his cards to the dealer face down.

3.15pm: A set for Luske
Marcel Luske and his opponent checked the 8♣3♠4♠ flop, and on the 6♦ Luske made it 1,000. Call. The K♣ river saw more action from the Dutchman, 2,000 this time, and again he was called. He was a mile ahead with 4♦4♥ for the flopped set, and moves up to around 32,000.

Two pair no good
Steve Paul-Ambrose, the Team PokerStars Pro who won this event back in 2006, thought his A♦Q♥ was good on a tricky-looking A♥Q♠[10c]J♥7♠ board. But his 3,800 bet on the river was called by a player who showed him J♦J♠ for the set. That set the Canadian back to around 29,000.

3:05pm: Cocktails!
Moments ago, we spotted the smiling face of Eric Levesque and he was exactly where we should've expected to find him: at the side of a waiter. We first met Levesque in Playa Conchal, Costa Rica where he spent as much time ordering drinks as he did playing. Both worked out well for him. He ended up finishing fourth there for $45,221.

2:55pm: Random draw strikes again
Hey, listen. We're not ones to question the laws of randomness and all, but a table on the other side of the room is just begging for an investigation.

See, a few years ago, we noted that Germans George Danzer and Jan Heitmann tend to run together. If you see one, it's pretty common to see the other. Usully, though, in a tournament of this size, there is at least a few tables between the two buddies.

Today, they barely have three feet. From where Heitmann is sitting, he can literally smell Danzer's afternnoon snack (a banana, for those of you keeping score). Somehow the two German buddies drew the exact same table today. Fortunately, we know them to be both fair and honorable people, so they will play each other as tough as they will play the other opponents.

Still, this randomness thing needs some work.


Heitmann's view of Danzer

2.50pm: No nonsense Neuville
On a board of 3♠A♠T♦3♣ Maurizio Locatelli made it 3,250 from the button which Pierre Neuville check-called or a 3♦ on the river. Now Neuville lobbed out 3,700, turning the tables on Locatelli who passed.

On the other side of the room Ivan Demidov was busy building a big pot with Claudio Baptista. On a flop of 2♣T♣K♠ Demidov made it 2,450 from the big blind which Baptista called. With a 9♣ turn card Demidov thought over his next move as Baptista, a big boy from Brazil, stared at him. The Team PokerStars Pro made it 5,150 which Baptista called for a 4♥ river card. Demidov took his time again, pushing all in. That's enough staring, Baptista passed.

2.45pm: Moneymaker downed
Chris Moneymaker is out. As he was seen departing the tournament room, the question had to be asked:
"Chris, are you out?" said some chump reporter.
"Yes," came the gracious reply.
"Can you tell me what happened?" I the chump reporter asked.
"I had a really [insert four letter word here] day."
Moneymaker was decent enough to fill in a few more details. Down to his last 6,000, holding K-10 and looking at a board of 10-8-8, one opponent bet 1,100, Moneymaker moved all in and ran into A-8. That was that.


Chris Moneymaker

While Moneymaker will be sorely disappointed, he can take some comfort in the the fact that everyone here at the PCA loves him. Here's what folks had to say to our video team...

Watch PCA 2010: Pokerpinions: Chris Moneymaker on PokerStars.tv

2:30pm: Looking for a million, again
In the back corner of the Imperial Ballroom, a table of five players sits off far away from the main action. One man wears a priest's collar. One woman is kicked back with her feet up on a chair. On the rail is a familiar face, and a brand new millionaire.

That man is Mike Kosowski, winner of the PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge. As you might have heard, Kosowski beat Daniel Negreau last month and won a million bucks. He's here to play in the PCA Main Event, Day 1B.

Meanwhile, five other finalists from the show have appeared here as well. Father Andrew Trapp, Sgt. Denny Luna, Tracy Nguyen, Brian Barboza, and the kicked back Bobbie Graham.

As we write, the five are playing a short-handed live SNG. Whoever wins will end up playing in Day 1B tomorrow.

"This is great for these guys," Kosowski said.


We met Kosowski last night as he passed the time at the PokerStars party while waiting for his family to arrive on Paradise Island. He's still beaming after taking down the million and now he's ready to do well here.

"Gotta stay positive," he said.

We'll let you know how the SNG finishes up.

2:25pm: Back in action
Players are back in their seats and playing at 100/200.

2:20pm: Break time
Players are on a brief break. We still have six more levels to play today. Among our current chip leaders is Barry Greenstein, who reports his stack at 65,000.