2011 PCA $5,000 Bounty Shootout: Chen double knockout scores $213,000 and PCA title

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgAndrew Chen has won the $5,000 Bounty Shootout for a total of $269,000 after landing an incredible double knockout of Shaun Deeb and Michael Binger. It took more than eight hours of play in a gruelling session, but Chen's determination, fortitude and the ability to make the occasional monster bluff pushed him all the way to the winner-takes-all title.

pca_bounty_andrew chen.jpg

Chen takes down the 2011 PCA Bounty Shootout

The Bounty Shootout started with 216 players on Day 1 across 36 tables, with each six-handed winner going through to Day 2 with $10,000 in their pockets. That was played across two flights of televised six-max, with each single table champ not only going through to the final but also pocketing an additional $40,000.

Two prizes were up for grabs today. The one that all eyes were on was the $213,000 for the winner, and the other was the $25,000 bumper bounty prize for the player that had knocked the most players out across the three days of play. Shaun Deeb came into the final table with seven.

pca_bounty 3_shaun deeb.jpg

Shaun Deeb cruised into the final table with the most bounties

Today's final table was built to last. A slow structure based on a one-hour clock with a 100,000 starting stack helped the tournament to last almost nine hours - but that could all have been different had Michael Binger not caught an ace with A♥K♣ against Shaun Deeb's K♦K♥ way back in level four.

Deeb faded the flop but an ace on the turn saw the pot slide towards Binger. If he'd won that he would have had almost half the chips in play, a dominating lead in the bounty chase and the ability to run across the table. But he didn't win it.

pca_bounty 3_michael binger.jpg

Praying to the beard gods helped Binger bink an ace

Deeb went through a series of lost flips but finally won when he got them in bad, calling a shove from Scott Baumstein with A♥9♣. Baumstein held A♣Q♥ for a dominating ace but Deeb rivered the pot with 2♥7♦7♥6♠9♦. Baumstein had impressed both here and in his Day 2 heat, when he pushed past Team PokerStars Pros Barry Greenstein and Jude Ainsworth. Baumstein joined the commentary box minutes after his knockout and proved to be incredibly gracious. We'll see him again.

pca_bounty 3_scott baumstein.jpg

Scott Baumstein: a scholar and a gentleman, quite literally

Deeb didn't keep hold of that chip lead long, but who could blame him getting it in three-handed with pocket tens? Chen held pocket aces; doubled up to 400,000 and set the scene to win the title the next hand. "The last hand was crazy and awesome for me. I probably should've jammed pre-flop but it turned out okay," he told the PokerStars Blog.

Binger opened the button for 10,000, Chen three-bet to 25,000 and Shaun Deeb threw in his remaining chips, just covering the raise. Binger made the call and the chips went in on a 6♥3♥J♦ flop. Chen held A♥J♥. Binger and Deeb were left drawing thin with 9♣3♠ and 9♥6♦ respectively. The 5♥ on the turn settled it with the nuts before the A♣ hit the river.

Although Deeb will be disappointed not to win he does claim the $25,000 bumper Bahama's bounty bonus for swiping eight bounties. winning a total of $83,000.


That bows out the 2011 PCA and it's been an incredible one. Join us next year for more of the same - we'll be the sunburnt ones ordering Bahama Mama's.

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