2011 PCA $25K High Roller: Day 2, level 17 & 18 updates (5,000-10,000, 1,000 ante)


12.10am: Break time
Chip counts will be updates during the 15-minute break. -- RD

11.59pm: Affleck stands up to Lykov
Matt Affleck opened to 24,000 from middle position and was three-bet to 56,000 by Max Lykov from the hijack. Affleck made the call and the led 65,000 into the 2♦6♣8♦ flop picking up a fold and the 120,000 pot. -- RD

pca_high roller_matt affleck 2.jpg

Matt Affleck trying to make his way through to the chip lead

11.50pm: Showing his Metaal
Dutchman Govert Metaal is up to 710,000 after getting Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier to fold on the river of a J♣Q♠8♣6♣9♥ board. Mercier raised into his big blind and he defended and went on to check-call bets of the 22,000 and 57,000 on the flop and turn. Metaal picked up the betting reigns on the river with a lead for 73,000. It did the trick as Mercier folded. -- MC

11.35pm: Reiman first out in the money, wins $55k
The action hasn't stopped post bubble as we've had an elimination and a bust out. The player to leave in 16th is former chip leader Tyler Reiman. Brett Richey raised from the button to 22,000 and moved all-in when Reiman three-bet him. Reiman called for his 320,000 stack with pocket nines and looked in great shape against Richey's ace-deuce. An ace on the flop wasn't great for Reiman as Richey scooped the pot to stack up to 760,000. Reiman takes $55,490 for his 16th place finish.

Shortly after Brandon Steven got his last 119,000 in with ace-jack versus the kings of Eric Seidel and managed to spike an ace on the turn to double-up. -- MC

pca_high roller_tyler reiman.jpg

Reiman the first to bust in the money

11.25pm: Table redraw
Here are the players and stacks as they stand. -- RD

Table one
1. Brett Richey - 450,000
2. Tyler Reiman - 340,000
3. Brandon Steven - 200,000
4. Rob Akery - 500,000
5. Erik Seidel - 260,000
6. David Baker - 600,000
7. Shander de Vries - 500,000
8. Tom Marchese - 330,000

Table two
1. Ravi Raghavan - 400,000
2. Matt Affleck - 540,000
3. Max Lykov, Team PokerStars Pro - 730,000
4. Govert Metaal - 580,000
5. Will Molson - 310,000
6. Matt Marafioti - 400,000
7. Jason Mercier, Team PokerStars Pro - 750,000
8. Leo Fernandez, Team PokerStars Pro - 320,000

11.22pm: The bubble lasts one hand!
The sensational run of bust outs has continued as we lost Philipp Gruissem before hand-for-hand play was initiated. Table three was the only table still in play after Moritz Kranich's exit. Gruissem was short and open shoved for less than 100,000 and was called by Brett Richey in the small blind with A♥J♠. Gruissem was dominated with A♥4♣ and failed to come from behind through the 8♦A♠K♦7♣J♣ board.

The celebrations of the remaining 16 players were a little subdued and that was probably due to the crazy amount of eliminations that just occurred around the $55,490 bubble. There will now be a redraw over the last two tables. -- MC

pca_high roller_phillipp gruissem.jpg

Phillipp Gruissem burst the High Roller bubble

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 5,000-10,000, ANTE 1,000

11.05pm: Bubble time as Kranich bows out
And now Moritz Kranich goes out after shoving Q♠4♣ from the button and getting called by Govert Metaal in the small blind with pocket eights. They pair held and we're now on the bubble. -- RD

pca_high roller_moritz kranich.jpg

Moritz Kranich set up the bubble

11.03pm: Triple knockout; Reynolds, Fair and Bedell
After a level without bust-outs three arrive at once. Defending champ Will Reynolds, Ryan Fair and Tom Bedell all busted out within moments of each other. Fair to Erik Seidel and Bedell to Shander de Vries. -- RD

pca_high roller_will reynolds.jpg

11.02pm: Molson triples-up
Last year's runner-up Will Molson has a great chance of a deep run cash run again as he's just tripled-up his 131,000 stack. He open shoved from second position to see Brett Richey and Philipp Gruissem move all-in behind him. Molson had queen-ten and both his opponents had ace-king. Molson turned a queen and scooped the lot.

