2011 PCA $25K High Roller: Day 2, level 15 & 16 updates (3,000-6,000, 500 ante)


9.48pm: Arieh and Armstrong out, down to 21
Josh Arieh and Jamie Armstrong have fallen and Matt Marafioti has been shifted over to table two to balance the tables. Break time. Join us in a new two level post in 15 minutes. -- RD

9.40pm: Could've gone broke
Brandon Steven shouted: "Oh my god, I saved so much money," after he and Max Lykov showed down on a T♠7♠3♠3♣2♦ board.

The hand started with a Lykov raise to 13,000 from first position and a Steven defend in the big blind. Steven checked in the dark and called a 16,000 c-bet from the Russian. Steven also check-called 34,000 bet on the turn and 82,500 bet on the river before proudly revealing 6♠4♠ for a flopped flush. Lykov soon showed him the bad news as he had a bigger flush with Q♠9♠ to move up to 640,000 chips. Steven drops to 300,000 chips but could and maybe should have lost a lot more. -- MC

pca_high roller_brandon steven.jpg

Brandon Steven loses big but doesn't go bust

9.30pm: Three tables
We've been at three tables for a little while now and they look at bit like this from what I can see. -- RD

Table one
1. Govert Metaal 
2. Rob Akery
3. Matt Marafioti
4. Tom Marchese
5. Shander de Vries
6. Will Reynolds
7. Tom Bedell
8. Moritz Kranich

Table two
1. Matt Affleck
2. David Baker
3. Ryan Julius (now busted)
4. Brandon Steven
5. Max Lykov, Team PokerStars Pro
6. Leo Fernandez, Team PokerStars Pro
7. Josh Arieh
8. Tyler Reiman

Table three
1. Brett Richey 
2. Jamie Armstrong
3. Jason Mercier, Team PokerStars Pro
4. Ravi Raghavan
5. Philipp Gruissem
6. Erik Seidel
7. Will Molson
8. Ryan Fair

9.22pm: Julius busted by Lykov with a sick river
Max Lykov is a ferocious player and sometimes that means he's going to get it in a little light. Unfortunately for Ryan Julius that also means that when gets it in light he's going to outdraw your monster from time to time.

Julius opened from the hijack to 13,500 and Lykov three-bet from the button to 28,500. Julius came back over the top for 58,500 and Lykov moved all-in. Julius couldn't call fast enough putting his 220,000 stack across the line.

Julius: K♥K♠
Lykov: K♠Q♣

The flop didn't look great for Lykov; J♥2♠3♥, but the turn brought the chance of a gutshot with the A♠. "Ten," said Lykov calmly, not calling for it, not predicting its arrival, but actually summoning from the ether and putting it into the dealer's hand. The T♣ hit the river and Julius burst out of his seat and away from the tournament floor understandably a little distraught about the suckout. Lykov is on around 500,000. -- RD

9.20pm: Better and better for Fair
Ryan Fair has eliminated Jamie Armstrong after a pre-flop all-in showdown. Armstrong raised from under-the-gun and quickly called all-in when Fair shoved from the big blind. Fair tabled A♦J♦ which matched up badly against his opponent's Q♦Q♠. He needn't have worried though as the board just got better and better for him as it came J♣3♣8♦K♦A♠. The ace on the river was the nail in the coffin for Armstrong and he bolted from the tournament area. -- MC

9.10pm; Lost in the jungle, man
Dan "jungleman12" Cates is out after a battle of the blinds with Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez. Cates raised from the small blind and called all-in when Fernandez set him in from the big blind. They were off to the races as Cates held 7♦7♥ to Fernadez's A♦J♣ and the board ran K♦5♠K♥6♥A♣. Fernandez up to over 400,000 now. -- MC

9pm: Reiman busts Alaei to claim the chip lead
Tyler Reiman has just busted Daniel Alaei to chip up to 750,000, just ahead of Jason Mercier. Reiman opened for 12,500 and Alaei jammed from the blinds for a little over 100,000. Reiman made the call.

Reiman: 8♣8♥
Alaei: Q♣Q♠

Great spot for Alaei to double up, right until Reiman hit a four flush on the 6♥K♥5♥3♠3♥ river. "Sorry," said the baby-faced Reiman as he raked in another pot. -- RD

pca_high roller_daniel alaei.jpg

'I'll get my coat' - Daniel Alalei busts out of the High Roller

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ANTE 500

8.55pm: Marafioti lets off some steam
Matthew Marafioti just lost his cool slightly with Norwegian Tom Bedell. Bedell raised to 12,000 from early position to face a Marafioti three-bet to 37,500. Bedell went into the tank and seemed of unsure what to do until Marafioti said something to him that made him call.

