2010 PCA: Level 8 live updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 1A, level 8 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 400-800-100

9:22pm: Bag it, tag it, put it in the cooler
Day 1A is now in the books, and as we predicted, UK PokerStars qualifier Wayne Bentley is the runaway chip leader. He counted his chips twice and had the dealer count them a third time. The final number: 329,500.

We'll have a full wrap up and chip counts in just a bit.

9.10pm: Here from Germany...
Nassau is awash with PokerStars qualifiers who have made it here from a dazzling array of online satellites. One of them is Michael Deinlein from Germany, who was cornered by the video team as he fought his way to a day 1a finishing stack of more than 50,000...

Watch PCA 2010: Michael Deinlein on PokerStars.tv

9.05pm: Bentley's cruise continues
Wayne Bentley's day gets better. At the same time that his girlfriend Lindsey emails PokerStars Blog to offer her support, he wins a massive pot against Bill Edler to take him into the stratosphere and confine Edler to the rail.

It was already a big pot when all the remaining money went in on the river. The board showed: 8♦5♠[10h]3♣9♣ and Edler's K♠K♦ started the better but had been outflopped by Bentley's 8♥8♣.

Bentley now motors up to around 315,000 which will almost certainly be the overnight chip lead.

9pm: Naujoks spirited away
The Imperial Ballroom suddenly chilled a little and a walk over to Sandra Naujoks' table confirmed what we feared. The German Team PokerStars Pro is no longer with us.

8:55pm: Dario in his usual groove
Tiny terror Dario Minieri is up to his old tricks. He's spun his starting stack of 30,000 up to around 80,000, nearly twice above the average, and he's done so in his usual whirlwind manner.

Take this hand. It's a nothing hand really, but it is of interest only because this is what the Italian does so much to accumulate chips. It's folded around to him in late position and he opens with 1,900. Only the big blind calls, and on the 4♠5♣K♠ flop he checks. Minieri, meanwhile, fires out a continuation bet of 2,600, and that's enough to rake in the pot.
Could the Team PokerStars Pro have hit the flop? Well his range is certainly wide enough, which means opponents never quite know where they are with him.

8:54pm: Negreanu chased, but not caught
Daniel Negreanu bet 3,500 on a 5♥K♦4♦ flop and got check-called in one spot. He bet 6,800 on the 2♥ turn and again got check-called. On the Q♥ river it was checked to Negreanu who fired out 15,500. This time, his opponent and tired of the chase and let it go.

8:42pm: Shots!
Earlier today, we bloggers were privately discussing how well Barry Greenstein treats his body. He is rumored to have never had a cup of coffee or a beer. From this crew's perspective (that is, the crew that often sweats coffee and beer), Greenstein's temperance is more than impressive.

That brings us to what just happened at his table. One player suggested it was time for everybody to start doing shots. And everybody at the table said, "Shots? Sure! Shots!" And so went in the drink order.

Well, everybody but one person agreed. Greenstein's liver will remain pure and his head remain clear. Good man, Barry. Good man.

8.45pm: Mercier mauled
Jason Mercier is out. Most of the damage was done by the PokerStars qualifier Debra Marshall, whose pocket jacks held up against Mercier's mighty K♣4♦. Yep, K♣4♦.

The hand played out like this: a player to Mercier's right opened to 2,500 in early position. Mercier raised to 6,400 and Marshall moved all in for what was about 16,000. The original raiser got out the way, and Mercier did some math. He's way better at that than me and figured he was getting the right odds to call. "I've probably got an overcard," he said as he showed that king high.


Debra Marshall

He did, but the board ran dry: 3♣Q♣4♠5♠A♠. That put Mercier down to about 6,000 and he was all in soon after with J♥Q♥ and ran smack into pocket kings. Bye-bye Mercier.


Jason Mercier reads it and weeps

8:28pm: Zawodni hanging on
PokerStars qualifier Ben Zawodni did not get the easiest table draw today. He ended up just two seats away from none other than Daniel Negreanu. We've received word from the great white north (aka Michigan), that a big collection of family and friends are paying close attention to the PokerStars qualifier's performance here (including, we're told, a five month old daughter).

We are happy to report, Zawodni is still alive and kicking with 34 minutes left to play. We would be happier for him, however, if he had more chips. He's currently sitting on 11,000 of his initial 30,000 starting stack. With the blinds at 400-800-100, he's going to need a hand sooner than later.

8.15pm: Sticking together
Although Wayne Bentley remains the tournament chip leader with more than 200,000, one of his closest rivals is within sight. Pier Paolo Ruscalla, who has about 160,000 of his own, is at the opposite end of the same table. They're also joined there by Vivek Rajkumar and Bill Edler.

8:10pm: From a small island
Thanks for all your emails requesting information on players. One such message came from Mark Quetel, and it went like this:

"Matthew Quetel comes all the way from the small island of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. This is his first big tournament and his family and friends are here cheering him on. His wife and young kids were unable to join him because of a passport situation for the kids, but they are there in spirit. Hoping he does well. Thanks!"

The good news, Mark, is that brother Matthew is still alive and kicking. He doesn't have a huge stack - about 12,000 - but he's still there and smiling.


8:00pm: Ask and ye shall something-something
A bit earlier in the day, we invited you to e-mail us with coverage suggestions. We got a lot of suggestions and spent the end of the last level trying to track down some of your favorite players.

Here are some status updates on some of the people you asked about:

Carter Phillips--Sitting on about 80,000 and pretty much running his table, despite sitting at the felt with the equally dangerous Marcel Luske.

Scott Veitzer--Also sitting with Phillips and Luske, but not faring as well. He is struggling with 13,000 right now.

Owen Crowe--Like Carter Phillips, Mr. Crowe has also more than doubled his stack and is sitting on around 80,000.

Joey Katcher--PokerStars qualifier Joey Katcher is doing quite well and has around 60,000 going into the last level of the night.

Alexis Zervos--The folks from Greece are cheering on the few people who made it into the field here. Among them is Alexis Zervos. He's got about 50,000 right now.

If you don't see your request above, that doesn't mean your man is dead. With around 200 of the starting field gone, more than 20 tables have been broken and it's getting more and more difficult to track people down.

7:57pm: The final hour
If the tournament clock is to be believed, we are down to 472 players out of the starting field of 668. Further, if we can believe the digital display, we're headed into the final level of the night with the blinds at 400-800-100.

Players will begin the final hour after a short break to color up.

While we wait, here is a photo of chip leader, Wayne Bentley.