2011 PCA Main Event: Day 3 level 21 & 22 updates (10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante)

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpgPlay ends with Oliver in big lead
Play has finished for the day. Chris Oliver is our chip leader with a big lead on the field.

We'll have full chip counts for the remaining 48 players as soon as we can count them, and a full wrap of today's action will be with you shortly.--BW


Chris Oliver

9pm: DeBora busts to end the day
Team PokerStars Pro Greg DeBora is the last person to bust. We're down to 48 players which means that with 19 minutes left on the clock for the day, we're done.

DeBora had open-shoved with pocket sixes and got looked up by Holland's Wesley Wiemes with A♣8♣. DeBora, all-in for 214,000, was covered and needed his sixes to hold up. The 7♠J♠J♣ flop was good, the 4♦ turn better. But the 8♠ on the river gave Wiemes the bigger pair.

So that's it. Players are now bagging and tagging. -- SY


Greg DeBora grimaces at the killer river...


... and shakes Chris Moneymaker's hand as he leaves

8.53pm: Wooooo! BOOM
In a celebration worthy of Konami's Streetfighter William Givens let out a loud "Wooooo! Boom!" when he hit one of his many outs on the river of a 8♠7♣J♣8♣ board with his A♠T♣. Givens had got his 240,000 in pre-flop against pocket sevens and just needed an ace, ten, nine, seven, jack or club to win. That made for approximately a million outs, one of which he caught with a 3♣ river to double to half-a-million. -- RD

8.49pm: One more race
With only one player to lose for the day to end, every all-in becomes a spectacle. Such a spectacle happened when Peter Velante moved all-in for 185,000. He had one caller, Dmitriy Stelmak. Velante showed a pair of eights and would be racing against Stelmak's A♠Q♠, a race that could end the day.

But when the 8♠ fell on the K♥[10h]8♠ flop, it seemed likely that the day would go on. The 3♥ on the turn and the 5♣ on the river guaranteed that the day would go on. Velante now has close to 400,000 and will (potentially) live to see another day. -- AV

8:45pm: Slow rubdown, profit for Moneymaker
Chris Moneymaker's massage therapist was working him pretty hard when he called a raise to 42,000. He sat in the big blind and was in action with Wesley Wiemes.

"Slow down a little bit," he told the therapist. Evidently, he was expecting something out of the hand.

They saw K♥Q♦3♦ on the flop Both players checked to the 9♦ turn. Moneymaker led out for 80,000 and got the call.

The river came as the 7♥. Moneymaker thought for a long time before putting out a huge bet: 275,000. Wiemes though for about one minute before calling. Moneymaker actually seemed a little surprised, then quickly turned over A♦8♦ for the nuts and a big pot. --BW

8.38pm: Just one more
We're down to the final 49 players and that means just one more to go before play draws to a halt (or we reach the end of the level). -- RD

8.37pm: Another gone
Nikolai Yakovenko is out, pushing his last 120,000 (see how he got that low at 8.23pm below) with K♦5♥ and getting called by Bryan Colin with A♠J♠.

The flop was [10s]J♣A♦ sending Colin further into the lead, but opening up a gutshot draw for Yakovenko. "Anybody fold a queen?" he asked around the table. No one had, but the 4♠ turn meant he now could not win with the Q♠ as that would fill Colin's straight. In the event, the river was 6♣ and we're another man down.

Just one more to go and we're done for the day. -- SY

8.35pm: Moneymaker's video
You may have gathered by now that Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker is going great here in the Bahamas. He chatted to the video team a short while ago...

8.34pm: Short stack survives
Nathan Ross had shoved for his last 60,000 from the small blind after looking at just one card; the Q♠. Bryan Colin made the call from the big blind without looking at either.

Ross: Q♠6♦
Colin: K♦6♠

Not a great situation for Ross, until he hit a queen on the turn of an innocuous board who double up to around 140,000. -- RD

8:23pm: Three-way screamer
Nikolai Yakovenko came in for a raise and got a call from the button. That's when Daniel Reijmer moved all in from the small blind for 180,000. Not to be outdone, Matt Lichtie shoved from the big blind for 443,000. Yakovenko asked for counts on both stacks and then decided to call. Cards on their backs:

Yakovenko: A♦Q♣
Lichtie: A♠K♦
Reijmer: 6♥6♠


Reijmer was in decent shape to triple up after the first four cards came out J♣J♦8♥4♠, butt he river brough the K♠. That sent Reijmer to the rail and put Yakovenko down under the 100,000 mark. Lichtie meanwhile is now sitting on more than 1 million.--BW


