2011 PCA Main Event: Day 5, level 28 & 29 updates (blinds 50,000-100,000, 10,000 ante)

PCA-2010-thumbnail.jpg5.40pm: Dmitriy Stelmak busts in ninth, final table set
Dmitriy Stelmak is our ninth-place finisher, busted like so many others by Chris Oliver. Stelmak had raised to 225,000 before Oliver called in the big blind to see a 6♣6♥A♣ flop. Then it all kicked off. Oliver checked, Stelmak bet 230,000, Oliver made it 540,000, Stelmak made it 1,270,00, Oliver raised by another 730,000 - and finally Stelmak moved all-in for 1,980,000 on top. Call! Get all that? On their backs:

Oliver: 6♠7♠ for trips
Stelmak: A♠K♠ for top pair

Stelmak was at risk. The 7♥ turn filled up Oliver's full house, leaving the Russian hoping for an ace on the river to fill his own boat. Instead it came K♥ and Stelmak leaves in ninth for $155,000.

With that, our final table is set. Chris Oliver is a chip monster, leading a final table by a huge margin. -- SY


Dmitriy Stelmak busts

5.25pm: Slow and steady
A steady start since things went nine-handed and it's Chris Oliver getting involved when there is something to report.

When Mike Soweres opened for 225,000 Oliver raised to 575,000 which was called by Anton Ionel in the small blind. Sowers passed before the flop of Q♠K♦2♠. Both checked for a 4♦ turn card. On the Q♦ river Ionel checked to Oliver who bet 625,000, taking the pot showing J♠J♦. Ionel showed T♥T♠. - SB

5.10pm: Here's how they sit
Seat 1: Mike Sowers, 4,385,000
Seat 2: Max Weinberg, 2,930,000
Seat 3: Chris Oliver, 14,395,000
Seat 4: Bolivar Palacios, 2,695,000
Seat 5: Sam Stein, 5,415,000
Seat 6: Dmitriy Stelmak, 3,950,000
Seat 7: Anton Ionel, 4,945,000
Seat 8: Philippe Plouffe, 1,805,000
Seat 9: Galen Hall, 5,925,000

And this is what it looks like...


The last table at the PCA

5pm: Redraw
We're down to our last table. Not the final table, of course, that will be confirmed once we lose one more player. They are re-drawing for seats and we'll be off again soon. -- SY

4.55pm: Ana Marquez eliminated in tenth place for $155,000
Marquez had lost chip steadily throughout the day and was down to 1.8 million when she open-shoved with 8♦8♠. It was folded around to axeman Chris Oliver and, wouldn't you know it, he woke up with A♣A♦.

Marquez needed a lot of help to survive, but the Q♠5♠[10h]6♦[10d] didn't cut it. With that, our last lady of the tournament is out, while Oliver's stack is now around 13.8million, more than double his nearest rival. -- SY


Ana Marquez, all-in and soon to be out

4.45pm: Back we go
Blinds are now 50,000-100,000 with a 10,000. We need to lose two players and our final table for tomorrow is set. Here are the latest chips...

Table 1
Ana Marquez: 2,075,000
Dmitriy Stelmak: 4,200,000
Bolivar Palacios: 3,000,000
Chris Oliver: 12,265,000

Feature Table:
Max Weinberg: 3,065,000
Mike Sowers: 3,850,000
Sam Stein: 5,100,000
Galeh Hall: 6,620,000
Anton Ionel: 5,150,000

4.30pm: Level up
That's the end of the level. We're on a 15-minute break. -- SY

4.27pm: Oliver beats Bolivar
On a flop of K♦K♣T♠ Chris Oliver was betting again, 230,000 after Bolivar Palacios checked in the big blind. Palacios then raised to 575,000 which Oliver called using entirely blue chips.

On the J♥ turn Palacios checked again. Oliver immediately grabbed his white chips, but only to move them out of the way of the blue chips he wanted to use to bet 595,000. Palacios sat still for some time, with 2,500,000 behind. No, he passed. Oliver showed 4♦5♥. -- SB

4.25pm: Weinberg doubles
Max Weinberg got a crucial double up through Sam Stein. All the money was in pre-flop with Weinberg holding A♥6♣ and Stein with K♠Q♦. Weinberg stayed ahead all the way on the 5♠6♥[10s]9♣[10h] board to 3 million. -- SY

4.22pm: Stein's stern call
Sam Stein raised to 180,000 from the button and Mike Sowers, in the small blind, decided he was willing to pay that price to see a flop. He called.

The flop fell [10s]4♦5♠ and both players check. The turn was another five, the 5♣, and Sowers bet out 290,000, Stein called.

The river, 2♣, was the lowest card on the board but brought the most action. Sowers checked and Stein bet out 435,000. Sowers raised to 1,250,000 and Stein was sent to think tank. He thought hard, riffled some chips and talked to himself a little bit, then repeated the process. Again. And Again.

