PCA 2010: Day 4, level 23 updates

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLive updates from Day 4, level 23 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains, Brad Willis, and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 12,000-24,000-3,000

4.30pm: Break time
That's the end of another level. Players are on a 15 minute break.

4.26pm: Bentley back
Wayne Bentley's recovery from earlier catastrophe continues. On a flop of 7♦9♦2♦ he checked to James Tolbert who made it 180,000 to play, his hands covering his face as Bentley went into the tank for a while, looking around him giving the impression that he didn't know the action was on him. Then he looked over at Tolbert. The bell went for the end of the level and the rest of the table left them to it. Bentley then places an additional 300,000 in the middle, on top of Tolbert's bet.

Tolbert stood up to get a better view of what Bentley had left, then sat down again,
checking his cards one last time before folding.

"Show the nuts," said Tolbert. Bentley just smiled.


Wayne Bentley

4.25pm: Lendvai out of hock
Tamas Lendvai just doubled up through James Tolbert. On a board of J♥Q♦7♠T♠A♠ Lendvai's K♠T♣ came out on top against Tolbert's T♦6♦ in a battle of the blinds.


Tamas Lendvai

4.20pm: Khan falls to D'Angelo
Hafiz Khan is out, the latest victim of Ryan D'Angelo. Khan raised to 70,000 under-the-gun and D'Angelo raised to 200,000 from one seat to his left. Kenny Nguyen agonised a good long while, saying: "This is the first playable hand I've had all day." He folded though. Khan was undiminished and announced all in, for about 720,000 more, and D'Angelo snap-called. On their backs:

Khan: [10d][10c]
D'Angelo: A♠K♣

Nguyen said he folded ace queen and gave a yelp as the flop came 9♥2♦Q♣. But he was well out of it as the turn came 9♣ and the river the decisive K♥. Khan got up to leave and D'Angelo helped himself to his chips. Whatever monstrous amount D'Angelo was already on - well north of four million - he now has another 800,000 to add.


Hafiz Khan

4:17pm: "Thanks for the beat, guys"
We're not sure who the cooler is, but they could easily get a job in Vegas, and Thomas Koral is ready for them to get off the rail.

Koral just got it all-in with A♥8♥ on 7♦8♠8♦ flop against T♥T♣. Easy, huh? It would've been a lot better if he hadn't seen that T♠ on the turn. Benjamin Zamani had nearly 600,000 left in his stack which Koral had to match. These guys are quickly becoming blood foes.

Koral looked at somebody on the rail and said, "Thanks for the beat, guys:"

4.15pm: Floor!
Controversy. Jake Toole moves all in under the gun, and it's folded around to Matthew Haugen in the small blind. Trouble is, he has not noticed the all in, and puts out what he thinks is an opening raise to 65,000. The dealer re-affirmed to him that the under the gun player has already moved all in. What now? The floor is called and rules that since the player in the big blind had yet to act behind, Haugen should be allowed to take his chips back.

That he did, to his relief, while others at the table, led by Wayne Bentley insisted the bet should have stood - and gone to Toole. The floor held firm, and respect to Toole for not making any fuss.

4,10pm: Too much heart for Bentley
On a 2♥A♥4♥ board, Matthew Haugen and Aage Ravn check, and Wayne Bentley makes it 40,000. Only Ravn calls. On the Q♠ turn Ravn checks and Bentley makes it 100,000. Call. The river brought a fourth heart, 7♥, and now Ravn leads out with 100,000. Bentley folds.

"I had an ace but no heart," he said. "I had two hearts," Ravn replied.

4.05pm: Bansi, Steely, Jonesy
Three players saw the flop of T♣5♦7♠. Praz Bansi checked from the small blind, Chase Steely did the same from the big and Aaron Jones checked the button. On the Q♦ turn Bansi checked before Steely made it 27,000. Jones called and Bansi stepped aside. On the J♦ Steely made it 58,000. Jones then raised to 160,000, another 102k for Steely to call. He did, showing 4♦2♦ to win the hand.

4pm: Zahmat still breathing
Bijan Zahmat doubled up through Luc Greenwood. Greenwood raised to 58,000 and Zahmat moved all in for about 350,000 total. Greenwood called and they were racing.

Greenwood: K♥Q♦
Zahmat: J♦J♠

The flop helped no one 4♣9♦8♠4♥5♣ and so Zahmat doubles.

3.55pm: Duthie to the left-a Hefter
John Duthie just added a few hundred thousand to his stack of chips. Opening for 60,000 under the gun he was called by Dimitri Hefter on the button for a flop of J♥K♦4♦. Duthie checked to Hefter who made it 110,000. Duthie looked at his cards again and called for a J♠ turn. Both checked that for a 3♣ river. Duthie threw in 280,000, good to get Hefter to fold.

