2011 PCA main event: Day 1A, levels 7 & 8 updates (blinds 400-800, 100 ante)

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpg9.50pm: BREAK TIME
The last 15 minute break on the day is upon us. Join us back here for the final stretch.

9:50pm: Seiver still alive
"It's been two hours. I've finally found a hand," said Scott Seiver as he moved all-in for his remaining 8,175.

The table seemed to respect his raise as it was folded around to Eric Seidel in the big blind. He flipped over a card revealing a 2♣. "Do I even need to look at the other one?" asked Seidel as he folded.

A few orbits later a player raised to 1,700 and Seiver moved all-in again. This time for 7,950, but once again his raise was respected and the raiser folded. Seiver now has close to 10,000 and, in his eyes, is an underdog to make it through the day.

"It's probably like 3 to 1 that I won't even make it through the next round," said Seiver. We'll keep you posted if the line changes. --AV

9.50pm: Flying Bryan
PokerStars qualifier Bryan Colin is up to 150,000 after taking a pot off the other big stack at the table - Olivier Busquet. Busquet raised to 2,000 from early position and called when Colin three-be to 6,900 from the big blind. Both players checked the 9♣T♦A♦ flop before Colin led for 8,400 on the 2♣ turn. Call. The river came 6♦ and both players checked. Colin tabled K♥K♦ and took the pot as Busquet folded to leave himself with 97,000. -- MC

PCA 2011_10K Main Event_Day 1A_Bryan_colin.jpg

Bryan Colin gathering chips

9.45pm: Eric Froe-leak
Eric Froehlich is down to 13,900 after paying his neighbour off on the river. The board was out as 3♣4♥7♥J♥K♦ and the small blind led for 14,650 into a 30,000 pot. Froehlich was on the button and made the call after a long tank. The small blind tabled A♥K♥ for the nuts and Froehlich folded. -- MC

9.40pm: Coup for Busquet
Olivier Busquet, who finished runner-up to Tobias Reinkemeier at the EPT Monte Carlo High Roller event last May, has soared to 135,000 after his aces held up against a short-stack's queens and Jonas Becker's kings.

Busquet was all-in pre-flop for 55,000, covering the shorty's 18,000 but some way short of Becker. Nothing dramatic happened on the board, and Busquet raked in the tidy pot. -- SY

9.35pm: Nacho happier now
After being sickened by having to lay down what must have been a big hand earlier, Nacho Barbero is feeling much better now, making a good call with A♦J♦ on the river of a 2♣K♦[10c]K♠J♥ board to take him to 66,000. His opponent mucked pocket fours. -- SY

9:26pm: The Unstoppable Bernard Lee
I heard some stories about our old friend Bernard Lee taking the Day 1A chip lead, so I went to have a look for myself. Upon finding him, I found the rumors to be true. "Where did all those chips come from?" I asked. "I doubled up twice, back-to-back." He pointed at his old table, "Once over there, once when I got here."

"Well, keep doing that," I offered.

"Good advice. I need to write that down," he said.

Not five minutes later, Lee came in for a raise to 2,075. Dario Minieri called from the button. The small blind (who is nameless for reasons that are about to be obvious) moved all in for around 15,000 more.

"How much do you have?" Lee asked Minieri.

"About 85,000," the Italian said.

Lee didn't think long before announcing he was all-in for double Minieri's stack. The Team PokerStars Pro folded in a snap. Lee quickly but casually turned over pocket aces. He was up against K♦J♠. The flop brought an ace, the turn and river didn't offer any runner-runner straight, and the vanquished was gone with the wind. I'm not saying my advice helped in this situation, but I'm inching a coaching site next month for anyone who needs similar strategy tutoring. --BW

9.18pm: Kaczka can bluff
Harrison Kaczka is up to 105,000 after bluffing his neigbour off a pot. Kaczka had been very aggresive in the orbit before he raised to 1,800 and was three-bet to 4,500 by the player in the next seat. Kaczka four-bet to 8,700 and was called to see the 2♠5♥K♣ flop. Kaczka led for a relatively small 4,000 and was raised to 10,500. The young American thought for a while and re-raised to 34,000 which was enough to force a fold. Another player at the table said "Show the air". Kaczka threw his cards across the table and the J♠7♠ for a bluff flashed. -- MC

9.10pm: Lee on a heater
Bernard Lee is sitting on a stack of around 165000, one that I believe gives him the chip lead. What's also impressive is that he has managed to get hold of that lot on a table that also includes a chipped-up-and-chirpy Dario Minieri (85,000) and Dan Heimiller (61,000).

Lee, as you may recall from our earlier post, has been on the PokerStars Blog radar for years after qualifying for the WSOP nearly six years ago for 10 Frequent Player Points and turning those into $400,000 with a 13th-place finish. -- SY


Bernard Lee

9:05pm: Mattern's parting words
In a room this size filled with this many players, it's tough to catch every bust out. If only all the players were as cooperative as Arnaud Mattern. Upon his exit, he sent our roving reported Stephen Bartley a text message the read as folllows: "Bust. Check raise all in turn vs top pair top kicker... for 110k... Guy did not play a hand for 3 hours. I did not understand how he snap called with A9o on 689 rainbow : )"

So long, Arnaud. Text us from the bar.

LEVEL 8: BLINDS 400-800-100

8:58pm: Minieri bounces back
Jean Gauthier raised to 1,600 from under the gun and got one caller, Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri.

