2010 PCA: The main event

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgAnd so the moment has arrived. After a series of blog posts hysterically pronouncing the most exciting poker jamboree we have ever known, today it finally begins. It's day one of the 2010 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure--day 1a of the Main Event to be more precise--and the action will come thick and fast from now and for another two weeks.


This will be big. Although we won't know the official number of players until some time tomorrow, there's every chance it will be close to 1,500. Only the Amazon Ballroom at the Rio, home of the World Series, comes anywhere close to matching the size the Imperial Ballroom here at Atlantis. And here there's a carpet with fish on it, so we win.

This is the crossroads of two of the world's finest poker tours. The PCA is a stop on both the EPT and the LAPT, which means countries will be represented that we didn't even know existed. The fine nation of Team PokerStars Pro will also be in populous attendance. Almost every member of that outrageously talented bunch is here in the Bahamas, and we'll be following them every step of the way.


Alex Gomes and Andre Akkari


Humberto Brenes and sons

Last night we kicked it all off in traditional fashion, with a rip-roaring party welcoming all to Atlantis. There was food, booze and chatter--and a tangible sense of apprehensive anticipation for the festivities to follow. We kick off at noon (eastern time) and players are already taking their seats.

2010PCA_Welcome Party_JoeGiron_IJ70084.jpg

We suggest you also make yourselves comfortable. There's going to be a lot of reading to be done.

In the meantime, enjoy the welcome party in moving images, courtesy of our video team...

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