2010 PCA: Level 5 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1A, level 5 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 150-300-25

5:30pm: New chance for a million
A little earlier, we mentioned there was a private SNG going on in the back of the room made up of people who played on the PokerStars Million Dollar Challenge. These were the people who were not million dollar winner Mike Kosowski.

Just moments ago, Brian Barboza took down the SNG. His win gets him a $10,000 seat in the PCA Main Event. The man from Massachusetts won $100,000 on the Million Dollar Challenge. Now he has a chance to win a lot more.

Congrats, Brian.

5.30pm: Get in touch
PokerStars blog is an interactive service. Sort of. We're not the most technological of folk but we do have an email address and welcome your comments. It's a massive field here in the Bahamas and with so many PokerStars qualifiers in the house, we're certain that plenty of you will be trying to follow their progress from home. If there's anyone you'd like us to take a look at, don't hesitate to get in touch at blog@pokerstars.com and we'll see what we can do. Please let us know as many details as possible about your friend/family member and we can grab a picture of them and write a paragraph or two about their progress. It keeps it interesting.

We actually received an anonymous tip to that address a moment or two ago, which read: "Remember Kris Kuykendall in 2008? His parents were on the rail with their fingers crossed while he took down 3rd for $800,000. Well guess what? Mom is playing today and Kris is on the rail. Tami Kuykendall is the name and is from Cincinnati, Ohio. Go Girl."

We do indeed remember the Kuykendalls in 2008 and have just tracked down Tami. She looks something like this.


Tami Kuykendall

Go girl. And go all you out there in cyberspace. Send us other stories like this one if you have them.

5.20pm: Neuville busted by Negreanu
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu continues to build his stack. First he bet 1,600 pre-flop and got three callers. On the 2♣9♣5♣ flop he continued with a 3,600 bet - and that was enough to see off everyone else. That, as he helpfully told me, put him up to 78,000.

Then he accounted for the PokerStars qualifier from Belgium, Pierre Neuville, who got it all in pre-flop with 7-7 but found himself up against Negreanu's pocket kings. The board ran Q-J-2-9-3, and that was that. Negreanu now up to nearly 90,000.

5.15pm: Duthie back in the hunt
A short while ago John Duthie was below 10,000 and joking that he'd like us to pretend he was on more than 30,000 on our chip count page. Well, now he really is on more than 30,000, thanks to a nice double up.

With the flop showing 7♦3♠J♠, he faced a 3,075 bet from Danny Illingworth. After a bit of a dwell, the Team PokerStars Pro moved all in for 11,400 more. Call!

Duthie: K♣J♣
Illingworth: 4♠5♠

Duthie was ahead, but he needed to avoid another spade - or a six, which would fill Illingworth's straight. In the event, the turn was 8♣ and the river 3♣, making a flush for Duthie.

5.10pm: Minieri lays the trap, victim escapes
Dario Minieri is the go-to guy for action and he duly delivered on a recent visit to his table. He called a pre-flop raise to 750 from the big blind and was one of two players to see a flop of [10d]K♣7♣. He checked, the pre-flop raiser bet 1,000 and Minieri called. The action slowed down on the J♠ turn. It went check-check. And then they also both checked the river of 8♦. Minieri indicated that it was his opponent's duty to reveal his cards first, and he obliged, tabling a pocket pair of deuces. "I didn't want to slow-roll you, I just wanted to see what you had," Minieri said as he showed Q♥9♦ for the rivered straight. His opponent lost the minimum, while Minieri added to his stack of about 68,000.

5pm: Deeb hits the rail
The PokerStars passport winner Shaun Deeb has given himself close to the maximum amount of time to enjoy the Bahamas. He ran into aces and is out.

4:53pm: So long, Sulaiman
We just wandered back to check on LAPT Playa Conchal champion Amer Sulaiman. Our mission was aborted upon finding his chair empty. His former tablemates confirmed the Iraqi-born Canadian coffee exporter is no longer with us.

4.50pm: Collopy checks out
Nothing tends to phase Jim "Mr_BigQueso" Collopy: not a missing flip-flop and not even an early elimination from the PCA - both of which he has today. "What happened?" I asked. "Ah, don't worry about it," said Collopy with a smile and a handshake as he made his barefoot way out of the tournament room. I guess we'll never know the circumstances of the elimination, but let's take his advice and not worry.

4:39pm: We have a winner
Congratulations to AlCan'tHang for guessing who said: "My nickname in college was Rambo. You don't know the movies? They were made when you were babies."

His answer: "Raymer. Or Maridu, but probably Raymer is more likely."


4.34pm: Van den Bijgaart falls
Joep van den Bijgaart came shuffling over to media row with the look of a man about to describe the circumstances of his own death. So it proved. "I had jack ten suited on the button," he began and then related a story of two spades flopping - as well as a nine and an eight - and some suspicious seeming check-min-raising from a solitary opponent. By the time they got it all in on the river, Van den Bijgaart had made his flush. But so had his opponent. And his opponent's was king high. Van der Bijgaart departs.


4:35pm: Halfway through
As we prepare to enter the fifth level of the day, the Day 1A players are now halfway through their quest to make it to day 2. The blinds remain the same, but now we have a very exciting 25 ante.