2011 PCA Main Event: Day 5, level 26 updates (cont.) & 27 updates (blinds 30,000-60,000, 5,000 ante)

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpg2.55pm: End of the level
15-minute break, folks.

2.52pm: Palacios sees off Anderson
As Rafael Golka was being eliminated on the feature table an identical fate was being dealt to Calvin Anderson on the outer table.

His chips were in the middle, 875,000 in total and his T♦T♣ was turned over. Waiting a few feet away was Bolivar Palacios who had called him with A♠K♣. The board ran 7♣K♦4♥K♠5♠. Anderson, a PokerStars qualifier from the United States, shook hands with Palacios before departing in 14th place, earning $115,000. -- SB

calvin anderson d5.jpg
Calvin Anderson

2:49pm: Stein snubs out Golka
Rafael Golka came in for a raise to 135,000 and got the call out of the big blind from Sam Stein. Stein check-called a 180,000 bet on a 5♠8♠6♣ flop. When the 2♣ fell on the turn, Stein checked, waited for Golka to bet 410,000, then moved all-in. Golka called with Q♣Q♦. Stein was in reasonably decent shape with A♣8♣. He spiked the J♣ on the river to eliminate Golka in 15th place. Golka earns $100,000. --BW

rafael golka and chris moneymaker d5.jpg
Rafael Golka shakes hands with Chris Moneymaker

2.30pm: Hall takes huge pot off Moneymaker
Chris Moneymaker raised to 140,000 from under the gun and Galen Hall re-raised to 220,000. Back to Moneymaker, who bumped it up again - up to 525,000 this time. Call.
Both checked the 6♦[10h]9♦ flop, and Moneymaker checked the 7♦ turn before Hall made it 550,000. Call. On the 4♣ river, Moneymaker checked once more, and Hall moved all-in for another 1,750,000.

"Really?" said Moneymaker, looking over in thinly-disguised disgust. He tossed in the call, then mucked in despair when shown [10s][10d] for Hall's flopped set.

Moneymaker is down to 2,650,000 while Hall goes up to 5,800,000. Chris Oliver is still chip leader with 7,800,000. -- SY

2pm: It's Oliver again, busts Walid Bou-Habib
Oliver does it again, and as ever any two cards will do. He raised to 120,000 with 4♣8♠ and was called by Bou-Habib with 5♦5♠ in the small blind and Dmitriy Stelmak in the big. The flop was 7♦3♠5♣ and it was checked to Oliver who made it 200,000. Only Bou-Wahib called. The turn was 6♣ and now Bou-Habib with his set checked again, but Oliver had made his straight and bet four towers of chips worth 400,000.

bou habib d5.jpg
Walid Bou-Habib

Bou-Habib, not realising the world of pain he was walking into, moved all-in for his last 1.2million and Oliver called instantly. Bou-Habib needed the river to pair the board, but it came Q♦ to send him to the rail for $100,000. -- SY.

1.44pm: Mathis eliminated
Following on from the hand against Philippe Plouffe, Martin Mathis has finally succumbed to chronic chip shortage. He moved all in with A♣3♦ and was called by Chris Oliver with T♦T♣.

Despite a "one-time!" from the rail it was the end of the road for Mathis, with the board running 6♠8♥K♦6♦Q♥. Mathis out in 17th. We're dowin to two tables. -- SB

1:39pm: Pesek holds up against Ionel
Michael Pesek opened for 120,000 and got calls from the blinds, Anton Ionel and Dmitry Stelmak. The blinds checked the 6♠3♠T♠ flop, and Pesek bet out 125. That's when Ionel raised to 285,000 more.

michael pesek d5.jpg
Michael Pesek

Pesek quietly announced he was all-in. Ionel thought for a long time but eventually moved his calling chips across the line.

Pesek; Q♠Q♦
Ionel: A♠9♣

Pesek knew what he had to dodge. Though both the turn and river were little and black, they were both clubs and Pesek doubled up to more than 2.7 million. --BW

1.35pm: Plouffe doubles
Phillipe Plouffe doubles up to 2.2million at the expense of Martin Mathis. Mathis had raised to 125,000 then called when Plouffe shoved.

