2010 PCA: Day 1A, level 7 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1A, level 7 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 300-600-75

7.50pm: Mama mia, here we go again
Fancy some action? Go stand near Dario Minieri's table for a few minutes. And you can throw out the poker books too.

He opened for 2,500 from the cut off which Francisco Gargallo called for a flop of J♥J♠9♦. Gargallo checked to Minieri who made it 3,150. Gargallo called. A 3♥ hit the turn and same pattern followed, Gargallo checking, Minieri betting - 11,600 this time - Gargallo calling. Then again on the T♦ river only this time Minieri moved all-in, 40,000 more, leaving Gargallo with a big decision.

"You show me if I show you?" asked Gargallo.

"I can't tell you now," replied Minieri, his hands at his face, eyes hidden by a loopy fringe. Gargallo had to fold and showed A♦A♣. Minieri had 2♦6♣.

In the unrestrained celebrations with a countryman nearby I heard Minieri use the words "Mama mia" and "Desperado." A shell shocked Gargallo was only able to turn red and say "good hand".

7.45pm: Lellouche hits the rail
Antony Lellouche is also now out. He was up against David Sands, the PokerStars qualifier from the United States, who held 6♠7♠ - a straight on a board of 8♥6♦9♠3♥[10s]. Lellouche mucked and started wandering out of the room, but was called back by his table-mates, who weren't sure whether Sands had him covered. Lellouche came back to watch the dealer count the stacks and, sure enough, Lellouche's was smaller. He headed away for the second time.

7.40pm: Raymer busts
Greg Raymer's day is over. After struggling to gain any momentum during the early levels, he found himself with just 6,000 left - and pushed when he looked down at pocket nines. Unfortunately, a player to his left had pocket aces, and the Fossilman's main event came to an end.

Earlier, the great man spoke to our video crew about his poker career, tells, the fossil, and more...

Watch PCA 2010: Greg Raymer on PokerStars.tv

7.35pm: Bentley driving ahead
There's another big chip daddy here at the moment, and you might remember him from such blog posts as Level 1 updates (12.26pm sub-section). His name is Wayne Bentley and he was the first player to double his stack when he got aces to hold up against kings during level one.

Since then, things have been going swimmingly, and Bentley is now up to around 220,000. That will do very nicely.

7.25pm: Dang
David Radloff just moved all-in behind a pre-flop raise by Daniel Negreanu. It was a few thousand more to Negreanu who thought about it then tossed in the call. Radloff showed T♠A♦ to Negreanu's 7♣J♠. The board ran: 4♦5♣5♠9♦3♥ and Radloff doubled up.

Negreanu was in action a hand or two later, raising John Procopion's opening bet of 1,600 another 2,800 from the cut off. Procopion called for a flop of 4♥J♥5♦. On the 6♠ turn card Procopion checked to Negreanu who made it 4,200, too much for the American who mucked his hand. Negreanu made a kind of "GARHH!" noise. "I was hoping you would raise there," he said, admitting to having aces.

"One of my least favourite hands," replied Procopion.

"Ace-queen?" asked Negreanu. Procopion just nodded.

7.15pm: Apologies
We're battling critical internet issues here in the Bahamas - the notorious notion of "island time" has affected cyberspace. So apologies for the lack of recent updates; we are all at the mercy of the god of the internet, and we have upset him.

What we can tell you is that we've now entered level seven and some mighty stacks are beginning to appear. One of them is in front of Barry Greenstein (102,000), another one is in front of Floris Marong (102,000) and perhaps the biggest is with Jacob Avital, who has more than 115,000. They look like this:


Jacob Avital


Floris Marong


Barry Greenstein

7:11pm: Chilly
Dennis Phillips just won about 50,000 in what can only be described as a cooler. It all went in on a K-K-3 flop. Phillips was sitting very pretty indeed with his pocket kings, and little could his adversary know that he was drawing dead with pocket threes. Ouch.