Jason Mercier chuckled and joked: "The kid never gets his money in bad; he knew both of them had the same hand." -- MC

10.55pm: Mercier back in charge, Fair in trouble
Jason Mercier has just doubled through Ryan Fair to 750,000. Mercier opened for 16,000 and Fair raised out of the blinds for what looked like 43,000. Mercier four-bet for 93,000 and Fair moved all-in. Mercier insta-called with A♦K♦. Fair held pocket tens.

The board ran out in Mercier's favour with A♣Q♥K♠Q♠3♠ leaving Fair with just ten big blinds; 80,000. -- RD

10.50pm: Mercier loses more
Jason Mercier is down to 375,00 chips now after two more back-to-back losses. The first hand saw him raise from the button and be called by Philipp Gruissem in the big blind. Gruissem then check-called a 19,000 flop bet and a 27,000 turn bet before the two players checked the river. The final board read 2♦5♥2♣9♠K♠ and Mercier tabled A♣T♣ but lost out to Gruissem's trips with K♥2♥.

The next hand Mercier raised from the cut-off and Erik Seidel called from the big blind. The flop came 5♦9♥5♥ and a Seidel check-raise took the pot down. -- MC

10.40pm: Seidel doubles
Eric Seidel is up to 160,000 after doubling through Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier. Mercier raised to 16,000 and called when Seidel shoved for around 75,000 from the big blind with A♣K♦. Mercier was live with T♣9♣ but the board came a Seidel friendly 4♥3♠2♠7♥K♣. Mercier is down to 470,000 now and on a real slide. -- MC

pca_high roller_erik seidel.jpg

Seidel has been gifted a lifeline by Mercier

10.25pm: Lykov edges into the chip lead
While Max Lykov was taking a chunk out of Tyler Reiman with pocket kings to move up to 660,000, fellow Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier was doubling up Ravi Raghavan to 400,000. The combined effect moves Team PokerStars Pro Lykov into the chip lead. -- RD

pca_high roller_max lykov.jpg

Lykov moves into the chip lead, for the moment...

10.15pm: Affleck doubles, again
Matt Affleck hasn't had an easy ride today and has survived with numerous double-ups. He can add another double-up to his collection courtesy of chip leader Tyler Reiman. Reiman opened to 17,000 and then shoved when Affleck three-bet him to 42,000. Affleck called off his 189,000 stack with Q♥Q♦, dominating Reiman's 9♣9♠. The board ran J♠T♦3♦7♥5♠. Jason Mercier has moved up to top spot without playing a hand. -- MC

10.05pm: Reigning Reynolds
Will Reynolds is the reigning champ here at the PCA High Roller but he's going to have to get some double ups going if he's going to do the same again. He's down to 142,000. -- RD

Table one
1. Govert Metaal - 441,000
2. Rob Akery - 301,000
3. empty
4. Tom Marchese - 258,000
5. Shander de Vries - 262,000
6. Will Reynolds - 142,000
7. Tom Bedell - 306,000
8. Moritz Kranich - 170,000

Table two
1. Matt Affleck - 170,000
2. David Baker - 410,000
3. Matt Marafioti - 455,000
4. Brandon Stevens - 375,000
5. Max Lykov, Team PokerStars Pro - 546,000
6. Leo Fernandez, Team PokerStars Pro - 355,000

7. empty
8. Tyler Reiman - 760,000

Table three
1. Brett Richey - 262,000
2. empty
3. Jason Mercier, Team PokerStars Pro - 728,000
4. Ravi Raghavan - 198,000
5. Philipp Gruissem - 458,000
6. Erik Seidel - 84,000
7. Will Molson - 212,000
8. Ryan Fair - 390,000

pca_high roller_will reynolds.jpg

Reigning High Roller Will Reynolds

PokerStars Blog reporting team at the PCA High Roller (in disorder): Rick Dacey and Marc Convey.