PCA unveils Fish & Chips Showdown

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgWhen I first heard about the idea, I thought about my wife. Though radiant and beautiful, though painted with the Bahamian sunshine, though a reflection of a day on the bluest of blue water, Mrs. Willis' face was positively green.

For once, she had been working for me (a role reversal that has not been attempted since, for obvious reasons) and had gone on assignment in the Bahamas with a group of PokerStars Supernovas. It was a PokerStars-comped fishing trip in the Caribbean that saw some deep sea fishing action and my wife with a case of seasickness that would've been hilarious had she not been the woman with whom I slept. That was, understandably, the last time the PokerStars Blog sent a blogger on a fishing trip. Now, we're faced with the necessity of ending that hiatus, because PokerStars is giving you a chance to go back on the water, catch some fish, and win some money in the process.


The 2008 PCA Supernova fishing trip

PokerStars has just unveiled the PCA Fish & Chips Showdown. The event is two days of deep-sea fishing action combined with two days of poker tournaments during PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. When it's all over, the weight of your fish and the size of your chip stack will determine if you're a winner. Yes, seriously.

Best of all, you can get into this event without spending much money at all. PokerStars is giving you the chance to win your buy-in a series of qualifiers running now. For full details on the event, satellites, and how you can buy-in directly, see the PCA Fish & Chips Showdown information page.

Looks like we're going to need a sea-worthy blogger. You think Sergeant Major Bartley could handle the task?