2010 PCA: Level 6 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1A, level 6 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 200-400-50

6.40pm: That's the level
Players depart for another break, the last of the day. They return for level seven in 15 minutes.

6.35pm: All action on Raymer's table
It's all kicking off on Greg Raymer's table, which he shares with Katja Thater and Daniel Kelly.

First Raymer bet 1,000 under the gun, which was called by Kelly but Dmitry Stelmak in seat 7 made it 4,000. While Raymer got out of the way, Kelly put in an intimidating stack of blue 5,000 chips - enough to put Stelmak all in. He called, for around 27,000.

Kelly: [10d][10h]
Stelmak: A♠K♠

Stelmak needed to hit - and that's exactly what happened on the 3♥8♦3♦A♥5♦ board. That sent him well over 50,000, although Kelly still had a handy 40,000 or so.
A few hands later it went off again. This time, on a 4♠3♦3♠ flop, Kelly and William Sonntag checked, but Raymer made it 2,600. Jelly responded with a raise to 7,300 - and then Sonntag decided to move all in for around 22,000 more.

Raymer, peering through his trademark fossil glasses, went into the tank for a long, long time. After around five minutes, he came back out and made what seemed to be a reluctant fold. Kelly thought for only a few seconds before mucking as well. That sent Sonntag up to 35,000.

6.20pm: Change for the meter
Apologies for the lack of updates which is down to a chronic internet connection that has slowed everything down. We have the news and you'll get it just as soon as power returns.

6.05pm: The Greenstein surge
First this from Barry Greenstein posted on twitter:
"I had KJ of diamonds on a flop of KJ4 with two hearts. I bet it fast and busted a guy with KQo. Up to 90k. Avg is 36k."

Then, on a board of 6♣4♣7♣T♣ both Barry Greenstein and Garrett Smith check for a 6♥ river. Smith checked again before Greenstein bet to win the hand.

While that wasn't the most exciting hand the next would send a player out and send Greenstein up to 106,000.

It happened with the chips all in, Greenstein holding kings to his soon-to-be-departing opponent holding ace-jack. There was action pre-flop with one player admitting he folded pocket tens, taking outs away for some. A king and a queen hit the flop, a second queen hit the river. Greenstein now among the chip leaders.

5.50pm: Controversy
A crowd was gathering around Daniel Negreanu's table, which was a sure-fire sign that something was brewing. Indeed it was. There was a flop, turn and river already exposed: A♥[10d]2♥A♣5♣ and Maurizio Lucatelli bet 4,000. Negreanu, the only other player in the hand, raised to 14,000 but Lucatelli thought it was a call, not noticing the additional blue chips.

The Italian showed his hand -- or, almost showed it -- before the dealer stopped him and they went back on the table face down. This is where it got interesting. Lucatelli seemed to be pondering whether to call what he now knew was a raise, but in fact he emerged with a re-raise, making it about 30,000 more.

"I saw your hand!" Negreanu said. "You hit your five. You have ace-five. I saw it." Negreanu then called for a ruling because he wasn't sure if the re-raise would stand. There was some more speech from Negreanu as the tournament official made his way over and the dealer began relating the story.

"I saw his hand," Negreanu said again. "He has an ace of diamonds and five or a four of spades."


Daniel Negreanu explains his case to the floorman (right). Maurizio Lucatelli is not pictured

There was more chatter - including another player entering the debate and insisting that Negreanu had not actually seen the cards because he had named them wrongly. After all of which the floorman made the ruling that although there would be no penalty for Lucatelli exposing his cards, the re-raise didn't stand. Lucatelli could only call.

Everyone approved and the Italian showed A♦[10s] for an even bigger full house that the one Negreanu thought he had seen. Negreanu showed his three-four (a straight) but the pot went to Lucatelli. Phew.

5.50pm: A standard hand
Marcin Horecki, the Team PokerStars Pole is on his second table of the day, bringing with him 40,000. He raised from the cut off getting a call from John Leathart on the button. They saw a flop of 4♣A♣7♥ and Horecki bet again, 1,500, called by Leathart for a 2♥ on the turn. Another 3,000 from Horecki, another call from Leathart before teh 9♦ on the river. Both checked, Horecki showed K♣9♥, beating Leathart's T♣7♣.

5:42pm: Three more hours
Dances With Wolves, Braveheart, JFK, Bridge on the River Kwai, the remainder of Day 1A of the 2010 PCA.

What do they all have in common? You could watch them all in just about the same amount of time.

We're up to level 6.