Stein decided to make the call and Sowers showed him a bluff, jack high. Stein's showed [10h]8♠ for a pair of tens, good enough for the 1,750,000 pot. Stein is now close to the 6 million mark.

4.10pm: Nice hand, sir
Sam Stein opened this pot with a raise to 180,000, getting a call from Mike Sowers before
Anton Ionel re-raised to 655,000 from the button. Only Stein called to see a 9♦5♠A♦ flop. Stein checked and Ionel bet 675,000 so confidently that Stein let it go.

Just as well, Ionel showed pocket aces for the nuts

4:05pm: Moneymaker busts short of the final table
Chris Moneymaker's moneymaking run in the PCA has come to an end.
Moneymaker went all-in preflop for just over 1,000,000 and got one caller, Galen Hall.

Chris Moneymaker: K♠6♥
Galen Hall: A♠6♥

The flop was littered with low cards 5♥8♠2♠, but the turn brought a K♠. Moneymaker stood up but didn't celebrate, he was going to have do dodge an ace on the river.

River: A♦

The crowd applauded and Moneymaker shook hands with the table. His 11th place finish will earn him $130,000. --AV


Chris Moneymaker all-in...


... and out

3.57pm: Plouffe back in the game
Philippe Plouffe just doubled up through Bolivar Palacios. Palacios bet 180,000 from the button and Plouffe then moved all in from the small blind for 1,250,000.

Palacios didn't call immediately, instead he constructed the sub-stack he'd need to use to call and left it for a few minutes. Eventually he called, turning over A♦6♣ and looked pessimistic when Plouffe showed A♥8♥.

The flop sealed it for Plouffe, the board running 8♣J♥4♣3♣K♥. - SB

3.50pm: Stelmak bests Palacios
A battle of the blinds between Dmitriy Stelmak and Bolivar Palacios ended in a nice pot for the Russian.

It was folded around to Stelmak in the small blind and he made it 195,000, called by Palacios. The flop was 4♠Q♣4♦ and Stelmak bet 165,000. Call. Stelmak then checked the 9♦ turn for Palacios to seize the initiative and bet 310,000. Stelmak called. On the 5♣ river Stelmak check-called a last 410,000 bet and his Q♦9♠ was nicely ahead of Palacios' K♠J♣. -- SY

3:45pm: Pesek the next to go
The slew of eliminations continues, the most current victim is Michael Pesek.

Pesek raised from under-the-gun, Mike Sowers re-raised to 500,000. Pesek moved all-in and Sowers didn't hesitate in making the call, probably because he had pocket kings.
Pesek also had a pair, but his pocket jacks were going to need some help from the flop, turn, or river. The board 6♦[10d]3♥5♥5♦ brought no such help. Pesek's was reduced to just a few big blinds, He got it all-in and could've quadrupled up, but couldn't beat a Anton Ionel's rivered Broadway straight. Pesek was eliminated in 12th place, worth $130,000. --AV


Michael Pesek

3.30pm: Stein makes a move
Sam Stein has arrived at the outer table and immediately got involved in a hand against Dmitry Stelmak.

On a flop of 6♣K♣Q♠ Stein checked from the small blind. Stelmak bet 150,000 and Stein called for a 9♦ turn card, checked by both players. With an A♣ river card Stein bet 330,000. Stelmak waited before calling, but mucked his hand when Stein showed him T♠J♦.

Stein took his next hand a few minutes later, forcing Bolivar Palacios to fold, raising his initial bet of 200,000 to 540,000. - SB

3:19pm: How sick? Gregory Baksic
It's weird. Chris Oliver wins when he doesn't have a hand. And he wins when he does. It's amazing people still play against him. This time, one cold forgive Gregory Baksik for not believing Oliver. Play was folded around to the small blind. That's where Oliver came in for a raise. Oliver shoved and Baksic, after some thought, called with A♣9♣. Oliver? Well, sure he had two red aces, and sure they held. Baksic is out in 13th place for $115,000.--BW


Gregory Baksik

3.05pm: Back for the the last push
The 15-minute break is over and only 13 players from the 1,560-strong field remain. Each of them are guaranteed at least $115,000.

Top of the tree right now is Chris Oliver, with more than 7.6million. Here's the chips as they stand...

Table 2
Gregory Baksic: 1,675,000
Ana Marquez: 2,320,000
Dmitriy Stelmak: 4,300,000
Bolivar Palacios: 5,745,000
Philippe Plouffe: 1,910,000
Chris Oliver: 7,625,000

Feature Table
Michael Pesek: 3,550,000
Max Weinberg: 2,140,000
Galen Hall: 5,655,000
Sam Stein: 4,190,000
Mike Sowers: 2,480,000
Chris Moneymaker: 2,740,000
Anton Ionel: 2,545,000


Chris Oliver

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of strength today): Simon Young (max power), Alex Villegas (three cylinders out of four) Stephen Bartley (flooded engine), Brad Willis (battery dead)