Plouffe: 7♥7♦
Mathis: K♦Q♣

The flop was all that Plouffe wanted, coming 7♠2♥A♠ to give him the set. The K♠ turn and K♣ river were just a kick in the teeth for Mathis, who drops to a million. -- SY

1.25pm: Chips right now
Here are the chips at the end of the level:

Feature Table
Max Weinberg: 2,600,000
Galen Hall: 3,375,000
Sam Stein: 1,135,000
Mike Sowers: 2,765,000
Rafael Golka: 2,095,000
Chris Moneymaker: 5,715,000

Table 2:
Gregory Baksic: 665,000
Calvin Anderson: 1,010,000
Marty Mathis: 2,250,000
Bolivar Palacios: 3,810,000
Philippe Plouffe: 1,125,000
Chris Oliver: 5,860,000

Table 1:
Anton Ionel: 3,700,000
Dmitriy Stelmak:3,500,000
Michael Pesek: 1,600,000
Walid Bou-Habib: 1,575,000
Ana Marquez: 3,600,000

1.10pm: One for Golka
Just before breaking, Rafael Golka refused to budge and was rewarded with a nice pot off Galen Hall. On a 8♥2♥4♣ flop, Golka bet 205,000 and Hall called,. Golka then check-called Galen's 250,000 bet on the 8♠ turn and that slowed them both down to a check on the 6♦ river. Hall had [asK♠ but he was behind Golka's 5♣5♠. -- SY

1.08pm: Levels ends
That's the end of the level, we move up to level 27, which has blinds of 30,000-60,000 with a 5,000 ante. Players are on a 15-minute break. -- SY

1:04pm: Stein flailing
After losing that big pot to Chris Moneymaker earlier, Sam Stein looks like he's caught in a some sort of vortex. He just managed to get A♠Q♣ up against Max Weinberg's A♣J♦ all-in, but ended up shipping 1.25 million across the table when the J♥ hit the river. Stein is now down to just over 1 million chips.--BW

1pm: Three to a flop
No talking on table three, just straight forward poker, with none of the all-ins of the other tables.

Three players saw the flop of Q♣4♠3♠. Dmitry Stelmak checked in the big blinds before Michael Pesek bet 190,000. Walid Bou-Habib passed but Stelmak called, getting a 8♣ turn card in return.

Stelmak checked, so did Pesek. They did the same for the 9♦ river card. Stelmak turned over 6♦6♥ but Pesek didn't show. - SB

12.55pm: Great call from Moneymaker
Over on the feature TV table sits Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker, a man who is looking to win his second mega title of his career - the first obviously being his stellar 2003 WSOP victory.

chris moneymaker d5.jpg
Chris Moneymaker

Let's say he seems to have brought his 'A' game to the Bahamas. He just tangled in a big pot with Sam Stein and made a great call at the end to take around a million chips off him. Moneymaker called Stein's bet on the Q♣A♦[10h] flop, then check-called 310,000 on the 8♥ turn. On the 6♥ river Moneymaker checked again, then called when Stein bet a hefty 615,000. Moneymaker thought for a moment before making the call - his [10s]J♣ for third pair was good.

"I thought you looked a little uncomfortable," Moneymaker told Stein as he stacked the chips.

With that, Moneymaker soars to around 5.2million and fighting for the chip lead with Chris Oliver. -- SY

12:43: Down to 17 as Khanna gets unlucky
All in for his last half a million, Shayne Khanna was in great shape to double up with A♣Q♦ versus Anton Ionel's A♦T♠. Something is in the air, today, however. Getting in with the best hand doesn't seem to be working for folks.

shayne khanna d5.jpg
Shayne Khanna

The T♣ hit on the river and Khanna was out in 18th place for $87,500. One more player will earn the same before the payouts jump to six figures. --BW

12.36pm: St. Hilaire out
Another player has been eliminated, this time it's James St Hilaire. He moved in for 595,000 with K♥Q♥ and was called by Sam Stein with K♣K♠. St Hilaire needed help but none came and he was gone by the turn card on a board of 7♥8♦8♥K♦6♦. - SB

12:29pm: Hall hooks Colin
More feared table carnage as Galen Hall has sucked out on bryan Colin. It was all-in pre-flop for Colin's tournament life. Hall held A♣J♦ to Colin's A♠K♦. Hall found his jack and Colin went out in 20th place for $87,500.--BW

bryan colin d5.jpg
Bryan Colin

12.25pm: Oliver does it again, takes lead busts Ramage
If you've been following our Main Event coverage for a few days you'll know that Chris Oliver has got a little lucky on several occasions, notably cracking A-K with very little, or hitting a set to overtake an overpair.