The flop came down 6♠2♦2♥ and Bedell asked his opponent "What should I do here?" Marafioti was silent to the question. Bedell then led for 24,000 and Marafioti folded.

It was now that Marafioti started to speak and he vented: "If you're going to angle me like that, I'm going to call the clock on you every time. You tank every hand and now you lift you're cards up so I can see the bottom one."

"I didn't show you a card" Bedell responded "Look, I have pocket nines (he flashed 9♣9♠). Why would I show you a nine?"

Tom Marchese and Will Reynolds added their thoughts by asking Marafioti why he folded if he saw a nine. Marafioti did not respond. -- MC
He's owed a few
Matt Affleck's post dinner roller-coaster ride continued with a double-up courtesy of Daniel Alaei. Alaei raised to 13,000 from early position and was called on the button by Tyler Reiman before Affleck shoved for 55,000 from the small blind. Alaei re-shoved to isolate and it worked as Reiman folded.

Affleck: J♠J♥
Alaei: 9♣9♦

The board ran 6♥3♠J♣Q♣8♦. It was a fortunate spot for Affleck to find jacks but as Will Reynolds just pointed out - he's owed a few. If you're not sure what we're referring to cast your eyes over this article by Howard Swains from the WSOP main event last summer. -- MC

8.30pm: Freddy Deeb busted
Freddy Deeb plays the game his way and with over $7 million in tournament winninsg it's difficult to argue. Deeb lost all but 19,000 of his chips to Ravi Raghavan playing fast and loose with K♣2♦ to K♦J♦ post-flop. He got it in the next hand and managed to chop against a dominating hand, then stole the blinds uncontested.

The next hand he called a raise on his big blind from Jamie Armstrong and check folded the 5♦9♣3♦ flop leaving himself with 25,000. He was still alive when I left the table, by the time I was sat down writing this he was gone. -- RD

pca_high roller_freddy deeb.jpg

Freddy Deeb wont be adding to his tournament winnings here

8.21pm: Another man down, Rajkumar walking
Vivek Rajkumar has quickly followed Fernando Brito on the rail. We're not exactly sure how it happened but he fell to Brandon Stevens and his winning hand of pocket nines. Stevens is most famous for bubbling the WSOP main event final table last summer, finishing in 10th place. He is up to 485,000 now and is a long way towards not bubbling this event. -- MC

8.14pm: Alaei cracks Affleck
Affleck had been in shoving mode and had managed to get himself up to 250,000 when he got it all-in against Daniel Alaei with pocket kings to pocket nines. Alaei had shoved back from from the big blind and flopped a nine on the 9♠J♥7♣4♥7♥ board to double through. Affleck, looking glum, is back down to around 100,000, Alaei is up over 200,000. -- RD

pca_high roller_daniel alaei.jpg

Daniel Alaei, thankful of a nine

8.10pm: Stubborn defending
A lot of the hands we've witnessed Erik Seidel play today have been from the blinds and to be fair he's had a lot of success . You'd expect a seven-time bracelet winner to be able to play well from any position though. Brett Richey has managed to shake the poker legend of the last time he defended from the big blind. Richey raised to 12,000 from the hijack and Seidel called to see the 4♦2♦6♠. Richet c-bet for 18,000 and Seidel called but check-folded to a 38,000 bet on the 7♠ turn. Richey is up to 290,000 and Seidel drops a little to 320,000. -- MC

8.05pm: Fernando Brito busted
Fernando Brito has just been busted by Jason Mercier with ace-queen to his king-queen. Nothing dramatic, entirely standard, and the Season 7 tournament leader board frontrunner is out. Mercier now pushing towards 800,000. -- RD

pca_high roller_fernando brito.jpg

Fernando Brito has busted

8pm: Affleck into shoving mode
Matt Affleck's stack is down to the point where he wants to get them in and he just did. Josh Arieh raised to 12,500 from the cut-off and Tyler Reiman called from the button before Affleck moved all-in for 130,00 from the small blind. Arieh tanked for a few minutes but folded and Reiman's cards quickly followed into the muck. -- MC

7.50pm: We're off
Jason Mercier is the chip leader with a stack pushing 700,000. -- RD

7.45pm: High Rollers are back in the house
Our High Roller field is filtering back into the tournament area ready to resume play. The plan is to play down to the final table or until 3am, whichever should come the soonest. We're keeping our fingers crossed for the big stacks to cut a swathe through the field in the next couple of hours. This has nothing to do with the bar times here at the Atlantis Hotel and Casino. -- RD

pca_high roller_final four tables.jpg

The final four tables of the PCA High Roller

PokerStars Blog reporting team in the Bahamas (in order of dinner break activity): Rick Dacey (shaved) and Marc Convey (slept) .