Matt Lichtie

8.20pm: Van Gelder goes
Martin van Gelder is out, getting involved from the button in a pre-flop raising war with Dmitriy Stelmak in the small blind. All the money went in, with Stelmak slightly ahead in chips - and slightly ahead with the cards:

Stelmak: J♠J♥
Van Gelder: A♠Q♣

The Dutchman, who lives in Switzerland, needed to catch or his 500,000 would be shipped to his neighbor from Russia. With the board running [10s]9♦7♠4♣9♥, the chips were duly dispatched. -- SY

8.12pm: Oliver still at it
Chris Oliver is a beast; he simply will not stop raising and getting it all in. Rafael Golka opened to 41,000 and Chris Oliver three-bet from the button to 101,000. It was enough to take the pot down and add another 80,000 to his stack. If you play back at Oliver he's liable to just jam his 3 million stack in. You want to gamble? -- RD

8.03pm: Off again
Play has begun again. This will be the last level of the day. We'll stop before the end of the level if we get down to 48 players - very likely as we're down to 52 right now. -- SY

7.51pm: Break
That's the end of the level. Players are on a 15-minute break. -- SY

7.50pm: Jean-Claude Damned
Jean-Claude Moussa and Philippe Plouffe went all-in preflop. A move that seems very popular amongst the short stacks recently. Moussa had the short stack and a pair of fours. Plouffe had a bigger stack, and a bigger pair... of cards. K♥K♦, to be precise. The board ran 8♠5♠[10h]A♣5♦, no miracle cards, no draws, no excitement, just straightforward shenanigan-free poker.

Moussa was eliminated in 54th, a finish worth $45,000, or 3,464 copies of Time Cop on Blu-Ray. -- AV


Philippe Plouffe

7.45pm: Good call, monsieur
Mike Sowers was piling on the aggression but he could shake off Ilan Rouah. With the flop and turn showing 2♦4♣8♦Q♠, Sowers bet 184,000. Call. On the 5♠ river Sowers made it another 284,000 - and again Rouah called. And it was a good one. "King high," said Sowers, and Rouah turned over his A♥8♥ in triumph with a "yyeeeeeesss". He's up to around 2 million now. -- SY


Ilan Rouah

7.40pm: Monster stacks and double ups
Ilan Rouah just wandered over to look at Chris Oliver's stack, which is weighing in somewhere around the 3 million mark. The tall Frenchman gazed down in awe, shook his head, looked up at me and laughed. It's a ridiculous amount of chips covering a huge swathe of the table. And that's after he lost 200,000 to Rafael Golka with 4♠4♥ to A♠A♣.

Golka is now up to 650,000 after knocking a short stack out. -- RD

7:33pm: John Spadavecchia loves his ladies
Especially when they hold up against jacks. Davide Nughes was not so keen on the situation. All he could do was pull out his phone, take a picture of his losing hand, and walk away to get paid after the board ran out 6♥7♣6♠6♣3♥. --BW

7.30pm: Breaking news: Oliver loses an all-in
I know you must be thinking that we're winding you up but, I promise we're not. It's like finding the discovery of a new species, something not seen before. The very fortunate soul to survive to tell the tale was Marcio Barbieri. He shoved for around 200,000 with 9♥9♠ and was looked up by Oliver in the next seat with 6♦6♣. The board ran 4♦Q♥J♠2♠4♣ to safely see the nines hold. -- MC

7.21pm: Big call, big river
Caio Pimenta has just been knocked out by Walid Bou-Habib in a very ugly spot. I'm getting a lot of this information second hand so it's going to be fuzzy. Just squint and keep on reading. There had been a raise and Pimenta had called from the small blind with J♥T♥ as had Bou-Habib in the big.

Pimenta bet 34,000 on the 6♦4♦J♣ flop with his top pair and had been called in both positions. The K♥ turn is where the screen goes fuzzy, but what we do know is that all of Pimenta's remaining 200,000 chips went in and, we think, after Bou-Habib's did.

Pimenta was a long way ahead of Bou-Habib's 3♥5♥, which was drawing to just eight outs. One of those outs was the 2♣ which arrived with a scream of victory from Bou-Habib who then asked: "How does he call with the jack?" Rubdown or general interest question, we'll leave that to you to decide. Pimenta, a successful online player from Brazil, is out. -- RD


Pimenta desperately trying to block out the smell of defeat

7.15pm: Sands washed away
Michael Pesek and David Sands got it all-in preflop with Sands' A♣J♠ looking good against Pesek's 8♦7♦, but the poker gods work in mysterious ways.