And he's just done it again to take a pot that sends him to the top of the leader board, and sends poor Grayson Ramage home in 21st place.

grayson rammage me d5a.jpg
Grayson Rammage - in

Grayson had opened with a raise to 110,000, which was called by Phillipe Plouffe in the small blind. Then Oliver re-raised to 305,000 from the big blind. Back to Grayson, who thought for a moment or two before raising once more, to 585,000. Plouffe had seen enough and got out of the way, but Oliver was still interested. He looked over at Ramage, looking for a moment as though he might fold. Instead, he announced he was all-in. Ramage, who had a little over 2million and was covered, called instantly:

Oliver: 8♦8♥
Ramage: K♠K♣

It was a great spot for Ramage, but as we've seen Oliver can get the cards when he needs them. The flop went his way again, coming 2♥8♠Q♠. Ramage was devastated, and the 5♥ turn and 9♥ river did not save him.

grayson rammage out d5.jpg
Grayson Rammage - out

With that, Oliver shoots up to around 5.8million chips and the runaway lead. -- SY

12.22pm: Ace-kings
A cruel hand for Philippe Plouffe who just called the all-in of Grayson Ramage. Both players turned over ace-king, but crucially while Plouffe's were diamonds, Ramage's were spades and when the board ran K♥7♠9♣Q♠5♠ Ramage secured his unlikely double-up. -- SB

12.17pm: Here's Ana Marquez

12:13pm: Patchell first to fall
This type of thing just shouldn't happen to nice people. All-in with A♦Q♠, Joel Patchell flopped really well against Sam Stein's 4♦4♠. The first three cards out of the dealer's hands were A♥[Q♠. The K♦ came off next. Having to dodge just two ours, Patchelle looked good for the double-up...until the dealer put the 4♥ on the river and sent Patchell packing. --BW

joel patchell d5.jpg
Joel Patchell

12pm: The table draw

Table one
Seat 1. Bryan Colin, 1,925,000
Seat 2. Max Weinberg, 860,000
Seat 3. empty
Seat 4. Sam Stein, 3,085,000
Seat 5. Mike Sowers, 3,180,000
Seat 6. Joel Patchell, 650,000
Seat 7. Chris Moneymaker, 3,765,000
Seat 8. James St.Hilaire, 600,000

Table two
Seat 1. Gregory Baksic, 1,400,000
Seat 2. Calvin Anderson, 980,000
Seat 3. Grayson Ramage, 1,160,000
Seat 4. Galen Hall, 2,305,000
Seat 5. Martin Mathis, 2,385,000
Seat 6. Bolivar Palacios, 2,875,000
Seat 7. Philippe Plouffe, 2,480,000
Seat 8. Chris Oliver, 3,275,000

Table three
Seat 1. Anton Ionel, 1,670,000
Seat 2. Dmitry Stelmak, 3,340,000
Seat 3. Shayne Khanna, 720,000
Seat 4. Michael Pesek, 2,260,000
Seat 5. Walid Bou-Habib, 1,665,000
Seat 6. Rafael Golka, 2,220,000
Seat 7. empty
Seat 8. Ana Marquez, 3,805,000

11.45am: Welcome to Day 5
We're into Day 5 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. Yesterday we were scheduled to play down from 48 to 24 players. We finished on 22 when three players busted in the space of a hand. The result is a trimmed down looking final three tables, three that will become one (a lesser known hit by the Spice Girls) by the end of the day.

Leader of those 22 is Ana Marquez. The Spaniard dominated yesterday, bagging up 3,805,000 at the close, only narrowly ahead of Chris Moneymaker. The Team PokerStars Pro has yet to finish the day outside of the top six.

We're ready, all we need are some players. They're due in for a 12 noon start. You'll find coverage here all day.

If you'd rather try something new, perhaps you're Dutch, then there's always the Bounty Shootout, which also starts at 12 noon.

poker chips d5.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team in the Bahamas (in order of "time since last outside in the daylight for more than 60 seconds"): Stephen Bartley (Saturday, 8 January), Brad Willis (Friday, 7 January. AM), Simon Young (Thursday, 6 January).