The flop was 4♣[10h][10s] and Gauthier bet 3,300. Minieri grabbed three yellow chips in one hand, three black chips in the other and threw them in. The turn was a 3♣ and Gauthier moved all in for about 30,000.

Minieri called as fast as he could move his stack in and showed [10c]8♣ for a set of tens. Gauthier showed A♦Q♣, he was drawing dead. Minieri on the other continued to improve, the 8♣ on the river gave him the flush and the pot.

Gauthier was sent to the rail and Minieri is now up to 85,000. --AV

8:45pm: Isildur vs ElkY results
While Day 1A played through its seventh level, Isildur1 played his first live match as Viktor Blom. Up against the also volatile Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier, Blom walked away with a nice little win. Both players initially bought in for $10,000 in a $50/$100 100-hand maximum match. ElkY ended up rebuying twice and was in the game for $30,000. After the 100 hands played out, ElkY had only $7,475 left in front of him. So, while it's not necessarily a huge amount of cash for Blom, a $22,525 win ain't bad. --BW



8:41pm: Ivey sated
Whatever dinner kept him away for the first half of the seventh level is now over for Phil Ivey. He's back at the tables.

8.45pm: Smash and grab double-up
Harrison Kaczka has more than doubled up to 57,000 in a smash-and-grab manoeuvre. Team PokerStars Pro Chad Brown raised from early position bringing in Kaczka from the cut-off and the big blind. The flop came 6♣5♠8♥ and Kaczka bet 1,900 when the action was checked to him. Both opponents called to see the K♥ turn where the big blind led for 7,250 prompting Brown to fold but Kaczka to raise to 19,500. Call. The river came 9♣ and the big blind put Kazzka all-in for his last 9,525.

Kaczka slammed his remaining chips into the middle to causing a few to fly around the table. The big blind tabled A♥9♥ but lost out to Kaczka's flopped straight with 9♠7♠. The dealer went on to give Kaczka a warning for his calling methodology. -- MC

8.35pm: Nacho agony
Team PokerStars Pro Jose 'Nacho' Barbero looked like he was about to vomit. The board was [10h]5♠A♠8♣Q♥ and with 13,000 in the middle, Taylor Paur had bet 7,200 (after previously being the caller throughout the hand).

The color drained from Barbero's face. He wanted to call, he really did. He counted out his chips, picked them up as if to call, then put them down again. Head in hands now, he thought for another two minutes. Finally he had another look at his cards. A shake of the head and he mucked. Very slowly.

PokerStars player Paur was in no mood to put the Team PokerStars Pro out of his misery, and slid his cards towards the muck before raking in the chips. That little clash pegged Barbero back to 35,000. -- SY


Jose Barbero...


...can't believe it

8.30pm: Horecki up
Marcin Horecki is up to 60,000 after flopping a set of eights on an 8♣[10c]4♦Q♥9♥ board. What made it particularly upsetting for his opponent was that he had got his money in on the flop with 8♠[10s] - and was duly eliminated. -- SY

8:24pm: Best PCA advice you can get
If you're going to hang out at the PCA and you need a few tips on how to do it, you can't do much better than talking to ElkY. You might remember, he won this thing a while back. Check out the video below for what ElkY has to say about the PCA. --BW

8:14pm: Long dinner for Ivey?
The Day 1A players were given 75 minutes for dinner. That is apparently not enough for Phil Ivey who has yet to return to his chip stack. Whatever dinner he's having, we hope he brings us a doggie bag. Of course, there is also the possibility he's still sore about Daniel Negreanu passing him for the lead in all-time tourney winnings. Yeah, probably not. --BW

8:12pm: Levy among the departed
After six and half levels of play today, 488 of the original 647 Day 1A players remain. Not among them is Adam Levy, who we just spotted doing the walk of shame. --BW

8.12pm: Hangman for Langmann
Team PokerStars Pro Florian Langmann is out after a five-bet gone wrong. He raised before another player three-bet and one more player four-bet. The German five-bet all-in with ace-queen and was isolated with a six-bet bet behind with pocket queens. Langmann failed to find the necessary three-outer and headed of into the tropical night-time. -- MC

8.02pm: Binger bong
Michael Binger has got his stack back above starting (31,000) after taking on and beating Team PokerStars Online Luca Moschitta. The Italian raised to 1,550 from early position and called when Binger three-bet to 4,500 from the small blind. The flop came 5♣7♠2♣ and a 10,000 Binger c-bet was enough to take the pot down. Moschitta was left with 11,000 to play with after the hand.

The other Binger (Nick) came over to hassle his brother for gum during the hand; he's currently on 31,000 - just like his big bro. -- MC

7.55pm: Bellies full and a star guest
Players are returning from all directions of Atlantis after filling up with food and drink over dinner. We have around 485 of our 647 starters remaining, and they'll be playing with blinds of 300-600 with a 50 ante.

While they were away, we were still here. The reason? PokerStars unveiled Viktor Blom as its new Team PokerStars Pro. Blom? You may have heard of him as Isildur1. Read all about it in my colleague Brad Willis' excellent Isildur1 report.

And here is his picture... -- SY


Isildur1: Stephen Bartley Viktor Blom

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of Isildur1-like hair): Simon Young (long-ish), Brad Willis (brown-ish), Marc Convey and Alex Villegas (raddish)