2011 PCA Main Event: Ana Marquez leads, Moneymaker close second


If you've been following the live coverage of the PCA Main Event for the past few days you might have been able to take a reasonable guess at how long it would take to lose 24 players from the remaining cast of 48 today. Rather than injecting caution into play the thought of a guaranteed $52,000 has had the opposite effect. We were supposed to finish on 24 players, then three players busted within moments of each other, meaning only 22 will return tomorrow.

At the end of a five-and-a-half-hour-day, Ana Marquez was not only the last woman standing sitting, but she was the overall chip leader.

ana marquez leads d4 wrap.jpg
Chip leader Ana Marquez

The bulk of her stack came in a hand, worth 2.5 million, against Philippe Plouffe. Marquez flopped a set of jacks to beat Plouffe's turned set of nines. But this was an impressive all round performance that included the elimination of Ilan Rouah and taking half a million chips from Bolivar Palacios. It leaves her with 3,805,000 chips ahead of Day 5.

ana marquez me d4 wrap.jpg
Marquez in control

It's not just the chip leader making headlines. Right behind her is Chris Moneymaker. The Team PokerStars Pro is just 50,000 behind the Spaniard, bagging up 3,765,000 tonight after a day spent under the television lights on the feature table. Moneymaker has yet to finish a day outside the top six. Dmitriy Stelmak is in third place with 3,340,000 while last night's leader Chris Oliver is among the chasing pack with 3,275,000.

chris moneymaker me d4 wrap.jpg
Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker

Joining them will be the likes of Mike Sowers (3,180,000), Sam Stein (3,085,000), Palacios (2,875,000) whose own double up against Max Lehmanski shook the windows, Galen Hall (2,305,000) and Bryan Colin (1,925,000), while James St Hilaire brings up the rear (600,000). The count of all those in between can be found on the 2011 PCA chip count page.

PCA 2011_10K Main Event_Day 4_Joe Giron_JGP9561.jpg
Bolivar Palacios

There will be no double EPT winner this year as Toby Lewis was eliminated in 34th place. We also said goodbye to Adam Geyer (45th), Steven Curtin (43rd), Erika Cerasti (42nd), William Givens (39th), Eric Froehlich (33rd), Edward Sabat (30th) and former footballer Paulo Rink (27th). It was the departure of Josh Bergman that brought the day to a close.

paulo rink me d4 wrap.jpg
Paulo Rink

toby lewis me d4 wrap.jpg
Toby Lewis

Here's how the three remaining tables will line up...

Table one

Seat 1. Bryan Colin, 1,925,000
Seat 2. Max Weinberg, 860,000
Seat 3. empty
Seat 4. Sam Stein, 3,085,000
Seat 5. Mike Sowers, 3,180,000
Seat 6. Joel Patchell, 650,000
Seat 7. Chris Moneymaker, 3,765,000
Seat 8. James St.Hilaire, 600,000

Table two

Seat 1. Gregory Baksic, 1,400,000
Seat 2. Calvin Anderson, 980,000
Seat 3. Grayson Ramage, 1,160,000
Seat 4. Galen Hall, 2,305,000
Seat 5. Martin Mathis, 2,385,000
Seat 6. Bolivar Palacios, 2,875,000
Seat 7. Philippe Plouffe, 2,480,000
Seat 8. Chris Oliver, 3,275,000

Table three

Seat 1. Anton Ionel, 1,670,000
Seat 2. Dmitry Stelmak, 3,340,000
Seat 3. Shayne Khanna, 720,000
Seat 4. Michael Pesek, 2,260,000
Seat 5. Walid Bou-Habib, 1,665,000
Seat 6. Rafael Golka, 2,220,000
Seat 7. empty
Seat 8. Ana Marquez, 3,805,000

It was a short and sharp day but there was still plenty to keep the railbirds buzzing. You'll find all the details of the day at the links below.

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You'll find details of all the prize winners on the 2011 PCA prize winners page. You can also find all the videos of the day on PokerStars.tv and you can feast on all the umlauts, impossible vowel combinations and ridiculous consonant combinations on our German, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch blogs.

the trophy me d4 wrap.jpg
The PCA trophy

Tomorrow we return at 12 noon to play down to a final table of eight. Alongside that we'll also have coverage of day one of the Bounty Shootout event.

Until then we're off to celebrate Ipswich Town's unlikely triumph in the cup, before getting stuck into our first PokerStars Home Game.

Back tomorrow.

Photography © Joe Giron/Joe Giron Photography