2010 PCA: Level 32 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 6, level 32 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Howard Swains and Brad Willis.

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Level 30: 80,000-160,000-20,000

7:47pm: Moving on up
This level is over. We're moving the blinds up.

7.40pm: Lots of action, not much chip movement
The first flop of heads up play earns a small pot for Ty Reiman. Harrison Gimbel raised to 500,000 pre and Reiman called. The flop was Q♣8♣4♥ and Gimbel bet 600,000. Call. That was the last betting though as both the turn 2♥ and river J♦ was checked. Gimbel said that he had nothing and Reiman showed his 4♣5♠ to take it.

On the next hand they get to a turn card with the following four out: 8♠A♣2♦2♠ and it all kicks off. Harrison bets 600,000 and Reiman adds another million. Harrison tanked but came out with a re-raise, making it 3,600,000 (a raise of two million). Call. The river is 7♠ and Gimbel is first to act. He announces all in. Reiman asks for a count - he's serious about this one - and the dealer tells him he'll have to find another 11,990,000 of his stack to call. He does call.

Ah, it's a chop. Gimbel has 2♥4♥ and Reiman 2♣3♣. That's a mighty anticlimax.

7:28pm: Time to get going
We're back in our seats and ready to play some heads-up poker.

6.25pm: Dinner break
The TV crew needs some food, so we all get an hour's break before heads up. When they return, these will be the stacks:

Tyler Reiman: 28,265,000
_MG_0035_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Harrison Gimbel: 17,255,000
Harrison Gimbel.jpg

6.22pm: Barry Shulman out in third, winning $1,350,000
Barry Shulman's short-stack water torture is over. He moved all in pre-flop with Q♣[10s] and Gimbel called from the big blind with A♥9♦. Shulman has managed to double up on more than one occasion, but not this time. The flop came 5♥3♣6♠ and although the turn had paint on it: J♦ it wasn't the right kind. The 7♣ on the river sent him to the rail.


Barry Shulman

6.10pm: Shulman stays alive
Ty Reiman raised to 420,000 and Barry Shulman moved all in for his last 2.5 million. Reiman called.

Reiman: A♦[10c]
Shulman: K♠Q♣

Shulman was behind and facing elimination, but the flop was kind. It came [10h]K♣6♥. The 8♠2♦ on turn and river completed another double up for Shulman. "Another couple of those and we're back in business!" whooped Shulman's supporters.

6:04pm: Barry bluffin'?
Ty Reiman came for in for a raise to 420,000 (...), and Barry Shulman called. On the A♥[6d9♠ flop, Reiman led for 540,000, Shulman raised to 1.6 million, and Reiman moved all-in. Shulman folded. This opens the door to a lot more raises to 420 by Mr. Reiman.

6pm: Reiman straightens out Gimbel
The short-stacked Barry Shulman must be loving this. Tyler Reiman and Harrison Gimbel are continuing to mix it with one another. Reiman made up Gimbel's blind and the flop was 4♣6♣5♦. Gimbel bet 250,000 and Reiman called. The turn was 4♦ and both players checked. (Checking the turn really is the new black, isn't it.) The river was 8♣ and Reiman bet 680,000. Gimbel called, but was beaten. Reiman showed 9♠7♠ for the nine-high straight, better than Gimbel's eight-high version.

5.50pm: Shulman doubles to four million
With only two million left, Barry Shulman didn't have much option but to shove any ace. So he did when he found A♥4♠. Tyler Reiman called with K♠J♠ and the board brought a huge sweat for Shulman: [10s][10d]5♠. Reiman missed all of his outs through turn and river, though. The next two cards out were 4♥Q♥ and Shulman doubles.

5:44pm: Ben Zamani eliminated in 4th place ($1 million)
Ben Zamani and Harrison Gimbel have been at each other all day. Today, they just had their final flip. It came when Zamani opened for 400,000, and Gimbel moved all-in. Zamani had 5,715,000 in front of him and thought for a good three minutes before calling. The hands:

Zamani: A♥T♦
Gimbel: 8♣8♥

The drama was short lived when an eight came in the door on a 8♠5♠6♥. We got a little excitement back on the 7♣ turn. The J♣ on the river was of little consequence and Zamani, the last PokerStars qualifier in the bunch, was out in fourth for a million bucks.

_MG_9972_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Ben Zamani, 4th place, $1,000,000

5.35pm: Shulman shoves
Barry Shulman moved all in pre-flop and got no takers. It's his only option at the moment, with he and Benjamin Zamani the short stacks against the two monsters.

5.30pm: Reiman flushes Gimbel
Tyler Reiman makes up Harrison Gimbel's big blind and Gimbel checks his option. The flop is 7♦4♥7♥ and Reiman checks. Gimbel bets 200,000, which Reiman calls, and they see a A♣ turn. Then is gets messy. Reiman checks, Gimbel bets 500,000 and Reiman raises to 1,420,000. Call. The river is 8♥ and Reiman fires 1,750,000 at it. Gimbel seems reluctant, but makes the call, announcing that he has an ace. Reiman shows J♥6♥ for the rivered flush and takes it.

5:22pm: Level 32...the end
It's actually just the end of the published blind structure. It's likely to go on a bit longer than the next hour.
_MG_7471_Neil Stoddart.jpg