2011 PCA $25K High Roller: Day 1, level 7 & 8 updates (500-1,000, 100 ante)

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpg8.50pm: Day is done
That's it. It looks like Ryan Fair is our chip leader with 217,200, chased by Tyler Reiman with 205,400. There will be a selection of top chips on the chip count page now, followed by the full official count when we get it.

We'll have a full wrap with you soon. -- SY

8.45pm: Veldhuis out last hand
Steven Pevy made it 2,300 and Masa Kagawa re-raised to 6,900 before Veldhuis moved all-in for 40,000. Levy folded by Kagawa called instantly with pocket queens, ahead of the Dutchman's A♣K♥. The board ran Q♣3♠6♣4♦K♣ and Veldhuis went without having to worry about the bagging and tagging. -- SY


Lex Veldhuis

8.35pm: Eight more hands
That's all that we've got left for you today, folks. Then players will bag and tag and head off into the Caribbean night... to the PokerStars party. -- SY

8.30pm: How do you have the gumption
The board was 6♥Q♦4♣2♦9♦ and after Jason Mercier had checked, Joe Hachem put in a hefty 25,000 bet. It represented more than half of Mercier's remaining stack. After a bit of a think, he made the call, showing K♠Q♥, well ahead of Hachem's 6♠7♠.

"How can you call there? You never fold. How do you have the gumption to call? Just what is your genetic make-up?" Hachem demanded to know.

"I just don't like folding," was Mercier's reply. Mericer up to 110,000, Hachem down to 60,000. -- SY

8.12pm: Duhamel down
Two PokerStars world champions sat on table three, and one of them has now bitten the dust. Joe Cada, who won the WSOP in 2009, helpfully told us that Jonathan Duhamel, who took the crown off him in 2010, was short-stacked after losing with pocket tens against K-Q - then pushed with K♦2♦ but was looked up by Jonathan Little with 9♣9♦.

No help on the board and Duhamel was off. Little, meanwhile, moves up to around 50,000. -- SY

8.05pm: Blom busted
Team PokerStars Pro Viktor Blom - aka Isildur1 - is out. He was down to around 18,000 and got it all-in with pocket jacks but was called by A-Q which got there. -- AV

8pm: The state of play
Into the last level, and here is the current state of play. Leading is Giuseppe Pantaleo on 182,000, followed by Moritz Kranich on 175,000 and Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez on 165,000. Will Reynolds, the defending champion, has 160,000. -- SY

7.55pm: Naujoks in danger
Sandra Naujoks is down to her last 17,000 after being forced to lay down a hand against Matt Woodward. She check-called his 2,500 bet on a 9♠5♣5♦ flop, and then check-called another 6,500 on the 4♣ turn.

On the Q♥ river Naujoks checked again before Woodward moved a tower of blue chips over the line, enough to put Naujoks all-in. She gave it a good think, her piercing blue eyes boring holes through Woodward's head. She folded. -- SY

7.50pm: Video time
As we approach the end of the day, here's the video team with their take on what's been going on...

7:48pm: Last level
With 103 players remaining, the field is playing its last hour of the night at 500-1,000-100 blinds--BW

7:29pm: Deeb done
William Reynolds came in for a raise to 3,800 under the gun, and only the big blind, Shaun Deeb, called. Deeb check-called 5,500 on the J♠3♥5♦ flop and 13,200 on the 5♥ turn. On the 6♦ river, Deeb checked Reynolds bet 18,500, and Deeb moved all in for 15,400 more.

It was a hand that had already taken more than five minutes to play, and now Marchese tanked. "Really, Shaun?" Reynolds asked. "This would be a nasty bluff--the nastiest. Just trying to win the pot?"

Reynolds counted though his stacks several times. He had Deeb covered, but would only have about 25,000 left if he called and lost. Finally, Reynolds seemed to find some confidence and announced, "I call."

Deeb made it immediately clear that he was bluffing. Reynolds flipped over A♣J♥ and took down the pot. --BW

7.25pm: The numbers
The confirmed total field for this event 151 players. Of that lot, 16 will be paid, starting at $55,490. And the winner? A cool $1,072,850. Not bad, eh? -- SY

7.20pm: Affluent Affleck
Matt Affleck was low in chips but just doubled up to 44,000 thanks to hitting a straight with K♠J♦ on a 7♠[10s]A♦Q♣3♦ board. His cause was helped by his opponent have pocket queens for a set. -- SY

7.15pm: Deeb pressure
The board was 6♠9♣A♦Q♠J♥ and Josh Arieh had bet 5,200 before Shaun Deeb made it 17,100. Arieh folded to allow Deeb to continue his recovery. He's up to 49,000, while Arieh slips to 62,000. --SY

7:01pm: Do not play aces (against Tom Marchese)
Mclean Karr is no dummy. He won a WPT Bay 101 event after having just a few big blinds in front of him. So, he should know that getting aces in pre-flop against Tom Marchese for the chip lead is probably just sort of stupid. It was A♦A♣ for Karr, K♥K♣ for Marchese. It was a 50-50 shot...would it be the K♠[ or [kd[ on the flop? Answer...K♠. Marchese had around 80,000 in front of him at the time. Karr had him covered, but shoving 80,000 across the table at this point never feels good. Karr said as much as he could when it was over. "That would've been a good one to win." --BW

6:50pm: Two hours until party time
The high roller players are on break to get rid of the pesky green 25 chips. When they return, they will have two more hours to play before breaking for the night and an opportunity to head out to the PokerStars party over on the Royal Deck.

As we noted earlier, it appears Moritz Kranich is the chip leader at this hour, just edging out Guiseppe Pantaleo (pictured below) who isn't too far off the mark.


PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of hours slept last night): Simon Young (10 hours), photographer Joe Giron (8.75 hours) Brad Willis (8.5 hours), Alex Villegas (is currently on a Starbucks run, which is probably proof enough of why he's last in the order)