The flop, 9♣K♦6♠, gave Pesek the gutshot straight-draw. The 4♥ on the turn changed nothing. But, as fate would have it, the 5♠ fell on the river. Pesek hit his straight, and Sands (looking like he just got shot in the gut) walked away in 58th place, just two players short of making the next pay jump. -- AV

7.10pm: And here's $33,000 to you, Mr Robinson...
... Jesus loves you more than you will know, woah, woah, woah.. And that's the last time you'll hear any Simon and Garfunkel on PokerStars Blog.

Anyway, back to the important stuff. David Robinson is out, getting the last of his chips in with 8♦9♦ on a 9♠5♦4♥Q♦ board against Mike Sowers' Q♠5♠ for two pair. The [10s] was not the diamond Robinson was looking for and he heads for the cash desk.

As he headed over to the cash desk to pick up his $33,000, he was heard saying: "How could he call? I am a rock, I am an iiiiiiiiiisland."* -- SY

*He said no such thing


Bright Eyes: Mike Sowers

7.09pm: False dawn for Fourcade
Alexis Fourcade just celebrated doubling up only for someone to point out that his opponent, Martin van Gelder, had made the nut flush. Fourcade held pocket jacks and Van Gelder tabled A♦K♦. The board had run out Q♥9♣Q♦T♦ and Fourcade thought he had just an ace to dodge as the king would give him the straight. The 9♦ dropped on the river and Fourcade let out a yelp of celebration, then the bad news arrived. Fourcade shook hands with everyone at the table and left to the cash desk. -- RD

7.08pm: Wham, bam, thank you Pham
Shortly after the hand below, Edward Pham bust when his 8-8 was overtaken by Josh Bergman's K-Q. -- SY


Edward Pham

7.06pm: Klier still in the game
Ben Klier doubled up, pushing for 120,000 with pocket tens and getting called by Edward Pham with A♠[10c]. Nice. The board was an uneventful J♦4♥K♠4♣5♥ and Klier lives to fight another day. --- SY

7.05pm: Redmond Lee-ving
So long Redmond Lee, who just crashed out thanks to the hand of Chris Moneymaker. Wesley Wiemes opened for 32,000 before Lee raised all-in for around 205,000. Next to him was Chris Moneymaker who flat called before Wiemes passed.

Lee turned over 7♥7♣ while Moneymaker showed Q♥Q♣.

The board came T♥T♦Q♠4♦J♦ to eliminate Lee and leave Moneymaker with more than 1,700,000. - SB

6:59pm: Aces hold for Lewis
...and that is bad news for Canada's Scott Wilson. Toby Lewis was happy to get it in with aces on a 7♦5♦4♠ flop. Wilson didn't mind much either. He was short-stacked and had 5♥6♠. Though he had a few outs, they didn't materialize. Wilson is gone. --BW

6:53pm: Oliver knocks off Kawaga
This is just what Chris Oliver does. He eliminates people. He might win the PCA today. In this case it was his K♥6♥ versus Masa Kawaga's A♥T♠. The board ended up looking like 4♦5♣7♠6♠2♣ and Kawaga is gone. --BW


Masa Kagawa

6.49pm: Curtin's drawn for Zimcosky
Brian Zimcosky has just been knocked out in a queens versus big slick flip. Steven Curtin was the player left dragging the chips is as Zimcosky walked away in tears.* It was an important pot for Curtin as he'd lost a chunk to Ilan Rouah just a couple of hands before. -- RD

*He didn't cry. He probably felt like doing so, or maybe just kicking a chair.

6.45pm: He was going to call with ace-high
Steven Curtin just took a pot off PokerStars qualifier Brian Zimcosky and went on to give him a small rub-down. Curtin limped in from under-the-gun and all others folded except for the blinds who came along for the ride. The flop came 8♥5♥3♦ and all three players checked to the 5♣. Zimcosky led for 52,000 and only Curtin called, quickly. The river came T♥ and Zimcosky led for 106,000 and was called very quickly again.

"Good call" said Zimcosky and he went to muck his hand but Curtin stopped him and asked to see it - K♣J♣.

Curtin then revealed his hand - A♥T♦ - and added "I was going to call you with ace-high but I hit my ten."

Zimcosky didn't seem too pleased at his opponent's actions and now has to nurse a 290,000 stack. Curtin doesn't have much more (315,000) and will have to tread just as carefully. -- MC

6:42pm: Palacios sets up
A short update from one of the kings of the Latin American Poker Tour: Bolivar Palacios is back in the game with about half a million chips after flopping a set of sixes against Yves Sy's top-pair. --BW


Bolivar Palacios

6.30pm: Level 21 begins
Cards are in the air again with blinds at 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante. 71 players remain. -- SB

chips chips.jpg
Chipped up

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