3.50pm: Gimbel v Duthie
Harrison Gimbel just took a fairly decent slice out of John Duthie on the table of the big stacks. Duthie raised to 55,000 in the cut off and Gimbel re-raised to 160,000 on the button. Duthie called. The flop was A♦J♥5♣ and Duthie bet 230,000, which Gimbel called. The turn was [10], which they both checked, and the river was 3♥ which Duthie checked, inviting a bet of 600,000 from Gimbel. Duthie folded.

3.45pm: No takers for Bentley's ladies
Aage Ravn raised to 60,000 from the button and Wayne Bentley made it 160,000 from the big blind. Ravn folded and Bentley showed pocket queens. No one wanted to tangle with the ladies.

Bentley got some action soon after, however, when he and Matt Haugen saw a flop of 4♦[10d]3♣. Bentley checked, Haugen bet 65,000 and Bentley called. They both checked the 4♥ turn and then Bentley fired 100,000 at the Q♥ river. The sight of another queen scared off Haugen.

3.40pm: Baker collects her dough
Amanda Baker, the last women standing, has been eliminated by Praz Bansi in 38th place. She was all in for her last 270,000 with J♦Q♣, a mile behind the Brit's A♣A♥. The K♣2♠4♥4♣3♦ board was no help, she went off to pick up $59,000, and we're now in a male-only world.

3:36pm: A tale of two sets
We just saw two sets end up with very different outcomes. The first came when Ryan D'Angelo and ugly, ugly board: [2][Q♣[K♦T♥9♥ and a 400,000 bet from Dimitri Hefter.

"I'll take the worst possible river card for 500, Alex," D'Angelo said after mucking his pocket deuces faces-up.

Just a couple of tables away, Thomas Koral bet out 49,000 on a flop of 5♣6♦2♣ and was raised to 150,000 by Benjamin Zamani. He called and they saw the J♠ on the turn. Now Koral led for 230,000 and got the call. The river was the T♥. Now it was a 380,000 bet, and again a call. Koral turned up 5♦5♠ for the flopped set and winner of a huge pot.

3.30pm: Cesar dethroned
Cesar Garcia just moved all-in. He was down to his last 200,000 so it was only a matter of time. When Dimitri Hefter called on the button Garcia showed J♦T♣ up against Q♥Q♦.
The board ran 3♦Q♠6♥6♣2♣. Garcia out in 39th place.

3.25pm: Prizewinners!
After more exasperating to-ing and fro-ing than a polar bear in a 1970s zoo, we finally have a full list of prizewinners for this tournament to date. The full details of who has won what are on the prizewinners' page. That will be updated from hereon in.

3:20pm: Josh Bergman eliminated
Josh Bergman has become the first player to earn $59,000 in the 2010 PCA. He justed busted in 40th place when he ran his 9♠9♦ into Damien Rony's Q♠Q♣. The board ran out 7♠[Q♦[2♠[6♣K♣ and Bergman was gone.

3.15pm: Bansi bleeding
More chips disappear from in front of Praz Bansi. This time Aaron Jones made it 62,000 from the cut off. Bansi was on the button and made it 160,000 and it was folded around to Ryan Karp who wastes no time in announcing all-in. Jones got out of the way but Bansi was calling even before Karp's stack was counted. He had 333,000.

Bansi: J♦J♣
Karp: Q♦Q♥

The board ran 4♣7♥9♦3♠6♦ and that was enough to double him up to more than 700,000. Bansi is down to 1.5million.

3.12pm: Nguyen - "I have chips!"
Kenny Nguyen gets a timely double up in a hand which, in his own words, "played itself".

Bryn Kenney made it 57,000 from under the gun, and it's folded around to Nguyen who announces: "All in. It's only around 200,000, not too much." In fact it was 216,000 but Kenney was calling anyway.

"Two red aces," Nguyen said triumphantly. Indeed he had A♥A♦, Kenney could only shrug as he tabled K♠K♦. The board brought no drama, coming J♥A♠8♥8♦Q♠, doubling up Nguyen to 450,000 and leaving Kenney with 260,000.

"That hand was just a cooler. It played itself," Nguyen said as he stacked them.

3.10pm: Video arrives at Blog HQ...
and it's the video scene setter for day 4. You can watch it by clicking the little white triangle below...

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3.05pm: Back from the break
We start level 23 with 40 players remaining.

Ryan D'Angelo