The PCA on five Frequent Player Points

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgLet's be honest. Going to the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure is not an experience for budget travelers. It requires a flight to the Bahamas, a room at the high-dollar Atlantis resort, and the buy-in for the event. It all adds up after a while. That's why so many people (688 at this writing) are working to qualify on PokerStars.

Before you run off and hit a satellite however, you should know that no matter what you do, you're unlikely to top the return on investment story of the PokerStars player known as tombala85.

I was perusing the PCA Facebook page today and saw that Mad Harper had posted something pretty fun at the top of the page. She wrote:

Two hundred PokerStars Frequent Player Points will get you a PokerStars window sticker, 300 FPPs will get you a T-shirt and 600 FPPs will get you a floatable PokerStars keychain. But back in August, "tombala85" spent just 5 FPPs entering a Round 1 PCA Mega Path satellite. Back in August, the PCA probably looked a long way away and thousands were entering the various PCA Mega Path satellites on offer. But tombala85 not only got through his Round 1 tourney, he then sailed through a further EIGHT rounds to win his trip to the Bahamas - a prize package worth more than $15,500.

You might want to read that again just to get your head around it. See, tombala was one of thousands of people who played in the Mega Path satellites (a multi-leveled qualifying system of satellite tournaments that start at five FPPs). There were several people who earned their PCA package for just a few FPPs, but no one except tombala85 who qualified for the PCA for the lowest possible amount: 5 FPPs. I don't know the current FPP exchange rate, but it's safe to say tombala85 has qualified for the PCA for less than 10¢.

All of the 30 Mega Path qualifiers will be looking to match or better Darren 'Woodylord' Keyes achievement from 2010. Keyes made it to the PCA after starting in a 75-FPP Round 1 satellite. He worked his way to the top and finished in tenth place for $150,000. His ROI was in the 12 million percent range.


Darren Keyes

With now less than two weeks until the PCA, your time to qualify is running out. Head on over to the EVENTS / PCA section of the PokerStars lobby and start hitting the satellites soon. There still qualifiers running for as little as $1 or 100 Frequent Player Points.

The Frequent Player Points you spend today could be memories of winning millions by the end of next month.